The Misunderstanding


Title:The Misunderstanding

Author: Albert Camus

Translator: Jalal Al-Ahmad

Publisher: Penguin

Subject: French play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 97

Language: Farsi

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The book The Misunderstanding by Albert Camus is not just a simple play, but the story of the lives of all human beings because the lives of all of us are full of misunderstandings.

Introducing the book The Misunderstanding
The Misunderstanding is the life story of a man named “Jean” who returns home after twenty years away from his mother and sister, while he is married and has earned money, to leave his mother and sister in. Share your happiness.

Upon entering the guesthouse run by his mother and sister, he realizes that after all these years, his family did not recognize him at the time of arrival.
His wife asks him to go to them and say very simply and simply “I came”. Jean, who had made the same decision at first, gave up after his family’s cold treatment and replied to his wife: “Yes [I made the same decision], but my mind was full of my own imagination.

And I was given only beer for my money, waiting for a warm and soft reception. “It took the words out of my mouth and I thought I should continue like this and not introduce myself.” But this kind of continuation of him causes disaster …
Misunderstandings can be more or less reminiscent of aliens. A tragedy that once again reminds us of the loss of opportunity by depicting the death of the family’s son Jean. When he throws himself into an accident and believes in the power of events, it can be said that he kills himself out of jokes and play. So one can never be a stranger forever and need to find meaning for oneself.

Albert Camus’s play is a return to Greek theater in terms of structure: the dry state of the murder of two women, the deadly chain of crime that leads to another crime, the murder within the family, the unstoppable and unadjustable progress of the first intention, And the theme of recognition.
This three-act play is a tragedy of contemporary man, and the plot of the text, like that of Albert Camus’s other works, is a look at issues related to the philosophy of existentialism, including human freedom, the emptiness and futility of life. The apprehension of existence and the apprehension of contemporary man, inevitable situations and…

In a part of the book, we read:
– Jean: I’m sorry; But since we have now dropped our contract altogether, I can say: I think, for the first time, you spoke to me in a humane tone.

Martha: (Seriously) You’m definitely wrong. If so, you have no right to be happy about it. If the tone I have just taken is what I have of humanity, it is not the best I have.

What I have of humanity. It is my desire and desire; And to get what I want, I think I will crush everything in my path.
Jean: (laughs) This is one of those rages that I can understand; And I have nothing to fear. Because I am not an obstacle in your way and nothing will force me to meet your desires and aspirations.

Martha: No doubt, you have no right to oppose my desires; But you do not even have the right to lend them anything. Because in some cases, it can speed things up.

Jean: Who told you that I have no right to lend anything to your dreams?
Martha: Common Sense; And that’s the reason I’m leaving you out of my plans.
Jean: If I understood correctly, we would be back to our contract.
Martha: Yes, and we were wrong to go beyond that. You yourself are well aware. I just thank you for talking to me about the lands you knew, and I apologize for wasting your time (it’s almost in the room now). .

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