Paris for One


Title: Paris for one person and other stories

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Haditha Dalir

Publisher: Azarmidokht

Subject: English short stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 256

Language: Farsi



Paris for One by Jojo Moyes is a collection of short stories written in simple and fluent language. Contains eleven long and short romances that are the protagonists of women’s public stories, and the most prominent of these stories is Paris for one person. In the Paris story for one person, Nell is a twenty-six-year-old girl who has never traveled to Paris, and has never spent a poetic weekend with anyone. Everyone knows that he is not a traveler abroad or an adventurer. But when Pete misses the day of his trip and does not travel with him, Nell has a chance to show everyone that he is wrong about him. Only in Paris does Nell show a face he has not had before; An independent and brave girl. Could this weekend be the most adventurous trip of his life?

An interesting, fascinating and exciting holiday?
The Paris Book for One and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written in simple, fluent language. “Paris for One Man”, “Love in the Afternoon”, “Winner in Hand”, “Armed Robbery”, “Last Year’s Coat”, “13 Days with John C.” are the titles of some of the stories in this book.

In the book Paris for One, the main character of the story is very committed to his own principles and rules. During an event in his life, he encounters his real self and instead of giving in to his usual habits, he confronts them and starts a new path in his life. It creates an attraction for the reader, and this attraction process follows the reader to the final halves of the novel. Paris is just one of the bestsellers in this book. In fact, Jojo Moyes continues to provide short stories to his fans. The story of capable women who do not overcome the hardships of their lives and strive with all their might to change their lives.

Jojo Moyes: English journalist born on August 4, 1969 in London, who has been writing romance novels since 2002.
Pauline Sarah Jojo attended Royal Holloway, University of London, and New Bedford College, University of London.

Jojo Moyes won a scholarship from The Independent in 1992 to pursue a master’s degree in journalism at City University in London. He then worked for the Independent for 10 years (except for one year in Hong Kong for the Sunday Morning Post), and in 1998 became assistant news editor and in 2002 head of the arts and media department. شد.
Jojo Moyes became a full-time novelist in 2002, and his first book, Shelter Rain, was published. He continues to write articles for the Daily Telegraph.

Jojo Moyes is one of the few writers to have twice won the Romance Novel of the Year Award from the Romance Writers Association. He won the award for the first time in 2004 for the novel Foreign Fruit and the second time in 2011 for the novel The Last Letter from his Beloved.

Jojo Moyes lives on a farm in Great Sampford with his journalistic husband, Charles Arthur, and their three children.

1. Shelter Rain (2002)

۲. Foreign Fruit (2003) Released in the United States as “Windfallen”

3. Peacock Sales Center (2004)

4. The Bride Wrestling (2005)

5. Silver Bay (2007)

6. Night Music (2008)

7. Dancing Horse (2009)

8. The Last Letter From Your Beloved (2010)

9. I am before you (2012)

10. Honeymoon in Paris (2012)

۱۱. The Girl You Left Behind You (2012)

۱۲. One Plus One (2014)

13. After you (2015)

۱۴. Alone in Paris (2017)

۱۵. Me again (2018)

Posted by Jojo Moyes
You do not know how easy it is to come down and fall. When you realize that the bottom line is that no one is around you. It’s like a dream that Yahoo does not understand where you came from. Then Yahoo sees that you have no one to help you or not, even to comfort you that yes you can come back and his words are a light in your heart that can come back. Down there, in that sheer darkness you like to shout: Damn, I’m still alive.

If you were lucky and saw Paris in your youth, his memory will stay with you for a lifetime, because Paris; It is a boundless celebration! This famous sentence by Ernest Hemingway reminds us that Paris will be very spectacular not only for lovers but also for people who love adventure and new experiences. Jojo Moyes is one of the writers who has used this city as an important element in his stories many times. In the book Only in Paris, Jojo Moyes combines a story of adventure and a love story to finally confront his reader with a different work.

In a part of the Paris book for one person and other stories, we read:
Nell shifted his bag on the station’s plastic chair and looked at the wall clock for the eighty-ninth time. He opened the front window, looked back. Is a Disneyland traveler; Stroller parents; Screaming children; It is clear that they woke up a long way from the road, entered the lounge before leaving.

For the last half hour, his heart is pounding; He felt sick in his chest.

“He’s coming, on the way, he can reach himself,” he whispered.

“Train nine hundred and fifty-one to Paris will leave the podium in ten minutes,” the speaker said. Please come closer to the platform. “Do not forget your burden.”

He bit his lip, then texted her again.

where are you? The train is running!

He had sent this text message twice since leaving to see if they were still going to see each other at the station. When he did not answer, he told himself that he must not have received the text message because he was in the subway. Maybe it had arrived. He sent the same text message for the third and fourth time. He was standing there, the phone trembling in his hands. Heard the arrival of a text message; He took a deep breath.
I’m sorry baby, I’m busy, I’m not getting there.

It was as if they had arranged a drink together. He looked at the phone in disbelief; He texted again.

You do not get on this train? Do I have to wait?

And in a few seconds the answer was:

No you go. I’m trying to get on the next train

Rather than being shocked; became angry. People around him stood to put on their coats, he stood motionless and answered his text message.

But where do we see each other?

Did not answer.

Engaged in work. He works in a diving shop. It is now November. How might he be involved in the work?
He looked around, maybe it was a joke. Maybe, right now, with the same smile he always comes in from the station, he’s told her he’s got it (he likes to joke with her). Then take her hand, kiss her face and say: Did you think I would leave you alone on this journey?

Your first trip to Paris?

But the sturdy glass doors opened.

The station attendant approached him and asked for a ticket. “Ms? “You have to go to the podium,” he hesitated for a moment. Is he coming? Then he entered the crowd. You also pulled his wheeled suitcase from behind. He stopped and texted again: Then I see you at the hotel.

Usually he does not polish his toenails, his boss also said: Remember, I am going to Paris early on Friday morning … and the girls said in unison: Good luck

“I’m a little jealous,” said Trish, who hated Pete less than anyone else.
Nell boarded the train. He moved his suitcase and wondered if Trish would still be jealous if he saw her in this position now.

A girl with an empty chair next to her … goes to Paris without knowing whether her friend will come or not …

This is a short summary of the Paris book for one person written by Jojo Moyes …
Jojo Moyes is a British writer and journalist born in 1969. His books have been translated into more than eleven languages ​​to date, all of which are among the New York Times bestsellers. Moyes studied journalism at the University of London and has been a journalist for about 12 years. He has been writing novels in earnest since 2002 with the publication of Rain Shelter, and has published more than a dozen romance novels, most of which have been on the bestseller list.

Jojo Moyes novels have been translated into many languages ​​around the world and are popular among lovers of modern romance. The novel that made Moyes the most famous and successful in the world was the romance novel “I am before you” which was published in 2012, this novel quickly topped the New York Times bestsellers and formed an enthusiastic wave among young people to read. Other works became raisins. Looking at most of Jojo Moyes’ work, one can see that vulnerable women are the main characters in most of his stories. He can tell stories well and accompany the reader with his stories.

My novel before you was a book that made Moyes famous in the world and its film added to this fame. It was after this time that the market for raisin books became hot, and since then he has published a new story almost every year.
After living in a busy London city for many years, Jojo Moyes moved with his wife, Charles Arthur, a journalist, and their three children to a farm near London.

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