Believe it to achieve it


Title: Believe to reach it

Author: Brian Tracy

Translator: Yasman Rezaei

Publisher: Mehregan Ghalam

Subject: Success / Motivation

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 284

Language: Farsi



Introduce the book Believe it to achieve it : overcome your doubts, let go of the past, and unlock your full potential, by Brian Tracy
Believe in the Book to Achieve It Brian Tracy’s book will help you overcome your doubts, let go of the past, and realize your potential. This book gives you a way to express yourself and succeed.

Believe in a part of the book to get it, we read:

You have an amazing mind, but this mind is a double-edged sword. You can use it to be happy or you can behave in a way that makes you angry. Your goal should be to use your mind to relax. It does not matter what is going on around you. “The secret of my success is very simple, I do not overestimate anything,” says Krishna Murti, a great Indian cleric.

When people misbehave, do not criticize them. When others say negative things or show negative behavior, calm down and stay away from them. Stay away from them and look at them impartially. Do not get involved with them and do not get upset with them.
The best way to not judge is to love the other person. It is impossible to love and criticize someone at the same time. You neutralize such negative thoughts and stop criticizing them.

Index of the book
Introduction: Accept the mentality of the successful
Chapter One: Why People Get Troubled
Chapter Two: What Hinders Your Progress?
Chapter Three: Letting go of the past
Chapter Four: Change Your Mind to Change Your Life
Chapter Five: Be the Ruler of Change
Chapter Six: The People in Your Life
Chapter Seven: Cope With It
Conclusion: Seven facts about you

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