The Disciplined Trader


Title: Disciplined Trader

Author: Mark Douglas

Translator: Kasra Soleimani; Alireza Haghighat with Keshavarz

Subject: Business / Psychology

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas

The regular trader will fully explore, analyze and then organize your mind with a step-by-step learning process. This process guides you through the steps required to succeed in a market environment. This book explains what skills are needed, why we need to understand them, and how we should learn them.

In The Disciplined Trader, Mark Douglas recounts his experiences in trading, self-knowledge, market psychology, and self-confidence for newcomers to the stock market.

In The Disciplined Trader you will learn how to build your confidence in business, increase your discipline and accuracy, and use the external and internal environments of your mind. Mark Douglas identifies issues that arise from the mind as key factors in competing in the market.

A variety of exchanges, contract updates, accurate and fast information, more advanced consulting services, a variety of related books and publications, and the ever-advancing systems of technical analysis and computer-aided monitoring are important elements in helping transactions grow and excel. , All of which facilitate the recognition of markets and their pursuit.

In every trade, for every dollar a trader takes as profit, another person must lose. In other words, the profits that that small group is constantly making in the market come from the pockets of hundreds of other traders who, through self-sacrifice, become a stepping stone to another group and help that group succeed in their daily lives!
Being disciplined, self-controlling and controlling emotions are the key to success. However, these qualities are not inherent and you should acquire them by learning specific mental exercises. Learning these mental exercises often takes the form of trial and error, which can be very costly and fraught with psychological pain and suffering. The most important problem with trial and error in the marketplace is that most people waste all their capital before completing the learning process.

Traders who have enough money to continue their path and trades will never be saved from the long-term and destructive psychological effects of this stage. So if you want to be a Carbald trader, you have to be patient and manage your emotions!

Douglas states his purpose for writing the book Disciplined Trader:
“I wrote this book to teach what I think is one of the most vital needs of a person who wants to become a trader in the current and stock markets. Explain how to learn the mental skills needed to succeed in trading and gaining wealth in a systematic, principled, step-by-step manner. “The key is to learn a new approach to thinking or to learn a new pattern of thinking.”

Even after learning all the skills introduced in this book, you will probably reach this level of awareness one day and realize that your trading is actually a mechanism for showing “how much you love yourself.”
In other words, once you have learned to trust yourself and always do your best to protect your interests, the only thing that will still stand in your way is “your self-confidence”, the value that You believe in yourself.

Remember that the amount of money you make in trading profits is always directly related to the beliefs you have in life and determines how much you deserve to receive. So in order to reward yourself as a trader, you need to know and change the energy of everything in your mind that prevents you from reaching the highest possible level of self-confidence and love.

Have you ever wondered where the highest possible level is?
In response to this question, Mark Douglas states: Eager to learn what you need, you must teach yourself to “focus”, do what is needed, and this desire to adapt naturally and automatically to that level of self-confidence. Will determine and promote you more and more.

Learn more about Mark Douglas:
Mark Douglas Modarres, author, speaker, and founder of Business Psychology, is a senior USN retired officer. After completing his service in the Navy, he entered the field of computers as a troubleshooter, writing 19 manuals for users and teaching them many hours.

He started working in the stock market in 1978, when he was an employee in an insurance office. Mark was able to become a professional trader in a short time. Douglas and his wife, Nora, ran the Orange Blossom RV Resort in Florida for nine years before retiring to Gardnerville, Nevada and writing.

Who is recommended to read the book of the disciplined trader?
This book is written for you who have entered the stock market with the hope of better and more income or are about to enter it.

In a part of the book, the disciplined trader reads:
The best way to show that the market is borderless is to compare it to betting. In betting, you decide how much money to put in the game, so you know exactly how much you can win or lose, and it is even possible to calculate the odds of winning and losing mathematically and accurately. But in the market conditions are a little different, you do not know where in the transaction, prices go from the starting point.

Accordingly, your profit or loss in a transaction is not known at all. Psychologically, this feature allows you to convince yourself that in a deal, all your dreams will come true.

If there is a balance between the buyer and the seller that changes the price according to your position, this issue is not far from the mind. But if your only focus is on realizing this dream, you are acting in a way that only gathers the information you have confirmed from the market, and it is possible during this time that the information is complete and intended to show you the right thing to do. Becoming is a position you reject.
If you are in a losing trade, the price can be constantly moving farther and farther away from the point that indicates your entry into the trade, and it is clear that your loss is increasing every moment. In the meantime, instead of accepting that the market is not moving, you are waiting for it to return.

This hope lasts until the extent of your loss exceeds your tolerance threshold. Here you are leaving the deal and you can never believe that you have allowed the loss of this deal to increase you so much.

Psychologically, making huge profits, feelings of power, over-happiness, and any other feelings you may have from these tempting profits are dangerous. They are more likely to be obtained, but it is debatable to cover them up in practice.

What does the book The Regular Trader Tell You?
A regular trader is a comprehensive guide to understanding that becoming a successful trader in the financial markets requires self-knowledge, discipline, and personality review. This book is a step-by-step guide to successfully “adapting” to unusual psychological situations in global markets.

I say ‘adapt’ because a lot of people trade in a market environment without realizing that it’s very different from the environment around them. Failure to recognize these differences causes many of the beliefs and beliefs that lead to effective performance in the social environment to create psychological barriers in the market environment and make it very difficult to achieve success.

To achieve success levels, traders need to understand market differences as a minimum. Unlike other social environments, trading skills require a very high degree of self-control and confidence from the trader, on which his success depends. However, many of us can not control ourselves.
Because, like children, we have learned that our authority is controlled by a stronger structured environment to correct our behavior to meet society’s expectations. In this way, under the influence of external forces, we have had to introduce certain methods of behavior within the framework of a system of reward and punishment. Mark Douglas presents the experience of more than two decades of trading in the book The Regular Trader.

Most professional traders do not see Mark Douglas’s books as a market guide, but books that are essential for any trader who wants to succeed in the financial markets. Douglas believes that success in business depends 80 percent psychologically and only 20 percent on trading methods, both technical and fundamental.

The book of the regular trader by the famous author Mark Douglas
The book The Regular Trader actually explores, evaluates and organizes your mind and psyche through a step-by-step learning process. This process will help you in some way through the steps required to achieve success in the market. With this book, you can get the necessary information about the required skills, the importance and necessity of understanding them, as well as how to learn them.

The subject of the book is the regular trader
In fact, the book The Regular Trader will tell you that in order to become a successful trader in the financial markets, you need to strengthen your self-awareness, discipline and self-reflection. This book has helped you to succeed in unusual psychological situations in global markets and to adapt successfully in some way.

In fact, the meaning of adaptation in this sentence refers to the fact that many people trade without considering the great differences between the market environment and the environment. Ignoring the differences and not knowing enough about them, causes psychological barriers by some beliefs that in some way have an effective function in the social environment, and will make it difficult to achieve success.

To be successful, a trader must understand the differences in the market. To acquire trading skills, first of all, the trader must be able to control himself and have enough self-confidence. But many of us have always considered ourselves stronger in controlling the environment and have tried to live up to society’s expectations. The book The Regular Trader is the result of two decades of Mark Douglas trading.
Mark Douglas’s books are, in a way, one of the main prerequisites for entering the financial markets that every trader must read. According to Douglas, trading methods such as technical and fundamental are only 20 percent effective in business success, and the remaining 80 percent are psychological.

Introducing the book of the regular trader

Effective methods in the profitability of financial markets

By Mark Douglas

Publisher: New Window

Translator: Mohsen Jafari

ISBN number: 978-964-9945-32-3
Number of pages in the book: 258
Printing number: 1000
Printing time: First – 1389
Lithography: –
Price on the back cover: 16,000 Tomans

List of regular trader books

The first letter
Part One: Introduction
– Why I wrote this book
Why a new method of thinking?
Part II: The nature of the trading environment from a psychological perspective
– The right is always with the market
– An environment with unlimited potential for profit or loss
– Prices are always on the move
– Environmental market is unstructured
– In the market environment, the reasons are irrelevant
– Three steps to becoming a successful trader
Part 3: Creating a framework for understanding yourself
– Understand the nature of the psychological environment
How do memories, attachments, and beliefs manage environmental information?
Why we need to learn flexibility
– Dynamics in achieving goals
– Psychic energy management
– Methods for effective change
Part 4: How to become a regular trader?
– Psychology of price changes
– Success steps
– End

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