Recommendation of Attar Neyshabouri


Title: Recommendation

Author: Sheikh Farid al-Din Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Attar Neyshabouri

Publisher: Comprehensive Culture

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 208

Language: Farsi

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Attar’s book begins with the praise of God, and the poet first mentions the signs of God’s power and speaks of prophets such as Noah, Lot, and Abraham.

Introducing Attar’s book
Attar Neyshabouri is one of the mystics and also one of the great poets of Persian literature in the late sixth and early seventh centuries.

From the text of the book:

Praise be to that pure God
He who believes in a handful of dust
He who breathed into Adam he breathed
He rescued Noah from the flood
He who commanded the wind to be angry
He punished the people of Aad
The one who expressed his grace
He threw Nar on Khalil

Index of the book
In the blessing of Sayyid al-Mursalin
In the virtue of the Imams of the religion
In the prayers
In expressing the opposition of the ego
In expressing the benefits of blackout
In expressing the attribute of believers and in pure action
In expressing the principle of faith
In the character of kings
In the adjective of large signs
In expressing the thing that was in danger
In expressing happiness
In expressing the cause of comfort
In the humility and speech of their dervishes
In the attribute of misery
In the attribute of austerity and leaving the world
In the attribute of Mujahid Nafs
In the attribute of poverty and patience
In expressing humility and abandoning the task
In expressing stupid signs
In expressing consequentialism
In expressing the framework that the possessor of intellect and knowledge should be far from
In the salvation industry
In the attribute of mentioning God Almighty
In expressing the four qualities that make people good
In the adjective of attached morality
In resourceful signs
In stating that one should not despise
In the expression of one thing that gives rise to another
In a framework that has little survival
In the expression of a thing that is the end of four other things
In stating four things that are impossible to return
In the adjective charchiz, which comes from another charchiz
In expressing the result of a thing from a thing
In the expression of the thing that defeated man
In expressing something that is a mistake
In expressing the thing that is a gift from God
In the expression of something that prolongs life
In stating five things that shorten his life
In stating five things that discredit
In stating five things that water adds zinc
In stating that two people should be avoided
In stating that it brought humiliation
In the expression of six things to be used
In the attribute of five people who do not get five things from them
In the words of the people of happiness
In the expression of salvation
In stating four things that are right from the miracles
In the four qualities that must leave
In the unfaithful expression of the world
In expressing the knowledge of God
In the expression of piety
In expressing the benefits of service
In expressing the guest bow
In expressing stupid signs
In the adjective of wicked signs
In expressing the signs of anger
In the expression of stingy signs
In expressing need
In the expression of contentment
In the expression of generosity
In expressing the four qualities that are the works of the devil
In the symptoms of hard heart
In expressing the signs of hypocrisy
In expressing pious signs
In the signs of Paradise
In the expression of giving alms
In the advice
In expressing patience
In the expression of abstraction
In the benefits of speaking the righteous and avoiding the oppressors
In the expression of the one who makes friends
In expressing the observance of orphans and other advices
In expressing the peace of the womb and the pilgrimage of relatives
In the expression of beauty
In expressing poverty and talking to their dervishes
In expressing the warning of negligence
The end of the book

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