the sittaford Mystery


Title: the sittaford Mystery

Author: Agatha Christie

Translator: Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad

Publisher: Hermes, Detective Books

Subject: English detective stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 288

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Sitaford Secret by Agatha Christie
The Sittaford Mystery, originally titled The Sittaford Mystery, was first published in the United States in 1931. The book was called “murder at Hazelmoor” in its first edition. The book was published when Christie was at the height of her fame, and Mrs. Marple and Detective Poirot were very popular at the heart of her stories; But he did not use any of these characters in Sitaford’s mystery story and created a different atmosphere.

The Sitaford Secret Book
An intriguing detective story intertwined with ghost stories. A mixture of reality and imagination that has created a terrifying story for the audience. Agatha Christie, the unique author of crime fiction, has written another book that creates an audience. The Secret of Sitford is a book that, if you hold it in your hand, you will not leave until the crime is deciphered.

‌About Agatha Christie’s The Sitaford Secret Book
The story of Sitaford’s Secret was well received by the audience and has been translated into more than 50 different languages.

Sitaford Secret Story Synopsis
The story takes place in Sitaford. The novel begins at a party where a mother and daughter decide to summon a ghost. The summoned spirit gives strange information to this mother and daughter, which causes the next events to take place. Finally, the Accord Inspector is the Captain of the Police Department and is responsible for solving the puzzle. A character who reminds the audience of Poirot to some extent, but there are also big differences with him.

آAbout Agatha Christie, author of The Sitaford Secret Book
Agatha Christie, the most famous crime writer, was born in 1890 to a British mother and an American father in England. He retained his British citizenship for the rest of his life. Agatha Christie’s years of life coincided with the time of the war, and she wanted to play an active role in the war and entered the medical and pharmaceutical activities. Over the years, he learned many things about toxicology, and later Sam played a prominent role in his stories.

Agatha Christie has been married twice in her life. His second wife was an archaeologist who traveled together to places like Egypt and the Middle East. The novels “Death on the Nile River”, “Eastern Expressway” and “Murder in Mesopotamia” are the stories that took shape at this time.
Other works by the author include The Hidden Hand, The Third Girl, The Secret Enemy, The Alphabetic Murders, The Trap, and Then None.

Agatha Christie is also one of the most prestigious writers in British history. She is the one who received the title of Lady from the British court. The American Enigma Writers Association also awarded him the Grand Master Award. Agatha Christie died of natural causes in 1976.

Translation of Sitaford’s book into Persian
The Citadel Secret is one of the fascinating works of Agatha Christie, which has been well received around the world. Various publishers in Iran have also published this book for Iranian audiences to use. Translations of Mitra Mirshakar and Jamshid Eskandani are available in the Iranian book market. Hermes Publications has published the book Secret of Sitaford, translated by Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad, and made it available to those who are interested.

Why read Sitaford’s Secret?
Police literature has added many fascinating works to the world of literature over the years. These stories have attracted a very wide audience and have been able to satisfy different tastes. Received the title of Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie is one of the most popular works of readers around the world and has sold more than one billion copies of her stories worldwide.

Sitaford’s Secret is one of his most famous and best-selling stories, which is an exciting and fascinating journey for the audience. In this book, Agatha Christie accompanies the audience with the characters and creates terrifying moments for her. Read this book and enjoy an exciting detective novel.
The Citadel Mystery is in the category of mystery story books.

The Sitaford Secret book is suitable for teenagers and those interested in mystery and detective stories.

The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 288 pages, which you can read in 14 days by reading it for 20 minutes a day.
The Citadel Secret is one of the longest-running books on the subject of mystery. This book is a good choice for people who have more time to read and want to spend more time reading the mystery story.

What you read above was a review of Agatha Christie’s book The Secret of Sitaford. It is possible to buy and download this work on this page. To read other books in the field of enigmatic stories, you can refer to the book classification section and see the books on this subject together.

‌ We read in a part of the book The Secret of Sitford
Emily was lucky to be back, and as soon as she entered the inn, she met Mrs. Bling, who was standing in the hall. Seeing him, he said:

– Wow, Mrs. Belling. I’m leaving here in the evening.

– Do you take the train at four o’clock? To Exeter?

-Not. I want to go to Sitaford.

To Sitford?

It was clear from his appearance that he was very curious.

-Yes. I wanted to ask, is there a place to stay in Sitford?

– Do you want to stay the night?
His curiosity had grown.

– Yes … something … if there is no problem, I wanted to go to a secluded place to talk to you privately.

Mrs. Belling eagerly took him to her private room. It was a small, secluded room with a wall-mounted heater on fire.

Emily said:

– Please do not tell anyone and stay between us.

He knew there was no better way to win his sympathy.

Mrs. Belling blinked her black eyes with curiosity and said:

– Be sure my daughter. I do not tell anyone.

– Do you know this Mr. Pearson …

– The same gentleman who was here on Friday and was arrested by the police?

– Has he been arrested? Really arrested?
– Yes, ladies and gentlemen. About half an hour ago.

The color faded from Emily’s face. Asked

– Are you … sure?

– Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Amy, my sister heard from the sergeant.

Emily said: ‌How terrible!

He was expecting his arrest, but he was still upset. said:

– You know … I … I’m her fiancé and I’m sure she did not. Oh God, it’s so horrible.

Then he started crying. He had previously told Andrew that he intended to cry, but what he feared was that he would shed tears very easily. It was as if her cries were real and she was afraid of that …

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