The Red Haired Woman


Title: Woman with red hair

Author: Orhan Pamuk

Translator: Somayeh Chapari

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Turkish stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi

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The Red Haired Woman is a famous romantic and classic work by Orhan Pamuk, one of the great storytellers of our time that you will not regret reading. This is a mysterious and captivating story about love, family and anyone who has a disciple or a target. A mixture of East and West, tradition and modernity.

About the book with a woman with red hair:
On the outskirts of Istanbul, 30 miles from Istanbul, a well master and his young student were hired to find water in a barren plain. This is where the amazing story of The Red Haired Woman begins. As they struggle with the heat of summer and walk the earth meter by meter to find water, a strange father-son bond is established between them that they have never experienced before. The two become interdependent and reflect their connection to each other as mirrors of their different stories and perspectives on the world.

But in the nearby town, where the master and the apprentice prepare their food and take daily rest, the arrival of a red-haired woman changes their lives. That charming red-haired woman is a member of a mobile theater company, and she attracts the young attention of our story. The man seems to be in love with her and his most beautiful dream is coming true. But that is not the whole story. What happens to Chahken causes the young student to flee to Istanbul, and the story unfolds differently.

Many believe that Pamuk in his book The Red-haired Woman portrays the political situation in Turkey in the form of a myth. Where he gets help from Oedipus and Laius. It is interesting to know that Orhan Pamuk narrates the story of Rostam and Sohrab in a part of this book and also a small part of the story takes place in Iran. By reading this amazing work, you will feel as if you have reached a dazzling light from the depths of the well.

This work was published in 2016 and has been praised by many critics. Family, fruitless love, guilt, fulfilled or destroyed dreams are some of the fascinating elements that Pamuk addresses in this story; Elements that make up the tragedies of Eastern literature. A book that has been written with a kind of deliberate simplicity, and this has doubled its appeal.

Bookmarks of a red-haired woman:
– A fascinating and enigmatic story. (Library Journal)
– A book that has made the author’s writing characteristics its rule. (Publishers Weekly)
– Pamuk is one of the greatest storytellers of our time. (New York Times)

Who is suitable for a woman with red hair?
If you enjoy reading classic romance novels, a book with red hair is recommended.

Learn more about Orhan Pamuk:
This author and novelist describes Tarktbar as one of the most original writers of contemporary fiction. Orhan Pamuk is the first Turkish writer to win the Nobel Prize. He is a well-known letter writer whose works have always been among the best sellers and have been translated into more than fifty languages. Istanbul: The City and Memories, the Museum of Innocence and Judet Beck and the Boys are other works by this talented novelist.

In a part of the book, a woman with red hair reads:
We overthrew each other in silence for a while. I felt angry that he might really be my son. It was nice to have a boy with a fighting personality, but I was afraid I would get angry now that we are at the well.

“Wealthy European Turks defend their secularism under the pretext of ‘What do you have to do with my relationship with God?’ “In the name of modernity.” “What problem do you have with modern people?”

“Indeed, I have no problem with anyone or anything,” he said calmly. Because I want to be myself, I am not involved in opposition to the right, left, religious and modern, and I do not go among people, I only write poetry for myself. Just a few minutes ago, my doorbell rang. “Because I was reciting poetry, I did not open the door.”

I did not understand exactly what he was saying, but I thought that arguing from the heart of the books would reduce the young man’s anger. I simply asked, “Do you think modernism is a bad thing?” “Modern man means someone who gets lost in the city forest, and that means being left without a father. Seeking a father is also futile. If a person is modern, he will not find his father in the hustle and bustle of the city; if he does, he will lose his individuality this time. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the French inventor of modernism, who knew this well, consciously left his four children to modernize and did not father them. Rousseau did not even worry about his children, he did not even visit them once. Did you leave me to become modern? “If that’s the case, you’s right.”

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