Forty short letters to my wife


Title: Forty short letters to my wife

Author: Nader Ebrahimi

Publisher: Roozbehan

Subject: Persian letters

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 138 p

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Forty Short Letters to My Wife by Nader Ebrahimi is one of Nader Ebrahimi’s love trilogies and one of his most popular works, which speaks unequivocally to his wife, who was the staff of his thinking, thinking and step in life.

In part of the book, we hear forty short letters to my wife:
my dear!

I sigh still and again, like a child of garlic, when you see that you are struggling with all these problems, hard and life-giving; I jump up, slide the cookie machines on the floor, play with the balloon in the fallen corners, and follow its naive, prodigal, naughty, and naughty movements to get it out of me again, and suddenly they hit me on the wall as they climb. I will experience it smooth though I have experienced it thousands of times, and by constantly and neatly wandering into the kitchen, I show my constant boredom, and I add a little salt to make it a little saltier and tastier, do not blame me, and do not say that ‌ Fifty years old man! So where is your fiftieth birthday?


I have always said and I say again, my dear, do not leave your children for any reason or excuse, that you will go into eternal bankruptcy …

Oh, how carefree the insurer is as a child, and how not to be afraid of tomorrow …

My Lady!
What’s wrong with a man, even at the age of eighty, playing a sledgehammer, and a wolf in the air, and a vulture, and an accordion, and an arch or a pair, and “bring a kebab bread” and “a motel hotel” … What is wrong? What’s wrong with enduring all those razors to pick a ripe raspberry seed that has settled down in the midst of intertwined branches?

Where does the law go wrong if you and I, and a large group of our friends and neighbors, send hundreds of colorful kites into the sky on a yellow autumn day and look at their innocent dances as children? Kites have never been seen to endanger any part of human personality. believe!

But perhaps, dignified fans think that our kite will jeopardize world peace, and the balance of the world economy, and world justice and fairness … Yes?

My Lady!
Everyone knows this: what is bad and what is really bad is the frozen pus of the soul, and entrusting the action to the knots, not blowing up the kites … I wish the owners of the frozen dirt warehouses and the holders of the knots of the inferiority of the soul were like everyone else. Then think about what a great kite we could fly around the world, and how much we laughed …

Hear, my lady!
In order to have moments full of purity, feeling and emotion, you have to bring things with you from childhood; And from time to time, you behave quite lightly and playfully. A person who does not keep the bitter and sweet memories of his childhood in his heart and soul and does not know that in some moments he really has to look at life as a child, will become angry and ruthless …

my love!
Never get so far away from your childhood that you do not hear the sound of his happy cries, or the sound of his cries full of hunger and thirst … Now leave me your kind hands to remind them how to caress the dolls’ puppies … .

In one of the letters in this book we read:


I’m right.

I have never seen one step ahead of where I am.

I saw my pen as if it were part of my right hand; And paper.

I have never seen one step ahead of where I am.

I have seen the “I” here __, who has been imprisoned in the great prison of writing, always God, who has accepted the prison, believed it, considered it to be original, has become addicted to it, and is pleased with its only window, which is very high …

And that window, you dear!

That window, that door, those bars, and all the sounds that come from afar to sit for a moment, butterfly, on the bushes of my mind, you …

This, I know, is not a desirable praise

But it is the truth that you are the kindest prison guard in history.

And so much so that you are trapped in your own prison

This prisoner is not your prisoner _

I wish it was

In your service, your disciple, your servant …

And all this was not in writing

Nader Ebrahimi, a prolific contemporary artist
Nader Ebrahimi was born on April 5, 1961 in Tehran. His grandfather, Ibrahim Khan Zahir al-Dawla, was one of the rulers of Kerman during the Qajar period, but he was demoted and exiled to Meshkinshahr. Nader Ebrahimi was a bold and ambitious person from his adolescence, who from his youth had many plans for an adventurous life full of ups and downs.

Famous books by Nader Ebrahimi, author of forty short letters to my wife

He completed his education at the Dar al-Fonun High School and chose to study law, but it did not suit his mood. Because he decided to give up law, he continued his studies in English language and literature.

Nader Ebrahimi is literally a versatile man. He has worked in so many different jobs that not all of them can be explained in the list separately. Enjoying his adventurous life, he decided to tell his biography. 2 The books of Ibn Mashghala and Abu al-Mashhaghal are a complete description of his life and activities. For example, he has experienced hard work such as working in a printing press or agriculture, or cultural work such as translating and editing, documentary filmmaking, calligraphy, and painting.

Nader Ebrahimi has a rich artistic record. Which can be divided into different categories. Children and adolescent literature, adult literature, screenplays, translations and plays, and even poetry

Adult literature
Nader Ebrahimi is known for his love trilogy, especially the book A Quiet Love. While he has written more than 30 volumes of books in various fields. He worked very closely with Roozbehan Publishing and published his first book entitled House for the Night in 1342 in this publication.

A Man in Eternal Exile is another well-known work by Nader Ebrahimi that depicts the story of Mulla Sadra. It has been reprinted 11 times. A Quiet Love with 20 reprints, once again the city I loved 25 reprints and forty short letters to my wife with 21 reprints are some of Nader Ebrahimi’s most prominent and best-selling works. Love is expressed in Nader Ebrahimi’s writings very subtly and beautifully, and for this reason, it distinguishes his works.

Works of children and adolescents Nader Ebrahimi
Nader Ebrahimi’s main cultural activities are in the field of children and adolescents. He is the author of more than 50 works for children and adolescents. In addition to writing, he has translated two books, Iron Man and From a Window Viewer. Nader Ebrahimi is a real artist in creating all kinds of content. In addition to writing and translating, he has also illustrated and illustrated several different books for children and adolescents.

Nader Ebrahimi did not limit himself to writing and translating books for children. With the help of his wife, he established an institution for children and adolescents. The main purpose of this foundation was to study issues related to children and research on children’s behavior and mood and their learning methods. In addition, the foundation has had many activities in the field of writing, printing and distributing books, paintings, and photography.

Films and documentaries made by Nader Ebrahimi
Nader Ebrahimi has written and directed two TV series called “Smokeless Fire” and Hami and Kami’s long journeys in the homeland. In addition, Ebrahimi has composed several songs for them. He has also written and directed a film called The Day the Air Stops, similar to his other works. He has also directed several documentaries. Nader Ebrahimi is also a poet who composed a famous song called “O Watan” which is sung and composed by Ali Khodaei.

Cohabitation of Nader Ebrahimi and Farzaneh Mansouri
Farzaneh Mansouri was born on November 13, 1958 in Tehran. He has been a translator and teacher at various times. Nader Ebrahimi was traditionally introduced to Farzaneh Mansouri by her relatives, and after a little acquaintance, the two decided to get married. Farzaneh Mansouri believes that she is not the woman that Nader Ebrahimi always praises in her books.

Although there may be a part of her in the main character of the woman and a rare part in the main character of the man, but they are just a fictional character. Nader Ebrahimi’s wife says that he was the main addressee of Nader Ebrahimi only in the book of forty short letters to my wife. Farzaneh Mansouri has had many collaborations with her husband and played the role of Maral in the TV series Smokeless Fire.

Finally, the ups and downs of Nader Ebrahimi’s life ended in 2008. After struggling with an incurable disease for 9 years, he finally passed away at the age of 73.

Part of forty short letters to my wife

You can not be I do not love you; You can not be, just as you are, and I can be a thousand times better than this and not love you a thousand times, I do not know; Spring can not be greener than you. Fellow traveler!; In this long way that we are unaware and pass like the wind. Let our small differences remain; you’re welcome!

We want to be one, absolutely. Do not want me to love you as much as you love me. And whatever I love, so is your love. We both want to like a song. An instrument, a book, a taste, a color, and a way of looking, whether our choices are the same, our tastes are the same, and our dreams are the same. To be co-traveling and to be co-objective does not mean to be similar and similar. And resemblance is not a sign of perfection, but a reason to stop

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