Tolstoy and the purple chair


Title: Tolstoy and the purple sofa

Author: Nina Sankovich

Translator: Mohammad Reza Director Ranjbar

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Books and reading materials

Another title: Tolstoy and the purple sofa; My Magical Book Year

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi

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Tolstoy and the purple chair : my year of magical reading is a beautiful and pleasant story by Nina Sankovich translated by Leila Kurd. To alleviate the pain of losing his sister, the protagonist takes refuge in literature and the world of books, creating a unique story that is characterized by a love of books. The book was nominated for Best Diary and Autobiography in 2011 by Goodreads.

About Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa
Jack and Nina are on a two-person journey to celebrate Jack’s birthday. Nina, who is very interested in reading, the dinner table tells Jack that she intends to read a book every day for a year. But he has a reason for doing so.

In fact, she tries to alleviate the pain of losing her sister by taking refuge in the world of fiction, reading books, and immersing herself in literature.
Her sister, who had gallbladder cancer, died suddenly and at a very high rate from the time she was diagnosed. Nina did not run away from the pain she was suffering to relieve herself. Rather, he bravely decided to face it; He started reading books.

Nina Sankovich narrates a part of her life in the reading of books in every section of Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa, and how at every point in her life the books relieved her pain and accompanied her with joy and sorrow.

The chapters of this book also start with the sentence that Nina has chosen from each book. This story tells the author’s findings from various books. He searched for different concepts in books; Why death, meaning of life and …
Commenting on the experience that led to the writing of Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa, Sankovich says: “Every day of my book was the year of my sanatorium. My year away from the unhealthy air of anger and sadness from which I had accumulated my life.

There was an escape to the gentle healing winds of the book hills. The year of my reading was my break, my suspension in the time between the grief of my sister’s death and the future that now stood beside me. I was healed during the whole year of rest and leisure with books. “Even more, I learned how to go beyond recovery.”

Who do we recommend Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa?
We recommend reading Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa to all those who are interested in fiction and world literature. This book can give deep pleasure to all lovers of books and reading.

About Nina Sankovich
Nina Sankovich, an American writer, was born in Illinois to a book-loving family. After completing his studies, he turned to writing, and his few works were remarkably successful.

After the death of his sister, at the age of forty-six, Anmari decided to read a book every day and published his memoirs and notes of that year in Tolstoy and the Purple Sofa. The book was nominated by Goodreads users for Best Diary and Autobiography.
In 2008, Nina Sankovich launched the Read Every Day website, where she shares her thoughts and findings about the books she has read with book lovers around the world. At you can follow his work as well as the books he has read.

Part of Tolstoy and the purple chair : my year of magical reading
Three girls, different from each other, but all love books. Ever since we started tattooing, tattoo artists have turned to books. I was only three years old when my sisters and I went to the mobile library in threes. The mobile library stopped in a corner a few blocks from our house.

Ray Bradbury, in Fahrenheit 451, describes the smell of books as “like the smell of nutmeg or some kind of foreign spice.” In my opinion, books smell like spices, but they smell like a native spice; Relaxing and familiar. The same smell of a mobile library, a combination of the smell of old pages and hot bodies.

We pushed forward in the rows of shelves and searched for what we wanted in the lowest rows. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.
The fixed shelves in the middle of the van were for books that had just been published, and there was a place for returning books that had arrived on time. At home we were expected to pay attention to the return date of the books and to return them on time. Anmari and I always delivered the books late, but Natasha always delivered them on time.

Many books were piled on the window sill of Anmari Hospital; Gifts from family and friends. As much as I bought books for him, I borrowed books from him. Anmari recently introduced me to a writer named Deborah Cromby and her undercover detective stories Duncan Kinkid and Gemma James.

While I was just beginning to read and fall in love with him, he was re-reading the collection. I was just in the middle of the story “Everything will be fine”. The title of the book was promising, and when I saw the book by the hospital window, I was allowed to borrow it. Anmari agreed, but said I had to return it. We were all still planning for more time.

I promised to encourage him to start a collection of crime stories I had just discovered. I have written a book. سی. Beaton, whose main character is a simple and lovable policeman named Hamish Macbeth from the Highlands.
I suggested that I bring some of his volumes with me to the next meeting. Anmari looked at me in disbelief – surprised to prefer London to the suburbs of Scotland – but I reassured him that Beethoven’s unusual characters did not have a rural vibe. We all laughed again.

When Anmari was tired, her eyes were almost half closed and her words were cut off. It was a sign to me that I should leave him and let him rest with his books and newspapers. I kissed her and said I loved her and would see her again tomorrow.

Index of the book
Beginning: On the cliff
Crossing the bridge
Return to the mobile library
The beauties of the world
In search of books and time
Change the schedule
The only ointment for grief
Star Search
Another chance
Welcome to the exciting voyeur
Hearing words I had never heard before
Where the heat was found
Books are experiences
Connection with the world
The man of my dreams
Better perspective
The ghosts dance on the grass
The Wisdom of Mysterious Novels
The purpose of kindness
Get off the Lulu motorcycle
Tolstoy on my purple sofa
Selected sentences of Tolstoy and the purple sofa:
– I looked everywhere for peace and I did not find it, except sitting in a corner, alone and with only a small book.
– Words are alive and literature is an escape; Escape not from life, but towards it.
– A strange world is going its own way.
Now, by taking a place in the body of a living person, I was able to remember anything, anywhere and anytime. It was as if I was walking around; Return on the trip.
When sitting on someone’s shoulder, guilt can not be easily ignored.
When you own a book with your mind and soul, you are rich. But when you give it to someone else, you are three times richer.
Has your heart ever hurt because of a book? Has his author continued to whisper in the flesh long after he finished his book?

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