The richest man in Babylon


Title: The richest man in Babylon

Author: George Samuel Classon

Translator: Mehrab Hassanvand

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Wealth – Ethical aspects

Cover: Paperback

Cut: paperback

Number of pages: 144

Language: Farsi



The Richest Man in Babylon (The Richest Man in Babylon) by George Samuel Classon was published in 1927. The book was originally written as a booklet on financial management and success, compiled by George Samuel Klasson and published as a book.

In front of you, your future is as wide-ranging as the distance. The path that is among the dreams that you want to achieve … decisions that make you happy.

To make these wishes come true, you need to be financially successful. In the following pages, the use of financial rules is clearly explained. Let these rules guide you from the suffering of an empty pocket to a richer and happier life with pockets full of money.
Like the law of gravity, these laws are universal and unchanging. These rules apply to you, as they do to many other human beings, a sure key to a bigger pocket money, a bigger bank account, and more economic growth.

Know that money is plentiful, but for those who understand the simple ways to obtain it:
1. Start fattening pockets

2. Control spending

3. Multiply assets

4. Protect reserves against loss

5. Use the property as a profitable investment

6. Guaranteed a secure income for the future

7. Increase the ability to make money

This book has a story mode with strong and attractive content. The book contains practical and valuable tips that can help address financial deficiencies and problems. This book is interesting both in terms of literature and in terms of financial and economic guidance. The description on the back of the book reads: “After its publication, the book was welcomed by banks, insurance companies, employers and investors, and was distributed by them on a large scale and in large numbers. In this way, millions became acquainted with the famous character of “The richest man in Babylon” and enjoyed reading the beautiful and instructive stories of this book. “At the same time, many of them realized that solving the shortcomings and financial problems is not a difficult task.”

The book of the richest man in Babylon is about the old city of Babylon, which in ancient times was the richest city in the world, and its fame and reputation spread all over the world. George Samuel Klasson tells practical and enduring anecdotes that are not limited to ancient times in The Rich Man of Babylon so that the reader can achieve financial progress using the techniques mentioned.

The book The Richest Man in Babylon helps people who are struggling to save, do business, and get loans with simple and practical solutions. In fact, the book is a well-written and executable program that anyone with any income level can use its teachings and achieve the economic success they desire.

Browse the book of the richest man in Babylon
The first part of the book of the richest man in Babylon is “An Overview of the History of Babylon”, which discusses the history of this city and how it was discovered in the twentieth century. The city of Babylon, as the oldest center of civilization from which written documents have been obtained, attracts the attention of historians and archaeologists. Using the Euphrates River and applying knowledge to build dams and canals in the farthest reaches of history, the city became the richest city in the world about eight thousand years ago.

George Samuel Klasson guides us in advancing our financial goals by narrating the lives of the people of Babylon – the first to use tools such as money and promissory notes for their business transactions.

“The Man Who Wanted Gold” is the title of the first story in the book of the richest man in Babylon, in which “Bansir”, a chariot maker, and “Kobi”, a harpist, live in Babylon, but they are facing financial and debt problems. Bansir and Kobe decide to go to Arcard, the richest man in Babylon, to find a solution and investment secrets.

The next story in the book, entitled “The Richest Man in Babylon”, is the story of Arcard’s life and way of getting rich. In this chapter, he teaches Bansir and Kobe the principles of wealth creation and financial success. Arcard recounts his own experience as a young scribe. The man who gave her the first loan: “If you want to get rich, what you save must be profitable so that its children can be profitable, with the help of this formula you will get a lot of wealth. “Wealth is like a tree that grows from a small seed.”
Arcard outlines seven principles for achieving the unchanging principles of financial success. These principles include “start raising money”, “control costs”, “multiply your gold”, “save your savings”, “buy a house, make a profitable investment”, “guarantee that in You will have an income in the future “and” increase your ability to make money “.

In his book The Arcard, George Samuel Klasson goes on to tell a number of other anecdotes, including five golden rules, that can be used to gain techniques, knowledge, and financial awareness. In the continuation of the anecdotes of the book, the richest man of Babylon tells the story of the “walls of the city of Babylon”, that is, the Assyrian invasion of the city of Babylon. This anecdote shows the greatness of the city of Babylon in the face of enemy influence.
About the Author: George Klasson
George Samuel Clason American Writer and Investor George Samuel Clason was born in November 1874 in Louisiana. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and served in the military for some time. George Samuel Klasson was also the founder of the Klasson Drawing Company and the first publisher of The Road Map in America. The outstanding work of this author is the richest man in Babylon, which, despite being published about a century ago, is still being reprinted in various countries.

George Samuel Clawson died April 7, 1975 and was buried in California, USA. There are few works left by him, such as “Find Your Right Job” and “Ahead of Gold” by Gold Ahead, apart from the book of the richest man in Babylon.

The book of the richest man in Babylon inspired by Robert Kiyosaki
The Rich Man of Babylon not only attracted the attention of those interested in books on success and financial principles, but also inspired the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Robert Kiyosaki, an investor and author of The Poor Dad Poor Dad and Successful Financial Management, comments on George Simuel Klasson’s phrase “Take Your First Earnings from Your Income”: , Lies in patience and endurance and perseverance. “Reading this book and carrying out its operational steps is recommended to all those who are concerned about their future financing.”

In a part of the book, we read about the richest man in Babylon
Young people have no experience, so they can not understand that a fruitless loan, like a deep well, quickly pulls the person down and for a while, the person stumbles in vain. Regret blocks the light of the sun and darkens the day like the night, and its nights are sad and sorrowful; But I do not oppose borrowing gold. I encourage this. My only advice is to borrow for a reasonable purpose. I achieved my first real success as a businessman with borrowed gold; But what should the lender do in such a case? A young man who is completely disappointed and does not do anything … he is disappointed and makes no effort to repay the loan. My heart testifies that the young man’s father will eventually be deprived of his land and herd.

Radan dared to say: You said many things that I used, but I did not get the answer to my question. Should I lend my fifty gold coins to my sister’s husband or not? They are my only relatives.
Your sister is a noble woman whom I have a lot of respect for, but in the case of her sister’s husband, she should come and borrow five hundred coins from me, and then I should ask her what she wants to use and if she answers that she wants to be a businessman; A trader like myself and trades in jewelry, furniture and furnishings; I say what do you know about business?

Do you know where you can buy sex at a low price? Do you know where you can sell it at a good price? Will he answer these questions in the affirmative?
Radan replied confidently: No, he can not. He mostly helps me make spears and sometimes I buy a workshop. So I have to tell him that this is not a wise decision at all. A businessman must first learn how to trade.

Ambitions, however valuable, are impractical and will not be given a gold loan; But suppose he says: Yes, I have worked with many businessmen, I know how to travel to Izmir and how to buy handmade rugs for housewives at a low price.
In the management theory class, a friend introduced me to a book by me and other classmates that has had a huge impact on my life and has helped me manage my income and expenses better.

In this article I will share everything I have learned from the book (The Rich Man of Babylon) by George Samuel Klasson and I remember.

This book discusses the financial problems of different people who live in the city of Babylon and tries to teach the reader financial management techniques in the form of an interesting and sequential story.
The book begins with the life of a rich man who is considered by the people to be the richest man in Babylon. Educate the people of the city to become.

A workshop is organized and people from different social groups and classes attend this class to learn how to earn money from the richest man in Babylon.

Introduction to the characters in the book The Most Rich Man of Babylon:
The book of the richest man in Babylon contains a collection of stories with various characters. In this book, the character of Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, the poor man who plays the percussion and his old and poor friend Bansir are involved in the first story. The advice of this rich man is the economic solutions presented in the book of the richest man in Babylon.

Sargon, king of Babylon, is the wise character of the third story. In the year when poverty has overshadowed the city, he is looking for a solution to create peace and return wealth to the land and the people of the city. Nomasir is another character in this book that we meet in the fourth story. He is the son of Arkady, the richest man in Babylon, and is commissioned by his father to preserve and spread the five golden rules. He travels with a tablet on which his father wrote the laws of getting rich. In another story of the audio book of the richest man in Babylon, we meet Dabasir. A person who believes that the hungrier and poorer a person is, the more open and enlightened his mind will be, and therefore the ways to attain wealth will spark in the minds of poor people.

The life story of Arkady, the richest man in Babylon
The book’s early stories are about a chariot driver named Bansir. Bansir has a musician friend named Kobe and they both live in poverty. The decision of both friends to get rich is the beginning of the story, the two go to an old friend and ask him for a way to get rich. This is the old friend of Arkady and the richest man in Babylon, who has gone up and down the path to reach his current position and rushes to the aid of his friends by telling the story of his life.

Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, tells his story in this book, for example, in the first and second stories of this series, he tells the story of losing his savings. In the words of the rich man, Klasson states that he gives his one-year savings to the jeweler, and he uses Arcade’s inexperience and gives him colored glass instead of jewelry. This leads to important lessons for Arkady, his poor friends, and his readers. This is an important doctrine and rule: If a person does not have the experience to invest and does not turn to an experienced person, he should lose his savings.

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