Give and Take


Title: Give and take; A revolutionary approach to success

Author: Adam Grant

Translator: Maryam Heidari

Publisher: New Development

Subject: Success in business / interpersonal relationships

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success books; A revolutionary approach to success

Your success depends on helping others! This may sound strange to you, but it’s all that Adam Grant has in the book; It teaches you a revolutionary approach to success, one of the New York Times bestsellers.

Introducing the book Give and Take:
It has always been assumed that hard work, talent and luck are the main reasons for success in business, but Adam M Grant in Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success proves that In today’s world, success depends more on how you interact with others. Most people want to be in the workplace in one of three groups: accountants, recipients, and donors.

Recipients are usually the people who strive to make the most profit in each transaction. Are in front of the accountants; This group maintains balance and takes only as much as they offer. In the end, there are donors who are very rare. This group, without any expectations, tries to help others.
Adam Grant believes that all three groups can achieve success, but there is a distinctive feature in the success of donors, they are always moving forward and their success is sustainable. When the recipients succeed, it means that the other group has failed. When a giver succeeds, no one stops him; Because they know that there is an opportunity for them to achieve what they want, which is progress.

Learn more about Adam Grant:
He is one of the youngest professors at the renowned University of Pennsylvania and has been a top professor at Wharton School of Business for five consecutive years. Adam has published well-known and best-selling books such as Innovators, Nobles, etc., and is one of the most influential people in the business world.

Who is recommended to read the book?
If you are interested in reading the works of success and business, do not miss this book.

Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success books:
Give and take can be the most important book of this century. This book contains deep insights into how we can run our businesses, how we can interact with our friends and relatives, raise our children, and design our institutions. Reading this book is a pure experience, and it refutes the myth that greed is the key to success. (Robert Sutton, author of The Good Boss, Bad Boss)

Give and take is full of life-changing ideas. This is not just a book, but a new and brilliant worldview. Adam Grant is one of the greatest sociologists of our time, and this extraordinary book will undoubtedly be one of the bestsellers. (Susan Kane, author of The Power of Silence)

Give and Take is a brilliant, well-documented and motivating book that dispels the notion that good people are the last to reach the finish line. (David Allen, author of Doing Things)
The give-and-take is full of modern research, convincing examples and deep insights, and these have made it an infinitely stimulating book for the brain and thought. This book shows how our interactions with others lead to our success and happiness. This important and readable book deserves great success. (Gretchen Rubin, author of Project Happiness and Happiness at Home)

– A really exciting book. Rare work that shatters your assumptions about how the world works and prepares your brain for weeks after you read the last page. (Daniel H. Pink, author)

Selected sentences of the book Give and Take:
– The principle of give and take; That means diplomacy – give one and give ten.
Every human being must decide whether he or she wants to walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
– It is good to remember that the whole universe (with a very small exception) is made up of others.
Speak slowly, but have a big stick with you.

In a part of the book Give and Take, we read:
If you’re always on guard when meeting a new colleague, it ‘s probably because you think that person has approached you with selfish motives. When we see a receiver approaching us, we protect ourselves by closing the doors of our networks, depriving them of trust and help.

Many recipients turn out to be good cheaters to avoid being exposed, they treat us generously so that they can roam our networks in the guise of benefactors or egalitarians. For about two decades, this kind of behavior worked for Ken Lee. His benevolent and altruistic activities allowed others to look at him positively and open the doors of new relationships and sources of help to him.
But the receivers can not maintain this beautiful and false view in all their interactions. Ken Lee was very attractive and friendly when dealing with powerful people in Washington, but many of his peers and subordinates saw him on the other side. “If you wanted to see Lee in person, you had to take a very important person with you,” said a former Enron employee, recalling past memories. There is a proverb in the Dutch language that beautifully describes this duality: “flattery above and coercion below.”

Index of the book Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success
Give and receive praise for the book
1- Good returns
2- Peacock and panda
Identify the recipient in donating clothing
Transparent network
With each hand you take the debt with the same hand
Awakening the dormant giants
Sleeping relationships
Thanks for five minutes
3- Wavelet effect
Collaboration and creative personality
Solo travel
I wish I could hate you
Asking for the biggest share of credit
Responsibility bias
Differences of opinion
4- Finding uncut diamonds
Star finder
Shaving raw diamonds
It is a mistake to test the tried
Standing in the mirror: looking good or doing good
See the light course in the coal warehouse
5. The power of communication without power
Presentation: Vulnerability value
Sales: Separating fraudulent accounts from benevolent ones
Persuasion: A cautious and insecure speech technique
Negotiation: Polling in the shadow of a doubt
6- The art of motivation
Impact vacuum: Unmotivated donors
Both choices: segmentation, disclosure, and the 100-hour volunteer rule
The myth of a benevolent career
7- Big change
Intimacy Screening: Trust most people most of the time
This ‌ to ‌ ‌ in generosity: forgiving and accommodating
The paradox of boldness and support
Crossing to be fat
8- Change the direction of the screw
Altruistic discussion
From enemies to allies
Search for optimal differentiation
Why Superman rejects and people save on electricity
Interaction loop
Identity changes and the reversal of interrelationships
9- Out of the shadows

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