The Instant Millionaire


Title: The story of government and wisdom

Author: Mark Fisher

Translator: Effat Heydari

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 96

Language: Farsi



The Instant Millionaire : Do successful people put in more effort than those who think only of success? Are these people smarter, luckier and braver? Does economic success bring us happiness? If you are one of those people who are looking for a change in attitude and achieving great goals such as gaining wealth in your life;

The Story of Government and Wisdom is one of the best books in the field of success and the psychology of wealth. The book presents readers with strategies and practical principles of success in gaining wealth in the form of a story and in a fun tone.

This book, as its name suggests, is narrated in the form of beautiful and thought-provoking anecdotes. The story of government and wisdom is the story of a 32-year-old man who is tired and disgusted with his current job and is looking for a way to increase his income, but he encounters problems along the way.
He goes to his rich uncle and asks him for money, but his uncle refuses to give him the money and instead sends the young man to a remote town where an elderly gardener named “Annie” lives.

In the continuation of the story, the young man meets a smart old man and a millionaire. The old man teaches the young man lessons and tips so that he becomes acquainted with the mentality of a millionaire.

These 15 readable and instructive anecdotes prepared in the book for the young boy include sections such as the anecdote of the young man’s imprisonment, the anecdote of the teaching of faith, the anecdote of the training to focus on the goal, the anecdote of the value of self-image and the anecdote of the influence of words.

In fact, the author presents various points of psychology and wealth to his audience in a simple and effective way.
Mark Fisher, in his book The Story of Government and Wisdom, simply shows the reader the way that in order to be successful and rich, you must first know your aspirations and then make them the goal of your life through the opportunities that lie ahead.

By the end of the book, a few years have passed since then, and the young man in the story has now become a successful and wealthy man, following the old man’s guidance.

The two books “The Way of Drawing Millionaires” and “The Temple of Millionaires” by the same author are a continuation of the book The Story of Government and Wisdom.

Why should we read the book The Story of Government and Wisdom?
One of the reasons why this book is superior to other works of psychology is its narrative, which expresses various points to the audience in simple and effective language.

Studying the anecdote of government and wisdom motivates you to change parts of your life and shows you when and why you have hindered your progress.

Mark Fisher’s The Story of Government and Wisdom has been on the list of best-selling books in the United States and the world for several years, with 150,000 copies sold in the United States alone. This work has also been translated into twenty-one different languages.
In the book, the author points to essential strategies such as courage, determination, and the correct use of the unlimited power and size of the mind. Therefore, it is recommended to put a pen and paper next to you while reading this informative book, to take notes on its effective points and contents, and to review them with you, if necessary.

Even reading this book over and over again is worth it and you will enjoy it. In this book, there are important and practical concepts that bring you closer to real wealth.

Concepts and principles of becoming a millionaire
Among the things that this book mentions to be successful and rich; It is a matter of hard work, fear and correct and accurate targeting.

In his stories, the old man teaches the young man the principles and strategies for getting rich.

However, they need to know that in order to succeed and gain wealth, we must not only work hard and work hard, but also learn the philosophy of success of rich people.

Another important point is that we should never be afraid of wanting and trying to reach the point of progress and success. “Most people are afraid to ask for something, and when they want something in the end, they do not insist enough,” the book concludes. “This is a mistake.”
According to the old man, the important key that helps us achieve our goals and success is how to set the right goals. Basically, one of the important points is to know the time and the availability of goals.

The book The Instant Millionaire a clear picture of life, motivation and sufficient knowledge to achieve success. ‌
About Mark Fisher; Author of the book The Story of Government and Wisdom
Mark Fisher, also known as “K-Punk”, is a British author born on January 11, 1968. Most of this author’s works are in the field of psychology, success and personal growth.

The Story of the Government and Wisdom is his most important work, which has been on the list of best-selling books in the United States and the world for several years.

Fisher has been a writer, critic, cultural theorist, and blogger over the years. In his writings, he has been influenced by famous theorists and critics such as Jean Bourier, Friedrich Jameson, and Jacques Lacan, the great French philosopher.

Other books by Mark Fisher that have been translated into Persian
We can mention “The Millionaire’s Will”, “The Story of the One Who Was Not Discouraged”, “Think Like a Rich Man”, “The Golfer and the Millionaire” and “The Story of Wealth and Wisdom”, all of which are in the realm of motivation and success.

“To begin with, you have to believe that you can then start with enthusiasm,” says Mark Fisher. He died in January 2017 at the age of 48.

In some parts of the book, we read the story of the government and wisdom
“I will give you another general rule to help and support you,” the wealthy Ani told the young student. You will benefit greatly from it throughout your life.

It will transform you from the inside out. In fact, it will enable you to achieve true government; True government is not just about gaining material wealth.

The true government is much larger than that. The tax rule will set the tax targets even higher.

But as long as you seek the government, never lose sight of the fact that if you lose happiness and bliss, you will lose everything.
Running after money can easily become an obsession and prevent you from enjoying life. And as they have said: What good is it if a man gains the whole world, but loses the soul? A servant’s money is priceless, but a tyrant lord.
Do you mean that government and goodness cannot coexist? Not at all. But you have to be very careful not to lose sight of yourself.

John. د. Kefler, one of the world’s greatest statesmen, was so engrossed in his mental occupation and the weight of his worries that he was a small old man in his fifties. His stomach was so upset that all he could eat was bread and milk.

He was constantly afraid that he would lose his money and that those around him would betray him. Money had become his master.
He could no longer make money. “In fact, he was poorer than a simple office secretary who could enjoy his food.” The young man said, “Will you bring wealth before my eyes and then frighten me?” “Although this is not my intention, the rules I will give you now will help you avoid the trap that many government seekers have fallen into,” said the wealthy.

People who are still fundamentally poor are working hard to achieve their goals. The first money they make puts a finger on their deepest ambition, causing them to become more and more eager.

“When they gain enormous wealth, they begin to fear losing it.”
The Story of Government and Wisdom is a small but meaningful book that can change the lives of its readers. This small book, as its name implies, is the way to reach government and wealth and wisdom.

The author of this book is Mark Fisher, one of the richest men in the world. The book is in the form of a fascinating story with a beautiful prose that is truly motivating.

In this book, Mark Fisher teaches you how to reach both government and wealth; Look wise and prudent.

The four principles of The Instant Millionaire
First principle:
The anecdote of government and wisdom considers the most basic principle to be that hard work alone does not make one rich.

Do you think that someone who earns $ 250,000 works ten times as much as you? Certainly not! So if this person earns ten times more than you, without working harder than you, then he should be engaged in something different from your work.

There must be a secret in his work that you are completely unaware of… “

The principle of measuring work and life situation by comparing the amount of effort of each person with himself.

This is the first point of the story of government and wisdom. You need to know how profitable your career path is and how it differs from other jobs.

If your effort is not in line with your income, you should know that you have gone the wrong way.

Second principle (requesting):
“Most people are afraid to ask for something, and when they want something in the end, they do not insist enough. This is a mistake. “

If your basic need is to earn a high income, you should not be satisfied with less than what you have in mind. When the world is subjugated by man, nothing in the universe seems impossible.

So you are given less than you want by thinking less. And when you want too much, you will certainly be more flexible in response to your request.

Repeating the request and insisting on achieving what you want is the second undeniable principle of the story of government and wisdom.

Principle 3 (precise targeting):
The third principle is accurate and calculated targeting.

“Quantified goal magic”

The next principle is the story of government and wisdom, to set a policy for yourself and set your goal exactly.

You need to know what you want and when and with what characteristics your main goal and indicator will be determined.

Principle Four (Gratitude):
The fourth principle is to be grateful for every single day of life.

You have to be interested in life in a way that you enjoy with all your being. He made the most of every moment and was happy. You must love life and those around you because:

The world is nothing but a reflection of your conscience. “The circumstances of your life are a mirror that reflects the image of your inner life.”

This book has been used for many years as one of the best motivational books to achieve wealth.
The present book, despite its simplicity, expresses calculated and worthy concepts, the repeated use of which will certainly pave the way for the life of the book reader.

The important thing about the book is that mere content with the contents of this book and similar books is not a guarantee of wealth;

Rather, the reader of the book must step forward by learning and constantly striving to achieve his material and spiritual goals.

The book The Instant Millionaire – a Tale of Wisdom And Wealth, is one of Mark Fisher’s most famous works.

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