The Human Zoo


Title: The Human Zoo

Author: Desmond Morris

Translator: Parviz Pir

Publisher: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 317 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of the human zoo
The book is a human zoo that is very rare in Iran and you can wait for years

As the pressure of new life intensifies, the helpless urban dweller often refers to his busy world as a real forest.

This is a nice way to describe the way of life in a crowded urban community.

But at the same time it is a very inaccurate description and this is confirmed by anyone who has studied real forests.

Under normal circumstances, wild animals do not mutilate themselves according to natural habits.

They do not masturbate, they do not attack their children, they do not get stomach ulcers,

They do not engage in sexual idolatry, they do not suffer from obesity, they do not form gay couples

And they do not kill.

Learn more about the author of Human Zoo:
Desmond Morris (born 24 January 1928 in Porton, North Wiltshire) is a popular British zoologist, behaviorist and anthropologist.

He is also known as a surrealist painter, television presenter and popular writer.

He is a famous biologist whose book Naked Monkey has made a lot of noise and is his most famous book.

His books are usually about human biology and critique human beings.

And examines the causes of human existence.

Some of his books have not been licensed for distribution in Iran, so you will have to use the original versions.

Three works by Maurice have been translated into Persian

“Naked Monkey” and “Human Zoo” which were published in 1349 and 1354

They were reprinted twice until 1957, but were never reprinted

And for this reason, they are very rare, as well as the reading book “Contact Behavior”, which did not manage to get a license at all

And after many years, it was finally published on the Internet.

Summary of the book Human Zoo
The interesting story of “Human Zoo” is the most controversial and widely circulated scientific book after Darwin

A book that shook the world and was translated into 17 languages ​​just three months after its publication

And so far tens of millions of copies of these two books have been sold in the world.

“Human Zoo” is a kind of sequel to the book “Naked Monkey” which is very readable. The zoo animal in its cage all those unusual behaviors that we know in our fellow humans

It manifests itself, so it is clear that the city is not a real forest but a human zoo.

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