The Ride of a Lifetime


Title: Ride on Life

Author: Robert Egger

Translator: Behnaz Hemmati

Publisher: Elsana

Subject: United States, CEO

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 312 p

Language: Farsi



The Ride of a Lifetime a work by Robert Egger.

Robert Egger, one of the most acclaimed and successful executives in the world, tells the story of his life and his winning ideas in The New York Times bestseller Ride of a Lifetime. In this work, he tells the story of his amazing progress from a regular employee to the CEO of the legendary Walt Disney Company and a member of the board of directors of Apple.

About the book Riding on Life (A Life Tour):
Robert Iger does not preach in The Ride of a Lifetime, but uses vivid examples to illustrate his logical and emotional decisions that will fascinate you. The present book is an amazing and impressive current account. In this work, you see that despite having a large number of managers, not all of whom are necessarily good people, Eiger makes vital decisions for the benefit of his business. He settles in the heart of reality, sees, hears and interacts with people, looks to the future and is committed to quality and customers.

Robert’s career at Disney is full of challenges; But he goes a step further and becomes an irreplaceable man. When he realizes that the old Disney model is no longer competitive in this changing world and needs to adapt to a changing world, he immediately works hard. Many around him criticized his choices, decisions, and views; But they found it incredibly hard to be wrong.

In 2005, Walt Disney Company went through a difficult period, with Egger becoming its CEO. The days when competition was fiercer and technology was changing faster than ever in history. Egger looked only to the future and believed that looking to the past was a waste of time. He had a clear picture of the path that Disney should take in the future.
According to him, he never wanted to write such a book. Even recently he refrained from speaking publicly about leadership laws or ideas; Because he felt that his words and deeds were still inconsistent. After forty-five years of work, and especially after fourteen years of management, he came to believe that he had insights that went beyond his personal experience.

The story of Robert Egger’s experiences from his first day in the media and cyberspace is widely seen; But what he says in this book are ideas that suddenly came to his mind. ‌ Things about boosting risk-taking and creativity; ‌ Creating a culture of trust; Working honestly and truthfully in the world, even at the cost of facing the most difficult tasks. Maybe all these ideas are imaginary; But Robert has valuable stories and examples that change beliefs.

Most sections of this book are organized in the order in which they occur. It all starts from the first day of his presence at ABC, a company with twenty employees and fourteen bosses. The company was the lowest member of a contentless program on a network created solely for video initiatives, with some of the most infamous programs ever produced.
He has held two positions at the company, and has held several other positions at companies such as Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and finally in the 21st Century Fox network. Robert Egger has worked hard and thoughtfully to connect with the Disney brand and billions of people around the world.

Excerpts from the book Riding on Life (A Life Tour):
– I expected a book by someone who has run Disney for decades to have both compelling storytelling and deep leadership wisdom. Riding on life (the journey of a lifetime) is the gold of leadership, with stories or lessons you will not forget. (Brene Brown, # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Dare to Lead)

Creativity in a company whose brand alone is synonymous with creativity is no less than a unique art. Bob Egger portrays the ninety-six-year history of the Disney brand far beyond anyone’s expectations, and he has done so with great grace and courage. This book shows you how this happened. (Steven Spielberg)
The American people have been waiting for years for Bob Egger to share the secrets of his leadership. Riding on life and traveling for a lifetime is not just a memory. This is a meeting with full access to the personal life of the wisest CEO you have ever met, and it is a guide to tackling the key challenges of our time, including how to change, leverage technology, create a sustainable culture, and empower people. Reading this book is a heartwarming and painful study. (Daniel Coyle, New York Times bestselling author of The Culture Code)

To whom is the book Riding a Life (A Life Tour) recommended?
This book is an incentive for new jobs and young managers and recounts the obstacles that even the most successful CEOs experience. Has respect in working with others to turn a potential confrontation into a victory. This is an incredible book!

This brilliant resume will be useful for you if you are starting a business, running a team or working with others to achieve a common goal. The goal is not just for aspiring CEOs, but anyone who wants to put aside their fears and increase their self-confidence in their professional and personal lives can benefit from this book.

Learn more about Robert Egger:
Born in 1951 in the United States, he is the Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Company and is also a member of the Board of Directors of Apple. He was chairman and CEO of COO from 2000 to 2005 and was CEO of Disney from 2005 to 2020. Egger joined ABC in 1974 as head of ABC. During his time at Disney, he expanded it globally and laid the groundwork for the company’s international growth.

Selected sentences of the book Riding on Life (A Life Tour):
– All decisions; Although difficult, they must be adopted in a timely manner.
– Strong leadership includes decent and fair treatment of people.
– Nothing is more important than the quality of products and honesty of an organization’s employees.
– Be original. Be honest and do not forge anything. Truth and originality build respect and trust.
– One of the most important characteristics of a good leader is optimism and enthusiasm in achieving his goals.

In a part of the book Riding on Life (the journey of a lifetime) we read:
Much has been said and written about Disney’s ownership of our network; But I have to add more details from my own point of view: Given my position on ABC and the fact that I was vital to Michael Eisner at the time, I signed a five-year contract to stay with the holding company. Michael has been Disney’s CEO since 1984, and after the death of his CEO Frank Wells in a helicopter crash in the spring of 1994, he ran the company without an assistant for more than a year. Michael knew he could not merge the two companies and run it alone; Therefore, my chances of being promoted were very high.

I was always in line to be the next ABC CEO; But I was asked to run Disney Media for at least five years. Despite the temptation of the offer, it was as if a dagger had stuck in my throat. I knew I had to go back to Los Angeles if I agreed and kept working, and I did not want to do that. The thought of being away from my daughters again was very disgusting and my elderly parents were in Long Island and I wanted to be close to them.
I met Willow a year ago and we recently got engaged. Willow did a good job in New York, ran the Good Morning Country News Agencies, and was the young London’s interim successor during the week, training his successor. I did not want to leave him or ask him to leave his job and come with me all over the country. A scale was too heavy for personal reasons to give up. On the other hand, the job reasons for staying were very impressive. I did not know Michael well; But I loved and respected him.

Index of the book
Introduction Translator
Part One: Learning
Chapter One: Start from Zero.
Chapter Two: Bet on Your Talents.
Chapter 3: Know what you do not know and believe in what you do.
Chapter Four: Entering Disney
Chapter Five: Behind the Front Line
Chapter Six: Good Things Ahead
Chapter 7: About the Future
Part II: Leadership
Chapter 8: The Power of Respect
Chapter 9: Disney – Pixar and the Window to the Future
Chapter 10: The Amazing and Great Dangers That Make Perfect Meaning.
Chapter Eleven: Star Wars
Chapter 12: If you are not creative, then you are dead
Chapter 13: Honor has no price.
Chapter Fourteen: Basic Values
Formulas for riding on life

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