Leave Your Mind Behind


Title: Prison Break of Mind

Author: Mito McKay; Catherine Sutter

Translator: Mohsen Shabani

Publisher: Yoshita

Subject: Peace of mind, thought and thinking

Another title: Do not take any thought too seriously

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 96

Language: Farsi

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In the book Leave Your Mind Behind by Dr. Matthew McKay and Catherine Sutter, you will learn how to calm down in the face of disturbing thoughts.

About the book Leave Your Mind Behind
The human mind is the place where thoughts are stored and processed. Now, for reasons such as the entry of disturbing thoughts, our minds may become involved in such thoughts and miss out on their main task, which is to process thoughts. Preventing annoying thoughts is a skill that every person should learn in order to have a more relaxed mind and consequently more efficient thinking. The work ahead is very useful and effective in this regard.

When we wake up, the daily journey of our mind begins. In fact, we can think of the mind as a driver and life as a machine. The mind sometimes drives at breakneck speed and may not even be able to get out of the parking lot at some point. Sometimes it accompanies us to our destination and sometimes it may leave us halfway for various reasons. Our mind can be a compassionate guide to our life partner, but sometimes it can deviate from its original path and lead us astray.

The minds of many people are moving in a direction they do not want to go. Our thoughts have an automatic nature that leads us to feelings of fear, worthlessness, failure, and anger. Most of the time we follow thoughts that seem real and take steps to make them come true; But unfortunately, most of the time we go astray and fail to get results.
In Prison Break Mind we will learn how to resist annoying thoughts and prevent them from damaging the mind. In this book, exercises are provided that help us to get rid of these thoughts.

Escape from the prison of the mind teaches you how to move towards mindfulness and peace of mind. The mind may encourage you to do something, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not to take action. The authors of Prison Break Mind will teach you to look at your thoughts impartially and not to consider your interests and beliefs in accepting or rejecting them. When thinking;

Interests, tastes and beliefs must be put aside, otherwise, such thinking will not bring you peace and security.
In the first part of Prison Break Mind, you will learn that there are five types of thinking and each will be discussed separately. In the second part of the book, you will learn how to distinguish between different types of thinking and how you view them, as well as the role of each thought and its impact on your life. When you are unaware of the function of thought and only observe it, the power of that thought will diminish. In the third part of the book, you will learn how to think without considering the content and how to keep the horrible and horrible thoughts away from you.

Who do we recommend reading the book Prison Break of the Mind?
We invite all lovers of books on personal success and growth to read this book.

Part of the book Leave Your Mind Behind
Thinking is the main task of the mind. Thoughts come to our minds suddenly and constantly. Some thoughts are useful and efficient and help us solve problems, while others may harm us by instilling a sense of fear in us. Some, like the roadmap, set the path for us, and some evoke a sense of self-loathing and self-loathing.

Our thoughts are formed only in a moment of time and may be even less real than in TV series, but nevertheless we consider them as immediate, important and real news. We believe in what we think, and this is the source of many problems. There is only one way out of this trap, and that is to understand how thoughts work. Perception of the mind is obtained by observing these five types of thinking, which we must be able to distinguish well from each other. These thoughts are:

Thinking based on present observations
Thinking based on past memories
Thinking based on people’s judgment (right or wrong judgment)
Thinking based on why things happen
Thought based on the future (which aims to find solutions to things that have not yet happened) has three different types of thinking; Planning, imagination and foresight.

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