The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster


Title: Entrepreneurship Aerial Train

Author: Darren Hardy

Translator: Mehrnoosh Sabet Sarvestani

Publisher: Arastagan

Topic: Leadership, self-help, success

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 272 p

Language: Farsi

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Darren Hardy The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster book prepares you for an exciting ride on the entrepreneurship train. This book warns in cases such as fear of the future, doubts and liberation from the bitter experiences and teachings of the past, and in cases such as opponents, kidnappers of dreams and goals and pain caused by failure and rejection, and in cases such as the development of individual skills, It transmits motivation and … practical training to you and neutralizes all the factors influencing the 66% failure of businesses like war mines.

About Entrepreneurship Air Train Book
Is this book useful to me? The book’s audience is divided into two groups: those who are still skeptical about entrepreneurship and do not think they can do it. The author believes that everyone can follow this path, and he has mentioned various reasons for this claim. The second group are people who have failed in this path one or more times and want to get off the ground again and this time pursue entrepreneurship with more awareness. It should be noted that entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean creating employment for tens or hundreds of people, even if you are looking to create or develop a one-person business, the contents of this book will help you. In this translation, the worksheets and the article entitled “Eight Tragic Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make and How You Can Avoid These Mistakes” on the book site have been translated and added to the end of the book to keep the content useful.

Darren Hardy discusses the reasons for business failure and the practical ways to overcome it in his book Aerial Entrepreneurship Train. The things that the entrepreneurial air train is doing on this exciting journey are amazing, and after reading this book, we realize that these reasons have nothing to do with things like capital, place of business, credit, inventory management, and competitors. Darren Hardy explains in each chapter that these reasons for failure are not external in nature at all and originate entirely from within the entrepreneur. He states that the reasons are not economic but purely emotional and mental.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, published in the United States in 2015, is one of the best-selling books on Amazon in the field of entrepreneurship and business, and is ranked as one of the best and most influential books in the field by 5 prestigious magazines such as the New York Times. Introduced last year and strongly recommended for study.

Entrepreneurship aerial train book is for you if:
– If you see a business for yourself in your dreams, but you are afraid of the unknown in this exciting way.
You are stuck on the sidelines of an entrepreneurial train, you do not know what awaits you and what to do to deal with them.
You are now working as an entrepreneur but you want to make sure you are on the right track to success.
– Reading this book means enjoying the most exciting ride of your life.
Index of Entrepreneurship Aerial Train Book
Ticket office: Shall we ride or not ?!
A moment of surprise
Now is the time to ride
Decision time
What will this book do?
Chapter 1: The minimum height required to ride
What does it really take to survive and succeed in business?
Find what matters
Find your passion
Find your area of ​​interest
Find your strengths and talents
The train is waiting for you!
Action plan
Chapter 2: Fasten your seat belt.
Sometimes you will be severely thrown around.
Watch out for crabs
Embrace your exotic nature: Five Strategies
1. Let go of being lovable
2. Be funny
3. Define success
4. Master yourself
5. Reduce recovery
The way forward
Action plan
Chapter Three: Engine Fuel
Essentials for excellent sales
Your first work
There is no escape route
You already know how to sell
Build Sales Muscles: Nine Steps
1. Do not kill your customer
2. Go to sleep thinking about your customer
3. Do not act like Steve on the first date
4. Sell like John Lennon
5. Find a bridge
6. Sell in bulk
7. Use the Surprise Campaign
8. Sell to the best and forget about the rest
9. Find your fifty dream clients
Action plan
Chapter 4: Filling Empty Seats
Either find the best “customers” or die with the rest. (Choice with you)
Entrepreneur complex problem
Mistakes that cost you the most.
Only the stars
Creating a culture based on high efficiency
Hiring: Your main skill
Become a Master at Hiring: Three Principles
Principle 1: Know what you want
Principle 2: Know what they want
Principle 3: The Fun Factor
Extinguish the fire with gasoline !!!
Action plan
Chapter Five: Riding in the Front Seat
Leadership: Climb without error
It’s your fault
Leadership in the present is not like in the past
The leader of the twenty-first century enters
There are 1 leaders who set the pace
2 Leaders do things that are less popular
3 Leaders develop others
4 Leaders allow others to lead
The gift of leadership
Action plan
Chapter Six: Speeding Up Things
“Be productive and efficient in a crazy way without really going crazy!”
Vital signs of your success
1. Vital tasks
2. Your top priorities
3. Your basic criteria
4. Critical areas for improvement
Summarize the vital signs of success
What is holding you back?
Action plan
Chapter 7: Hands Up
Fear is part of the excitement, believe me
Stare into the eyes of fear
Six tricks to manipulate the brain to overcome fear
Exciting scary
Action plan
Chapter 8: “Smile at the Camera”
Do not miss the important points
The do’s and don’ts of a successful ride
You should not: “Ask what you do not want …!”
Do not: Miss important points!
Must: Do the right thing.
Must: Trust yourself.
Must: Keep your resolve
Should not: Forget why
Must: Pursue your greatness
Action plan
The last word

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