Title: Plato (full summary of the whole work and an article by Emerson

Author: Plato

Translator: Behnam Chehrzad

Publisher: You: Behjat

Subject: Ancient philosophy

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 488

Language: Farsi



Plato’s book, a comprehensive summary of all works and an article by Emerson, is a work translated and narrated by Behnam Chehrzad and published by Behjat Publications. This book is written as a Persian work in order to expose the reader to all of Plato’s works and to enable him to study his conversations and lessons, which are the true source of wisdom and knowledge. The present work is the result of a translation and summary of all of Plato’s works by the translator, and is a complete package of information from this great philosopher.

Excerpts from the book
Every beautiful thing is more ugly than something more beautiful than itself, or in simple terms, less beautiful, such as the beauty of an earthenware pot compared to the beauty of a girl, or the beauty of a girl compared to the beauty of the gods, and…

This relativity shows that there must always be something called absolute beauty, which gives each object a part of its respective appearance and makes it more beautiful (idea); So what is called the most beautiful only benefits more from this beauty (idea), like gold that gives it the ability to be beautiful whatever it joins, even if that object was ugly or not seen before, but now in The companionship of gold finds ornament.

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