Maybe You Should Talk to Someone


Title: Maybe you should talk to someone

Author: Lori Go Talib

Translator: Behnaz Hemmati

Publisher: Alsana

Subject: Biography, Therapist

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 408 p

Language: Farsi

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Maybe you should talk to someone about the best works of Laurie Gottlieb, the New York Times bestseller and nominee for the Goodreads Award, an intriguing and readable story about how a patient communicates with his or her therapist. In this book, using the experiences based on the author’s truth and observations, beautiful dimensions of humanity are revealed.

You may need to talk to someone about the book:
This book takes you to the half-hidden and behind-the-scenes world of patients, therapists and the healing process; Where everyone is looking for answers to their questions. Gottlieb is increasingly exploring the psychological complexities of his patients.

The narcissistic patient Behnam John, a Hollywood writer and filmmaker; Julie, a young woman who was diagnosed with cancer early in her married life, Rita, an elderly woman who threatened to commit suicide if things did not improve by the time she was 70, and Charlotte, a young woman in her twenties who had sex with the wrong people.

Part of the book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, deals with the relationship between Laurie and Wendell, and the other part deals with the various patients who come to Gottlieb for treatment.
Julie is one of Lowry’s patients with cancer. He visits every week for treatment. As a therapist, Gottlieb helps him cope with death. You follow Julie during treatment, from the first diagnosis of cancer to the death of Calm, and then identify with Gatlib and Julie. This is what this book is about: laughter and tears; that’s life. It should be noted that the author has obtained permission to use patients’ files.

The author of this book skillfully tells you that there is no easy answer to someone’s problems. In this book, Gottlieb uses the theories of great psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, Irwin Yalom, Carl Jung, Terry Real, James Prochaska, Chixent Mihai, and Victor Frankl, and draws your attention from beginning to end.

Book Honors Maybe you should talk to someone:
– The best non-fiction book of Opera Magazine in 2019
People Magazine Weekly Book
– One of the top 10 Amazon books in 2019
– Time Magazine Favorite Book for a list of books you should read
– Book of the Year by the Chicago Tribune
Nominated for the Goodreads Award in 2019

Bookmarks You may need to talk to someone:
– The book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone explores the heights of life with tenderness and humor. (BookBub. Com)
– Lori Gottlieb, a bestselling author and psychotherapist, ponders her problems and realizes how similar her problems are to her patients. (Bustle)
A fascinating and hilarious behind-the-scenes look at what happens when people – even counselors – open with the help of a therapist. (Shondaland)
Rarely has a book challenged me to see myself in the light of a new light and at the same time be so funny that I laughed out loud and was completely absorbed. (Kurik Kit)

Who would you recommend the book to?
This book is an interesting report in praise of being human, and in this work, Laurie Gottlieb tells you about love, life, death, failure, victory, and so on. However, reading the book, maybe you should talk to someone, is recommended to all people of all tastes. Do not doubt that the author of this book will give you important lessons and points and you will never forget them.

Learn more about Lori Gottlieb:
The New York Times bestselling author and experienced therapist was born in Los Angeles and studied at Yale and Stafford Universities. His other activities include appearing on radio programs and writing articles in magazines such as Atlantic, Time, People, etc. He is also invited as an expert and speaker on many TV shows as a guest. Gottlieb’s books have been translated into more than twenty languages ​​and published worldwide.

Excerpts from the book Maybe you should talk to someone:
– Nothing is more desirable than getting rid of pain and suffering; But there is nothing more frightening than losing your footing.

Inside every human being live demons, small, large, old, new, silent and noisy, or whatever. These common demons in humans are evidence of the fact that we are by no means solitary.

– If you are living and choosing, if you do not know that good things cost money, you may deprive yourself of happiness.
– The thing that people do not like to think about is that man can do everything right; Whether in life or in a treatment protocol. When something happens, the only control you have is how you deal with it in your own way and not on the advice of others.

– People want to be understood and understood; But our biggest problem is that we do not know what our problem is.

In a part of the book, maybe you should talk to someone, we read:
The third spiritual intelligence is related to the freedom and existential problems it creates for us. It’s seemingly ridiculous to say how free we are. As Wendell pointed out, I like to walk around those bars; But there is also the fact that as people get older, they face more limitations. Changing jobs, moving to another city, or marrying someone else becomes more difficult for them. Their lives are more definite and sometimes they love the freedom of their youth; But children who are bound by parental rules are only emotionally free.

At least for a while, they may cry or laugh or subconsciously become moody. They can have big dreams and unfulfilled desires. Like many people my own age, I do not feel free; Because I have lost touch with emotional freedom.
This is what I do in therapy and I try to let go of my emotions again. Naturally, this half-life crisis may be opening more than closing; An expansion, instead of a narrowing; Rebirth, instead of death.

“You want to be saved,” Wendell said.

But he can not save me or solve my problems; Or guide me to be able to manage certainty and uncertainty in my life without self-destruction.


I am gradually coming to the conclusion that this word does not mean to lose hope; Rather, it means that it is still possible. I have to learn how to enjoy my life; Whether I am sick or not; Whether I have a partner or not. That means I have to pay more attention to the fourth spiritual intelligence: emptiness!

Index of the book
Introduction Translator
Author Introduction
Part One
Well the enemy is great
One step space
Smart or shrewd?
Not lying in bed
Find Wendell
Start dating
A brief look at ourselves
The future is today
Goodbye Hollywood
Welcome to the Netherlands
How children deal with failure
Harold and Mad
Please do not add mayonnaise
Revealing the truth
No memory or lust
Part II
Friday, four o’clock in the afternoon
The dreams we weave
The first confession
Treatment in the wrapper
Nut Trader Store
Hello family
Employee of the postal company
Shameful public encounters
Wendell’s mother
According to the clock
third part
My hidden secret
Emergency meeting
our job
never mind!
What is your preference?
Speed ​​of desires
Final points
Lego City
How do humans change?
Cohesion in the face of despair and despair
My soul
These professions are forbidden
My fiancé’s email
Wendell’s beard
Part IV
Mental immune system
Counseling or treatment
Angel of Death
Dear Myron
Do not miss the opportunity!
My ceremony
Happiness is accidental
Pause in conversation

Gottlieb invites us with exemplary wisdom and humor to enter his world as a healer and a patient and to explore the truths and lies that lie in the ups and downs between love and desire, meaning and death, sin and salvation, fear. And we call ourselves courage, hope and change.

Maybe you should talk to someone. It’s a revolutionary book in terms of its honesty, and it does a deep personal examination of people’s hearts and minds and offers the rarest gifts. A bold portrait that shows what it means to be human and a very humorous and informative account of our mysterious personal lives and our power to change lives.

Who do we recommend reading the book to, who should we talk to?
If you are interested in books in the field of success and self-help and you do not have enough time to read the whole book, you may not have to talk to anyone, we suggest you read the booklet.

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