Crooked house


Title: Inverted House

Author: Agatha Christie

Translator: Mahmoud Habibi

Publisher: Hermes

Language: Farsi

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Introducing Crooked house by Agatha Christie
The body of Aristotle Leutid, a Greek immigrant who amassed great wealth with his great intelligence and perseverance, is found in a large mansion on the outskirts of London, where the Leonid family lives.

Charles Hayward reads the news in Egypt and informs his beloved, Sophia Leutid, who happens to be Aristide’s granddaughter. Coincidentally, the investigator in Aristide’s mysterious death is Sir Arthur Hayward, Charles’s father and vice president of Scotland Yard.
Charles agrees to enter Leonid’s family and pursue the investigation from inside the house in order to investigate the murder more closely and to clear up any suspicions about Sophia. The answer to the riddle of Aristotle’s murder surprises everyone. The present novel is one of the works of “Agatha Christie”. He has mentioned this work along with “Innocent Tragedy” in his list of favorite works.

First Chapter
It was late in the war that I first met Sophia Leonid in Egypt. There, in one of the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he held a relatively high managerial position. At first, I saw only the abilities of an employee in him, but I soon realized the abilities in him that, despite his young age (he was only twenty-two at the time), had created a good situation for him.
Aside from being extremely quick-witted, he had a clear mind and a witty nature, which I found very pleasing. We became friends. He was a very comfortable person to meet. We really enjoyed having dinner together.

That was all I felt about him until the end of the European War and I was scheduled to be sent to the East. It was then that I realized another feeling; That I love Sophia and want to marry her.
We were having dinner at Shepard’s restaurant when I realized this. It was not at all strange for me to find this feeling in me, but it was more of a blossoming state that had taken over my whole being for a long time.

I looked at him with a new perspective, but what I saw was quite familiar to me. I loved everything I saw — from the curly hair that hung down dignifiedly from his forehead to his bright blue eyes, his well-shaped square chin, and his long nose. I also liked her light gray shirt, which was well-tailored and graceful. His soothing English look was inspiring to me after three years away from home. At that moment, in my opinion, no one spoke as English as he did.

Crooked house

And as I got closer, I saw that even he himself could not be as English as he seems. Is a real thing as real inside as it is in appearance?
I was just as discerning, and at the same time, we spoke freely from every door, from our views, interests, hatreds, future, close friends and acquaintances. But Sophia did not say anything about her home or family. Although he knew everything about me (as I mentioned, he was a good listener) I did not know anything about him. I think he had a normal past, but he never talked about it and I did not know much about him until then.
Sophia asked what I was thinking.

I answered:
To you.
– I understand.
And the tone of his speech was as if he really understood.
I said:
– We may not see each other for two years. I do not know when I will return to England; But as soon as I come back, the first thing I do is come to see you and ask you to marry me.
He listened to me without blinking. He was sitting, smoking and not looking at me.
I worried for a moment that he might not understand me at all.

I said:
Listen, I have no intention of asking you to marry me right now. In any case, it is not practical. First of all, it is possible that you will reject my offer and then my life will be ruined and in this confusion, an evil woman will be in my way and my misfortunes will start again. What if you accept my offer? Do we get married and get divorced immediately? Do we get married and start waiting? I can not stand your discomfort.

Maybe someone else will get in your way and you will be bound to be loyal to me. You know, we’re in a confusing situation that we want to get over right away anyway. Love and marriage, making a covenant and breaking a covenant have taken us away. I like to feel that you have gone home free and independent, and I look forward to seeing you, building a post-war world, and meeting your needs. Sophia, what happens between you and me must be eternal. I do not benefit from any other kind of marriage.

Sophia said:
– Me too.
I said:
On the other hand, I think I have the right to say what … well … how I feel about you.
Sophia whispered under her breath:
– That is, without saying an unnecessary poetic sentence?
– Honey, do not you understand? I tried not to say “I love you …”.
Sophia interrupted me and said:
– Charles, I understand and I like your funny things. So when you return you will come to me; Of course, if you feel the same way then.
Now it was my turn to interrupt him.

I said:
Do not hesitate.
Why, there is no doubt about anything, Charles; There is always the possibility of an unforeseen event that will ruin the plans. One reason is that you do not know much about me, you know?
– I do not even know where you live in England.

– I live in Swinley Dean (3).
I shook my head in approval as I heard the famous name of that suburb of London, which hosts three great and lucrative golf competitions.
He said in a poetic tone:
“In an inverted house …”
He probably noticed a slight change in my face, as he apparently eagerly continued:
“And they all lived together in a funny upside-down house …” I mean, we mean them. Of course, not an ordinary funny house, but an inverted house for which they have made triangular gable roofs with short beams.

I asked:
Do you live in a large family? How many siblings do you have?
– A brother, a sister, mother, father, uncle and wife, grandfather, aunt and stepfather of my father.

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