As a man thinketh


Title: You are what you think

Author: James Allen

Translator: Giti Khoshdel

Publisher: drops

Subject: New thinking, self-knowledge

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 68 p

Language: Farsi



As a man thinketh is a small and comprehensive book that, in a concise and useful way, has been able to show the most important and basic principles of the power of mind and thinking in shaping the personality of each person. In this book, James Allen has been able to speak in beautiful and eloquent language about things that we may have to constantly hear from different people in order to believe them. Your book is what you think with the translation of “Amir Jahanian” and “Hadith Imani” was published in 1989 by Kiarad Publications.

What do you think about your book?
This little book, the result of experience and meditation, is a kind of inspiration and is not an interpretation or justification for any theory or approach. The purpose of this book is to make people realize that they are their own creators; It is based on the ideas that they choose and cultivate them within themselves. In this book, we understand that the mind is the main weaver of thoughts and ideas, both outward and inward. Given the small volume of this book, it cannot be considered a comprehensive work on such a profound subject. However, it contains simple and useful information that helps people to better understand their inner strengths.

A summary of the chapters in your book is what you think
Thought and personality: Man is what he thinks. Everyone’s personality is a complete set of thoughts.

The effect of thinking on different situations: Thinking and personality are one, and just as personality is only able to manifest and discover itself in the environment and situation, the external conditions of human life are often in a harmonious relationship with the internal situation.

The effect of thinking on health and body: The body is a servant of the mind and follows the commands of the mind under any circumstances, whether these commands are expressed voluntarily or involuntarily. Expressing inappropriate and ugly thoughts plunges the body into disease and corruption, and beautiful and positive thoughts make the body fresh and beautiful.

Goal thinking: As long as the thinking is related to the goal, no intelligent achievement will be achieved. Many people believe that the cry of thought can be “wandering” in the ocean of life. Man needs to have a reasonable and justified goal in his existence and commit himself to achieve it.

The role of the thinking factor in success: Everything that a person achieves and everything that fails to achieve them is a direct result of his thoughts. Weakness and strength or defeat and victory of each person returns to himself and no one else has a role in it.

Dreams and ideals: Man can not forget his fantasies. He cannot allow faded ideals to fade away forever. Because somewhere in his being he knows them as truths that he will undoubtedly attain one day.

In part of your book, we read what you think
Man is both made and not made: on the one hand, in the camp of his thoughts, he creates weapons by which he plunges himself into the abyss of destruction; On the other hand, he builds tools that he uses to build luxurious royal palaces of vigor, strength and tranquility.

By choosing the right and using the right ideas, man ascends to divine perfection; However, due to the misuse and misuse of his ideas, he falls to a lower position than animals. All degrees of our personality fall between the two, and man is the owner and creator of them.

None of the beautiful truths attributed to the soul that have been recovered and discovered in the present age is more pleasing and fruitful in the divine covenant than the fact that man is the thinker, the shaper of character, and the builder and shaper of circumstances, environment and It is his destiny.
Man, as a powerful, intelligent being, lover and master of his thought, holds the key to all situations and possesses the factor of transformation and creation that he is able to use to build himself in any way he wants. Man is always in control, even in his weakest and most disordered situations; But in his weakness and ruin, he is considered an ignorant master who leads his “family” astray.

When he began to ponder his situation; And with constant effort he seeks the law on which his being is based, that is when he becomes a wise master, a master who directs his energies with intelligence and focuses his thoughts on fruitful matters.

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