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Title: Did not work

Author: Marie Forleo

Translator: Mandana Iftikhar

Publisher: The Contemporary Way

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi

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Marie Forleo’s book Everything Is Figureoutable is an essential and valuable guide for those who want to become the creative force of their lives and find a way to progress by facing the fears of their lives. This popular book is the number one New York Times bestseller.

About the book Everything Is Figureoutable:
Do you always come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. But if you are creative and ambitious, you can change many of your mental beliefs by listening to the audio book, Everything Is Figureoutable, and step on the path of fulfilling your dreams.

You may have thought many times that you are your own problem or you do not have qualities such as intelligence, talent and hard work in you, but the book shows you that there is a way to do it. The only problem you have is that you do not believe in anything. It is possible and everything changes.
So believe in the fact that you can improve your relationship, get rid of your annoying job, grow your business, make more money, and achieve any goal, big or small, that you once found unattainable. You need to know that your brain can train and eventually think only of positive things; In this case, you can remove any problem from your path and master your dreams.

Marie Forleo teaches you the following in the book Everything Has a Way:
– How can you overcome the lack of time and money?
– How to deal with criticism and fraud that you face.
Why is it important that you strive for progress and not for perfection?
– How can you come back from failure and start again.
In this book, you will also get to know the real and triumphant stories of people who have used Forleو’s tips and teachings in their daily lives and have never really underestimated their abilities.

There are ways to do everything in the book:
– Smart book, funny and equally brilliant and straightforward. (Bernie Brown, author of The Great Courage and Leadership Courage)

The book Every Way Has a Way is a dazzling manifesto about self-confidence and personal empowerment. (Steven Presfield, author of The Artist Battle)

– This book will revolutionize your life and if you are one of those people who say “I can not” then you must read this book. (Sarah Jones, host and writer)

The wisdom in this work makes you see yourself and your abilities from a new and exciting perspective. (Danny Shapiro, author of Negotiating Non-Negotiable Issues)
– The book has a way of doing everything, it is a combination of power, humor, pragmatism and virtue. Marie Forleo has written her lifestyle and you will change your life by reading it. (Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Worship, Love)

– Any work has a way for anyone who wants to face his fears, achieve his dreams and find a way to progress. This book strikes a chord with everything that stands in your way. (Cheryl Stride, author of Wildlife)

– The best books act as a key that unlocks our inner locks. Marie is generous, compassionate and honest and shares her wisdom and experiences in this book. So if you are looking for your next trip to make a difference in your life, be sure to read whatever has a way. (Seth Godin, author of Slope)

The book did not work. Who is it recommended for?
If you want to take the path to success and put your ideas into action without fear, this motivational and engaging book is for you.

Learn more about Marie Forleo:
He is an American entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author who writes and teaches self-help, success, and business. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Forleo has made herself a millionaire; Because he started by working as a waitress in restaurants and cleaning tables and toilets, and has taken a step towards success.

Forleo founded the Marie Forleo International School in 2010 and co-founded an online business program called B-School. In addition, he owns an Internet television network called The Marie Forleo Podcast, which has millions of viewers.
This motivational trainer entered the world of writing by writing the book “Find Your Ideal Man” and now Forbes Magazine has ranked Marie’s website in the list of top 100 entrepreneurship websites.

The selected sentences of the book have a way to do everything:
– If I did not believe in finding a solution, I would not go.
Everything in the material world is created at the level of the mind in the first place.
– We see things not as they are, but as we are.
– The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.
– You should not be afraid of anything in this world, you just have to understand. Now is the time to understand more to be less afraid.
You do not make progress by standing on the sidelines and moaning and complaining. Progress can only be made by implementing ideas.
In a part of the book, we read that everything has a way:
I felt deeply broken that day. I graduated with honors from Column Hall University less than a year ago, but that day I was sitting on the steps of a Trinity church in southern Manhattan with tears in my eyes, grieving.

Since I was the first member of our family to get a college degree, I felt I had to have a job that matched my degree. I was a trading assistant on the New York Stock Exchange in those days, and I was happy to get a fixed salary and get insured.

I was happy to have a job, but from the inside, I felt like I was falling apart. I was really pushing myself hard. I would go to work early in the morning, put on the mask of seriousness, and do my best to show the best trading assistant I have.

But no matter how hard I tried, I would get stuck in a workplace and a voice would whisper in me: This is not true. This is not where you should be. This is not something you should do.
More than ninety-nine percent of my co-workers were men, and many of them liked to go to nightclubs after the market closed, which was not a good place for me. It was really hard for me to tolerate the shameless offers and sexual insults that I encountered almost every day.

I remember once cutting my hair short in protest and thinking that maybe with this serious and stubborn look, they would take me more seriously, which of course did not happen. However, I tried to accept the situation, because I had no other choice. One thing was very strange to me. When you look at the story, my co-workers came up with all the so-called traditional success criteria.

They had both power and security and millions of dollars, but many of them were spiritually and emotionally disturbed. They waited for those two weeks of annual leave and dreamed that they were just working until those two weeks.

No work on the book:
“This book is changing your life.” Elizabeth Gilbert
“A clever, interesting, straightforward and extraordinary book. I love it!” Bernie Brown
“A book to restore self-confidence and personal and work growth” by Simon Sink
“A Book to Make a Difference in Finding Your Next Step” by Seth Godin

In fact, most self-help books offer quick fixes, the book The Impossible The Impossible opens your brain to think more creatively and positively about facing obstacles. “Anyone who wants to overcome their fears, fulfill their aspirations, and find a better way forward must read this book,” said Mr. Cheryl Stride.

Part of the book did not work:
You are not a failure, despite the beliefs that your community, family, or mind have led you to. You have no problem by nature. You are not a sinner, a cheater, or a hypocrite. You are not weak and powerless.

None of us received the manual at birth. The educational system does not train us to control the power of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and physical knowledge.

It does not teach us how to develop triumphant mindsets, visions, and practical habits so that we can not only overcome life’s difficulties, but also experience true pleasure and satisfaction. The education system has failed to demonstrate our inner strength. Unfortunately, we have little practical training on how to use our talents to make a difference.
Here and now it is our job to fix it. As the great Maya Maya says: “Do your best to become more aware. “When you become more aware, you act better than before.” That’s why I’m excited to be here; Because this book helps you do both.

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