Women money


Title: Woman and money (eight characteristics of smart women)

Author: Suz Orman

Translator: Amir Ali Fath Elahi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Wealth, women, personal finance, psychological aspects

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 162 p

Language: Farsi

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The book Women money (Eight Characteristics of Clever Women) is by Orman.
I see housewives and mothers who work 24 hours a day, but have given all control and power to their husbands.
Because they do not make money. I have seen successful single women who refuse to focus on what they need to do today to have a good financial future.
I have seen women who are in their second marriage but can not take care of the assets they have accumulated before the second marriage and even talk
They avoid financial matters with their new husband.

And most shocking of all, I’ve heard a lot about older women when describing situations
They themselves use terms such as “disabled” and “weak”. When it comes to financial life, these women are full of remorse and regret.
The question is, why do you do these things with yourself? Why do you voluntarily commit financial suicide with your own hands and, worst of all, do it with a smile?
You do great on your face.

Text on the back cover of the book:
I never thought I would write a book about money just for women. I never thought it would be necessary.

So why am I writing my eighth book on this? And why now? Let me explain:

All my previous books have argued that gender is not an influential factor in smart financial management skills. Women can invest, save and manage their debts well and with the skill of a man.
I still wonder why anyone should think differently at all? So imagine how surprised I was when I realized that some of the closest people in my life were struggling with their finances. They were inexperienced and in some cases resisted what they knew needed to be done.

Book index :
1- Only for women
2. Imagine what is possible
3- No shame, no blame
4- Do not auction wood yourself
5- Eight characteristics of a rich woman
6- Personal savings plan
7- Obligations
8- Say your name

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