Trojan horse


Title: Trojan horse

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian short stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Trojan Horse, a novel written by Hassan Sholeh Saadi
For the first time in the former Soviet Union, they discovered a ploy to discover or create the weakness of well-known and influential people in society who were not aligned with the government, and introduced prostitutes into the lives of such people. They recorded their fall into the abyss of corruption, destroying them and threatening to disclose them if they disobeyed the government.

Its name was Casparo (Sparrow). In other places, including Iran, such women are called prostitutes. , The soldiers who were inside the wooden horse came out of it, opened the gates of the city and the Greek army, who were hiding in the forests near the city, entered the city and destroyed and occupied it. Greek hero Achilles was killed in the same incident.
The subject of the Trojan horse is the basis and basis of this book (Trojan horse). He arrives at the bazaar and then the city council, and then intends to reach higher positions, encounters one of these swallows, and in terms of feeling frustrated and falling after discovering this dirty mission, kills her. Note a part of the book:

I was thrilled to think that political power would soon complement my material power and that I would quickly become different from other people and even my colleagues.

Now I was alone, the complex and vast affairs of trade, economics, and politics. That was how the gift of life came to me.

The quality of the subject’s position and the impact that such a position can have on the course of events, and more importantly the obstacle it can place on the way of those in power, pave the way for Casparo’s mission and the accumulation of affairs and the need for financial support. And spiritually, it justifies Casparo’s presence in the subject’s personal and professional life. Casparo’s influence is the first step in misleading the targeted officials.
The multiplicity of work and its importance, distrust of those around him and the creation of conspiracy theories in the subject’s mind, make it possible for Casparo to be honored in a meeting or similar to the subject and gradually become his friend and finally his mistress. Casparo entered the work and then personal life of the subject as a gift based on a call issued by Sam (subject-hero) to hire a secretary. The author has chosen the names based on the content of the story.

The very friendly behavior of the gift and the use of her feminine beauty gradually changed Sam (the subject) ‘s attention towards him from a secretary to a lover. With the change in the relationship between Heday and Sam, Sam’s working conditions also changed and he received a high vote as a member of the council. He attributed the vote to the gift operation and that of a family friend. There is a lack of trust in the gift in him.
I was very nervous and restless. It was seven o’clock in the afternoon. There was no news of the gift. I thought it was not working. I was immersed in the roaring waves of various imaginations and I did not reach any result. I thought that from this donation check, my troubles would start. It was in these thoughts that the bell rang. When I opened the door, I saw the postman who brought a package As soon as he saw me, he greeted me and delivered it after receiving it. I opened the package, there was a CD and a bunch of keys. I put the tablet on the computer and watched it. Have been recorded.Pages 94 and 95

In this way, the subject is disarmed so that he is not able to disobey in the slightest. The same is true everywhere in the world. People break. Especially since these people increase the subject’s boldness by announcing that they have friends and supporters in the upper echelons of the government who can easily solve any problem.
But the point that can not be ignored is that some subjects have a tendency to deviate. If they have not yet deviated or provided facilities or have hidden. He sees that by implicitly acknowledging a part of the plan executed by him and trapping the subject, he tries to gain as much trust and indifference to the dangers that follow. Thus, the subject confidently seeks maximum pleasure. And this is the benefit that Casparo offers. Note this part of the book, which is a gift conversation (swallow) with the subject:

Sam! It does not matter with what plan and by which organization we were connected. The important thing is that I really love you and life with you is very beautiful and romantic for me. I try to fill the place of the previous family for you and because it is mine I will do whatever is necessary to protect you. Trust me and do the affairs of the council carefully. They belong to a secret movement and their goal is to infiltrate all governmental and non-governmental organs and organizations in order to gain Property and social status (and of course the identification of rebellious officials).

They claim that they have factors that prevent them from doing so. It has been the same so far. Do not worry, everything will be fine. Page 77
When the subject steps up the ladder of power, he thinks about his dreams and aspirations along the way and struggles with his conscience. Wherever there is no rational justification, the conscience intervenes. In this situation or conscience prevails. And corrects the situation or suppresses it and gets out of the power-hungry subject. This is the function of power, especially political power. Conspiracy theory is formed in the mind of a person from here. See another part of the book:

I thought this is a world of politics! In half an hour, the face can be changed without anyone paying attention to it. Those who are behind me today may stand in front of me tomorrow and take action against me. This means political prostitution! In this unpleasant world, the value of people is worth it. It is the amount of profit that they bring to their companions. If there is no profit, then there is no position.

If this is the case, then the task of conscience is clear from now on.
They spread political traps in such a way that you use the privileges of donation or you are in a whirlpool:

Without expecting or realizing it, they execute the subject by intimidating and threatening the subject with information they have received from Casparo about the subject’s mood and needs.

I …. call the trading company ……
What is your order?
What do you think about the check? Why did you not pass? Pass it or the documents show that you received it! So it is better to answer it. The car that is still in front of your house. The key to it. Ride and have fun.
The phone rang again:
I said that a Benz car is parked on the street in front of your house. The switch is the one you have. Use it. The document is issued in your name and is in the dashboard. Take it until the thieves have taken it. Pages 96/95
Countless power seekers fall prey to such people, and this process is endless.

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