Divan Shahriar (two volumes)


Title: Divan Shahriar

Author: Mohammad Hossein Shahriyar

Publisher: Book Gallery Institute

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: All ages

Language: Farsi

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Divan Shahriyar is a book that includes all the poems of this great and famous Iranian poet. The story of his fiery and failed love, which led to his dropping out of medical school in his final year, changed the course of his life and brought his inner transformations to a special spiritual peak, giving his poems a new vibrancy.

Introducing the book of Shahriar Poetry Divan
Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi alias Shahriyar, a Persian-speaking Azeri-Persian poet, was born in 1285 AH in the village of Khoshkanab in the Qarachman district of Azerbaijan. He studied at the United School, Fayuzat, Tabriz High School, and Tehran Academy of Arts, and entered the Faculty of Medicine.

Finally, after eighty-three years of prolific poetic life, he died on September 18, 1988, and was buried in the Tomb of the Poets in Tabriz, according to his will.
The most important work of Shahriyar is the poem Heydar Babaei Salam (Hello to Heydar Baba), which is considered one of the masterpieces of Azerbaijani Turkish literature and the poet has mentioned the originality and beauty of the village. This collection is among the modern poems and has been translated into more than 80 living languages ​​of the world. Shahriar has also mastered various types of Persian poetry – such as ode, Masnavi, lyric, piece, quatrain and Nimai poetry.

Index of the book
Excerpts of lyric poems
The system of Haidar Baba
Haidar Baba Goldim Yokhliam (Part 2 of Haidar Baba’s poem)
Excerpts from Turkish poems
Turkish Daily
Naz Ile Mason
Azadliq Ghoshi Warliq
غم باسدی قلیانیمی
Butterflies and candles
Bilali Bash
Iman Ite Gatdi’s faith
Aghiz Yemishi
The world is not Yalan Topmadjir?
Are they human smugglers?

Behjat Abad Khatereh Si
Gozum Aydin

Oyun Oldoq
Anas and Jan (with Persian translation)

Dear (with Persian translation)
Muharram Crescent
Khan Nene

Wise John!
Customer faith

Shater Oghlan
Sesi time (with Persian translation)
Goatme Tersa Balasi

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