Nine residents


Title: Nine residents

Author: Hadi Pakzad

Publisher: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 101 p

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Nine residents
Nine is the work of Hadi Pakzad. This book is 101 pages and is currently considered one of the banned books.

Excerpt from the book “No People”

Years ago, when the Russian space agency announced that it had gone to the surface of the moon, it presented a picture of this conquest, which was later revealed by the contradiction between the lights and the dimensions of the astronauts’ shadows on the moon. Last year, when he realized the message of this fact, he asked himself the same question that he asked himself again after a year in a dark security detention center.

“Is a bigger lie more believable?”

Artistic activity of the author of the book The People of Nine Hadi Pakzad
Seyyed Emad al-Din Assar, better known as Emad Assar (born 1276, died 1336), was a contemporary Iranian writer, journalist, poet, and photographer, and the owner and editor-in-chief of publications such as Ashfteh, Yoyo, and.. He also worked in his humorous writings under the pseudonym A. Rase.

He started his activities in the field of music in 2002 and his first official album called Darkness was released in January 2015. Hadi Pakzad is one of the first rock and alternative singers in Iran. Before engaging in music, he was interested in classical poetry and philosophical writing.

In 2000, after gaining experience learning piano and guitar, he began producing his first album in a home studio with the help of local musicians. All the lyrics of this album are composed by him and due to the lack of a suitable cultural atmosphere, he calls this album “Land of Horror”. He soon became famous for his unique style.
After that, “Land of Horror” in the first live performance of Hadi Pakzad in December 2003 in Simorgh Hall of Mashhad came of age and also the video of the piece “In Memory” directed by Javad Jalali was recorded in February 2003 and aired after a while on the messaging network.

After receiving support from his fans, he recorded his second album with a professional team in a studio in Tehran. In 2005, he will hold two official and big concerts in Mashhad. In the same year, he released his second album called “Underground Life”. Also at the same time, the video clip “In Memory” will be broadcast for the second time on various satellite networks.

Hadi Pakzad’s third album was released in the last month of 2007; The name of this album is “Doctor” and he says about this album: “I have been thinking about the songs of” Doctor “album for a year. Assuming we all play times in our lives with the adult inside and sometimes with the child inside. Our adult is the doctor of this story and the child inside us is the patient of this story. The different tracks on the album are each in the language of one of our two inner characters, and the whole album is a conversation between this doctor and the patient. Dr.’s album style is completely alternative.
His next two albums, Plato and for four, were released underground in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

After these two albums, an Ep by Hadi Pakzad was released with the name of the latest songs (2011), which was later renamed in connection with the choirs (2012) with the addition of several new tracks. His latest album was released in 2013 without his permission.

Tariki album was a collection of Hadi’s previous albums that was released in December 2015.

The author of the book The People of Nine Hadi Pakzad has died

Hadi Pakzad tombstone

Hadi Pakzad died on June 27, 2016 at the age of 33. Some news agencies stated that the cause of his death was suicide. A few days after his death, “Darkness” became one of the best-selling music albums on the Internet.

Reactions to the death of the author of the book The People of Nine Hadi Pakzad
Masoud Fayyazzadeh, the composer of Hadi Pakzad’s works, said: “I have never been present since the day this happened and I am not going to talk about Hadi. We met in 1980. We arranged a rehearsal and got a few performances in Mashhad. After that, we started producing and publishing music. Hadi was very motivated and brave and he did everything alone. “The important thing is that he is no longer with us by his own choice, and the rest of the talk about him is not very important to me.”

Music style of the author of the book The People of Nine Hadi Pakzad
Hadi Pakzad said in his last interview with “Our Music” website: “When I met some of my listeners for the first time in years after the unveiling of my album, a woman came forward and said that they had been following me on social media for some time and They just realized that I’re a singer at all. They said that they only followed my writings in cyberspace, and it was very similar during my activities that people said that they liked the “poems” of my work.

Sometimes I feel that they mean that they probably have a problem with the texture of the music, and more likely that they mean: they do not like my voice. Yes, my works are theme-oriented (poetry-oriented). Exactly the concept in the text of your question, that is, the great reliance of works on words, applies to my works. But it means that the music is made around a poem and a concept, like the music of a movie! Or the voice of the singer plays the role of that poem or theme, like a monologue.
Of course, what song Massoud (Fayyazzadeh) writes for my poetry and how good and consistent it is, or how well I play the role of reading my writings, can be like all other works of art in the world that are quality and technical critics as well as taste and touch. Have yourself and I accept. “But if someone means that music is more important, or you should stop reading at all, write your work and let someone else read it, it is clearly not a good critical approach, and I strongly disagree with both.”

Hadi Pakzad’s works, which were all of his own compositions, were generally subject-oriented and so-called conceptual, and in this process did not follow a specific musical context. Most of his work, however, was included in the context of electronic and alternative music.

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