Didn’t see that coming


Title: I have not seen the future yet

Author: Rachel Hallis

Translator: Shirin Raheleh

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Life-changing events, adaptation

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 184

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Book introduction Didn’t see that coming
In part of the book I Have Not Seen the Future, it is stated: In this book I am not going to confess to you or tell you every single reason why such a shocking change is happening in our lives.

I still do not know if I can stand carrying this burden with my height or not?

I want to believe that one day I can examine wounds with strength. The same ones that, although small disconnections, led to erosion and the same invasions that finally led to separation after years. Today is not a good time for that

About the author Didn’t see that coming:
Biography of Rachel Hallis: Rachel is the founder and CEO of Chic Media. At 27, she is one of the top 30 companies in the magazine’s 30 years. Rachel, with her high energy and motivational style, has a unique ability to empower and encourage female audiences.

Motivational, Inspirational, and Always Visible The way he points out is a new approach that allows him to communicate properly with audiences everywhere, Rachel using top brands including Walmart, Disney Junior, JCPenney, Rubbermaid, Sprint and Keurig have used it to create innovative and compelling content for Chic.

Rachel is the author of the best-selling girls book, including Party Girl, Sweet and Smart Girl, as well as a cookbook, Upscale Downhome, Don’t Be Ashamed Girl, her self-promotion book, Be Yourself Girl, has been on the bestseller list for more than seventeen weeks. The New York Times.

She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to go to college and married a boy named David. After 10 years of living together, they have three handsome and funny boys named Jackson, Sawyer and Ford. Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four children.
Be Your Own Book Girl
This motivational book is different from the motivational sayings and writings you have ever read, in that Halis narrates her own biography in some way. In this book, Rachel Hallis tells the secrets of her success as a woman, a working mother, an entrepreneur, an athlete and a writer. It tells hundreds of sad, funny, bizarre, ridiculous and داستان stories of his life.

The book has twenty chapters and in each chapter it deals with one of the challenges of his life. It exposes the seeds of lies and misconceptions that often keep us from living a happy and productive life. This book encourages women to take responsibility for their own choices and direction in life.

In this book, Rachel Hallis seriously intends to help us achieve our dreams. Of course, not every dream, dreams that have come to us with lies from society or family, has limited us and prevented us from achieving the dream.

There are really many lies that take me away from the real self. The lies that made me not bear any real resemblance to me. Well, Rachel wants us to know these lies, to tell us honestly the lies that have affected her life so that we can fight them.

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