Twelve pillars : a novel


Title: Twelve Pillars of Success

By Jim Ronn, Chris Weidner

Translator: Narges Shafaf

Publisher: Lian Mehr

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 96 p

Language: Farsi

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Twelve pillars : a novel is by Chris Weidner and Jim Ronn.

All human beings aspire to succeed and reach great heights, but in the end only a few of them achieve their dreams! In fact, most people go to great lengths to pursue a career without compromising on their limitations. Now, the question arises, what is the reason for the success of those few? Definitely, the answer is not that “luck is with them!” Believe that nothing in this world is worthwhile, easy and by chance!

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation.

Twelve pillars : a novel

Jim Ronn and Chris Weidner, both prominent figures in teaching success and personal growth, teach you the Pillars of Success in a compelling, readable story in Twelve Pillars. By reading this valuable book, you will surely get acquainted with the principles of success and happiness.
This challenging book draws on the experiences and teachings of Jim Ronn and Chris Weidner, two prominent American speakers and writers on success, personal prosperity, business development, and transformation. The writings, workshops, and lectures of these two authors for 40 years have influenced and shaped many people around the world. By reading this book, you will get acquainted with 12 pillars of success, based on which you can achieve your dreams, redesign your life and turn it into a unique masterpiece.

The Twelve Columns was first published in 2005. Who would have thought that when Michael Jones’s car broke down on the side of the road, it would be transformative to start a relationship? On his way to the nearest house, Michael stumbles upon a large, lush mansion called the Twelve Pillars. The mansion’s caretaker, Charlie, helps Michael continue on his way, while at the same time forming a friendly relationship with him. Along the way, Charlie teaches Michael the secrets of success. He talks about the “twelve pillars of success” that have made Mr. Davis, the owner of the mansion, a rich and successful man.

Summary of Twelve Pillars of Success by Jim Ronn and Chris Weidner
First column:
Man must work more on himself (self-knowledge and self-creation) than on his work. All beings have a certain range of growth except man. Man is the only being who can reach both perfection and inferiority through the power of authority. Things change when you change yourself.

Second column: perfect health
Seeing what others are doing motivates us to have positive ambitions.

Applying previous teachings is more important than learning new ones.

Complete health is made up of three dimensions:

Body, mind (intellect, sensibility and will) and soul (has the ability to travel beyond the world) whose priority is soul, mind and body.

The most important principle of success is balance.

The third pillar: the gift of relationships
We must make the most of the gift of relationships. The greatest blessing is the gift of relationships with the people. In order for a relationship to flourish, we must constantly spend our time, effort and imagination on it. Pursuing the people introduced to the system.

As can be seen in urban advertising, a good city is a buildable city, not an achievable one, and this rule applies exactly to relationships. Relationships require time, money, and energy to form and sustain.

The important point is that there are difficulties in achieving the goals, which must be taken into account. It is always difficult to reach the best. Creating the best relationships, creating the best income, creating a happy life and creating all the good things requires going through many hardships and ups and downs. Everything valuable is hard to come by, so not everyone can get valuable things. When it comes to relationships, both the quality of the relationship and its quantity are important. And there are three important principles for achieving the right quality and quantity relationship. Pay attention to time and effort and imagination.

Column 4: Achieving goals
Writing goals is important for two reasons:

1- Entering goals and desires into the mind, which is the prelude to writing them down and determining them

2 – There is a force in writing the goal that makes it happen.

Why it’s important to write goals in the Twelve Pillars of Success:
The mind acquires a conscious cognition of them, and this cognition can be the beginning of creating constructive beliefs for change in oneself and the future path. In other words, writing goals is like knowing where we want to travel. Just as the first step in a journey is to determine the destination, the first step to achieving the goals is to determine (write) them.

But what is the main philosophy of goal setting?
Its main philosophy is to build a person’s personality along the way that strives to achieve his goals. It is a famous sentence that says: have a billion tomans of income, but not only to have a billion tomans of money, but also to build your character in this way. Then it automatically changes its destination. “So it all starts with change.”

Goals are set in three time periods: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Plan and follow. Just decide what you want to do and then get to work.

Column 5: Proper use of time
Many people are afraid to change because of the many safe margins in their lives. A woman, a child, a job, a car and many other safe margins. But the important point is that great success is not possible except through change, so we must apply the tallow of one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The only difference is that the burden of discipline is as heavy as the weight of the burden of remorse is as great as the burden of repentance. The days are very important, with each passing day the weight of the bowl of life decreases and the weight of the bowl of death increases.

There are many opportunities every day, but we must seize that opportunity that is in line with our overall goals. If we do not have a plan for our lives, others will set a plan for our lives. One always becomes a master, one a servant. If you do not direct time and you are not its master, this is the time that makes you its servant.

Column 6: Meeting the best
We must always try to do our best. Always remember that doing something is quite different from doing it well, consider Martin Luther King Jr., for example.

To achieve the goals, always sit and stand with the best and keep in mind that the clarity of mental imagery is a key secret in achieving the goals.

There are always two ways to create the best: either be the best yourself or sit and stand with the best, because companionship has a tremendous impact on the results of our activities.

We must divide the people around us into three categories: those with whom we must sever ties; Those that should be limited and those that we should increase our relationship with. When it comes to building new relationships, we need to keep in mind that life is not as simple as you think, and we have to make tough decisions at times.

Important question: Now how can we attract successful people?
There is only one solution. You have to be attractive to attract attractive people. You have to be successful to attract successful people. So note that the only way is to work on ourselves. Instead of spending our time with others, we should dedicate that time to ourselves.

Unsuccessful people who want to succeed need special attention.

The benefits of associating with successful people in the Twelve Pillars of Success:
1 – learning very valuable experiences;
2 – Connect to a wide network of relationships. The person’s friends and colleagues who are sure to become your friends and colleagues;
3- Changing and shaping attitudes. We need to know that our friends do not shape our attitude but play a very special role in shaping and strengthening it.
So during the trip, use companions to achieve your goals that can help you achieve your goals.

The master’s head is found when the student is ready.

The rules of success have always been there, but our ignorance of them deprives us of opportunities.

Like the law of gravity before Newton.

Column 7: Continuous learning
Academic education helps you find a day and personal education helps you find happiness.

Toro: The masses of people live all their lives in suffocating silence and bury the song they have in their chests (many bury their dreams)

Personal education equals different learning from different people and events.

If one moves in the wrong direction, one does not need motivation to go faster, but one needs training to get back on track.

Learn the Introduction to Wealth. All big changes start with learning.
Learning means making a relatively lasting change in one’s behavioral ability.

Most of life goes on after formal education.

The key to success is continuous learning.

How? Reading books, following the example of successful people and finally learning from failures and using the experiences of yourself and others.

The issue is not how expensive it will be to buy a book, the issue is how much it will cost you if you do not read a book.

If you want to reach the level of knowledge and skill of a teacher, go to his books.

No progress is possible without study

Twelve pillars : a novel

Column 8: All life is for sale
The word sales is related to a concept called impact. Anyone who wants to be successful must be able to learn the art of influencing others. Man is a social being and his success rate depends on his interaction and cooperation with others, so he must be effective.

Success in achieving desires depends on influencing others. A baby cries when it feels hungry, and by doing so it affects its ability to meet its wants and needs. And we have to be able to influence others to do every single thing in our lives, that’s why it’s said that all life is for sale, and that someone who is more successful in doing their job has more influence. .

Thomas Jefferson: Aristocracy is inherent in all people, and the basis for achieving it is honor and talent (and perhaps effort).
What does it mean? In other words, in the past, success was inherited from one generation to another, but today, regardless of gender, color and race, if you want to succeed and strive to achieve it, you will certainly succeed.

Now, the more talented, honorable and diligent you are, the more successful you will be in making an impact.

And there is only one way for others to consider a person as an honorable and talented person, and that is for that person to be honorable and talented (laughs).

Sales skills in the twelve pillars of success:
1- Accurate knowledge of the products we offer. You have to have something to be able to offer it. To offer anything, you must first know it, believe it, and feel it.

2 – Talk to a large number of people. Ten percent of forty people is more than ten percent of ten people.

3- Having perseverance and not giving up. Never give in to a “no” answer.

Child law: No, it has no role in the world of children.

Time is tighter than you think.

Pillar 9: Financial growth is a function of individual growth
This column corresponds to the coin. Money that can not make you happy, but its absence will definitely make you miserable.

Money never brings security because it can be lost at any moment.

It does not matter to become a millionaire, it does matter what kind of person you have to become to become a millionaire. That is why it is said that financial growth is a function of individual growth. In order to earn a million dollars, you have to become a millionaire with millions of beliefs.

“The love of money only breeds excessive greed.”
The Golden Rule of Getting Rich:

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Twelve pillars : a novel

What is the solution? You have to work for yourself and start an independent business. 99% of rich people get rich by working for themselves and making a profit.

Principles of achieving wealth: Work full time on your job and part time on your future.

In addition to the main job, start a side job and gradually develop it.

How difficult do you think it is to get to such a place now? Certainly a lot, because it’s hard to do all the hard work, and to analyze the hardships of the road and increase endurance, remember the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Always remember that financial independence requires independent and free work.

All life is for sale, and financial growth is a function of individual growth.

Column 10: An effective relationship builds understanding
Success depends on the cooperation of people.

Definition of relationship: Relationship means the effort of two or more people to reach an understanding (ability to tolerate differences). When they come to an agreement and unite with each other, they will have an extraordinary power.

The diversity of human beings creates the need for a relationship and understanding in us.
The deadly plague of relationships is nothing but trying to consolidate what is being said to the other person.

There will be a continuous relationship that follows the win-win equation.

The relationship is not just what you say, but you need to know how and when to say it, and at the same time consider the acceptance of the listener, and at the same time you have to be a good listener.

Tip: The most important thing in a relationship is listening. To be a good listener, you have to have personality and respect for the other person.

Pillar 11: The world always needs a great leader
The reason for the failure of many is due to their lack of understanding of various words, one of which is the word leadership.

Leader: Everyone can be a great leader in life because it means that you know the art of influencing others well.

Leadership means helping to correct the thoughts, beliefs and actions of others.

Twelve pillars : a novel

The way to become a leader: They start by working on personality (beliefs) and skills (expertise and knowledge) and success in these two pillars is a factor to achieve the power of influence.

The difference between a leader and a manager: A manager helps people see themselves as they are, but a leader helps people know themselves better than they are. A leader gives people hope and helps them achieve their goals. A good leader should care about people’s lives rather than their work.
“Trust is the most important link between the leader and the follower.”

Great leaders are insightful and optimistic.

Column 12: Leave a legacy

The biggest surprise of life is that it passes in the blink of an eye

You can not choose your life span but you can choose to live right. Always try to leave a fruit of yourself.

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