The sun in the shadow


Title: Sun in the shadow

Author: Mohammad Ali Fereshteh Hekmat

Publisher: Morvarid

Subject: Persian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 345

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


The author of “Sun in the Shadow”, considering all aspects of the matter, has tried to present the reader in direct confrontation with the whole work, which is a descriptive interpretation, by presenting an attractive and creative text, and to examine and examine it in relation to the contexts. The linguistics that validates the text is compelling.

Introducing the book Aftab in the shadow of the work of Mohammad Ali Fereshteh Hekmat
The author of the book Aftab has presented his genealogy in the form of a romantic and attractive story to the lovers of knowledge. During the story, on various occasions, the author refers to valuable information from ancient medicine, history, astronomy, etc., and places phrases from Barzgan in place of the evidence of his claim.

This novel is definitely a pleasant and admirable book by presenting a reading that is especially important for the readers who attribute the origin of their family lineage to (Maulana Mohammad Qasem Hindushahi Astarabadi), the famous sage and author of the famous history of Fereshteh.

The prose of the book is sometimes complex and long and sometimes poetic and has novel verbal loads that crystallize the logic of prose in the whole text, and all this is due to the fact that all descriptive concepts and all lexical meanings and even syntactic expression are deconstructed and projected. And with the logic that the author puts forward, it can be expressed as a form of genealogy.

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