Diwan of Naser Khosrow Ghobadi


Title: Divan of Nasser Khosrow Ghobadi

Author: Nasser Khosrow Ghobadi

Publisher: Message of Justice

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Cover: synthetic leather with frame

Number of pages: 552 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of Naser Khosrow Ghobadi’s Divan by Hakim Abu Mo’in Naserin Khosrow Ghobadiani Balkhi

Hakim Abu Mo’in Naserin Khosrow Ghobadiani Balkhi was born in 394 AH in Balkh. From a young age, he studied science and research on religions and studied the poems of Iranian and Arab poets. In his youth, he went to the Ghaznavid court and then to the Seljuk court. In the year 437 AH, he had a dream and woke up from his forty-year-old sleep, quit his court work, and began to travel horizons and souls. After joining the Ismaili sect and propagating their beliefs, the Seljuk rulers tried to kill him, so he had to flee to Badakhshan and finally died in 481 AH in Yamgan. Among his works, we can mention Safarnameh, Zadolmasafarin, Vajeh Din, Juan Akhavan, Dalil Al-Mutahirin, Roshanaynameh and Divan-e-Ashar.

He was one of the great Persian-speaking poets, a sage and a traveler of Iran, and one of the preachers of the Ismaili religion. Nasser Khosrow, along with Hafez and Rudaki, is one of the three poets who have removed the entire Qur’an.

About Naser Khosrow’s book
Nasser Khosrow is a pure idealist who has tried to take a completely anti-modern path in well-to-do, passive, frightened and polluted societies. On the eve of old age, when the need for stability and tranquility usually makes people more conservative, he turns away from the carefree and comfortable life he could have in the beautiful city of Balkh and among his family and friends, pursuing a lofty ideal that promised human liberation. , Takes refuge in narrow and remote valleys surrounded by towering mountains.

Such a person, of course, when confronted with a large number of greedy or intimidated people of his day, has the right to look at them and the ways and customs of their slaves, and to see himself far beyond them. Nasser Khosrow can be considered, in today’s interpretation, a humanist who sees man as the center and axis of divine creation and therefore has full freedom, authority and responsibility for his destiny.
This divan includes lighting letters, letters of happiness, poems and passages. This divan is the work of Professor Seyyed Nasrullah Taghavi and the introduction and biography of Professor Seyyed Hassan Taghizadeh and the correction of Professor Mojtaba Minavi and the comments of Professor Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda.
Abu Mo’in Nasser ibn Khosrow ibn Harith Ghobadiani Balkhi, known as Nasser Khosrow (394-481 AH), was one of the great Persian-speaking poets, philosophers, sages and travelers, and one of the preachers of the Ismaili religion. He was born in Ghobadian, Balkh province, and died in Yamgan, Badakhshan province. He was proficient in most of the intellectual and narrative sciences of his time, such as philosophy, arithmetic, medicine, music, astronomy, and theology, and in his poems he repeatedly emphasized that he was surrounded by these sciences.

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