The art of simple living


Title: The Art of Comfortable Life

Author: Shunmi Masono

Translator: Marjan Imani

Publisher: Sang

Subject: Simplicity – Religious aspects – Zen / Spiritual life – Zen /

Another title: Zen: The Art of Living Simple

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 192

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The art of simple living : 100 daily practices from a Japanese Zen monk for a lifetime of calm and joy by Shunmi Masono
The book The Art of Comfortable Life is a work written by Shunmi Masono and translated by Marjan Imani. This book presents 99 daily exercises of a Zen monk for a life of peace and joy to its audience.

About The art of simple living : 100 daily practices from a Japanese Zen monk for a lifetime of calm and joy
Shunimo Masono, one of the great monks of one of the Zen temples, in his book The Art of Easy Living, provides ninety daily exercises for his audience. These exercises help people to experience a life of peace and enjoyment.

But it might not be bad to know more about Zen itself first. Zen is a mystical religion that originated in Buddhism and originated in China, but has spread throughout the world today. Zen teaches its audience moment-by-moment thinking and insight into the nature of objects. And this is done through a meditation in four levels.

The first level is observing the surroundings. An observation that is detailed and engages all the senses. In the second level, we go to calm the mind and remove it from all troubles.
The third level is focusing on the body to relax by expanding the muscles and the fourth level is focusing on breathing; We breathe for 4 seconds, we hold our breath for 4 seconds, we exhale for 4 seconds, and we spend 4 neutral seconds.

This may have been a prelude to helping us better understand Zen. But let’s know about the Art of Living: This book has ninety exercises. The exercises that Zen monks do every day and this is the secret of the peace they experience throughout their lives as well as their longevity. We may not be able to change the world.

Life can be very difficult under the many pressures we experience, and daily stress can deplete our strength and energy. But reading this book and following its exercises will help us to change ourselves.
Manage the pressures on our bodies and increase our energy to use each and every moment.

The main feature of the Art of Easy Living book is that the author has the right connection with the modern world. So the advice and exercises in this book are to pay attention to the reality of life today, not the philosophy of centuries ago. This makes this work more practical and popular.

Who do we recommend the Art of Comfortable Living book?
The title of the book mentions exercises for a lifetime of peace and joy, so if you are looking for these two elements in your life, this book is for you. However, everyone can use the Art of Comfortable Life book because in today’s life, there is always a vacancy of peace and joy.

About Shonimo Masono
Shunmiu Masono is one of the most famous Buddhist monks in the world. Of course, not the monks who are imprisoned in a temple in the middle of a dense forest and practice austerity.

He is one of the most prominent designers in the world, known as the leader and leader in garden design in Japan. He uses stone and rock to design Zen gardens and runs a design company that runs large-scale projects around the world.

Part of the book The art of simple living : 100 daily practices from a Japanese Zen monk for a lifetime of calm and joy
When you go back to your daily routine, stress comes to you and your mind gets confused. It does not matter how upset you are about the complexities of life; In general, changing the world of work is difficult. But if life does not go your way, instead of changing the world, you better change yourself.


Take time to clear your mind
See yourself first.
Be comfortable with yourself, of course, without rushing and boredom.
Do you think there is anyone in everyday life who has extra time to not think about anything? Usually everyone says they do not have even one minute extra time to do this. We are all under a lot of stress in our lives and we are always short of time. Life in the modern age is much busier and busier than in other times in history.

Every day we are constantly trying to fulfill our duties and responsibilities as much as possible. If we continue this practice, we will subconsciously distance ourselves from the essence of our existence and from true happiness, and this is completely inevitable.

So spend just ten minutes each day relaxing your mind. Not thinking about anything. Just try to clear your mind and lighten the load. In these ten minutes, free yourself from all the affairs and worries of life.
It is likely that different thoughts will invade your mind during this time, but you will try to get them out of your mind one by one. By doing this, you will slowly draw your attention to the present moment. When other things do not distract you, your pure self emerges.

Taking the time to think about nothing is the first step in building a comfortable life.


Inhale the morning air
This is the secret of monks’ longevity.
Every day is a different day.
Buddhist monks who follow the Zen school are said to have a long life. Of course, diet and exercise play an important role in longevity, but I think a proper and regular lifestyle also has an amazing effect on the health of body and soul.

I wake up at five in the morning every day and before doing anything, I first fill my lungs with fresh morning air. And as I walk through the temple courtyard and pass by the monks’ dormitories, I feel the changes in nature and climate, in spite of everything.

At six-thirty in the morning I perform Buddhist prayers and whisper passages from the Bible. Then I have breakfast and then I get to my daily routine.
This is my daily plan, but every day is a new and different day from the previous days. The scent of fresh morning air, the moment of sunrise, the feeling of the wind caressing the face, the color of the sky and the leaves of the trees are all constantly changing.

Morning is a good opportunity to experience these amazing changes. For this reason, monks sit on all fours before dawn and meditate to feel these changes in nature with all their heart and soul.

In the morning meditations, we strengthen the mind and body with the fresh and pleasant air of the morning.

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