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Title: The Art of Motivation: Ways to Motivate Success

Author: Richard Danny

Translator: Mahboubeh Nadimi

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Topic: Success in business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book  Succeed for yourself by Richard Danny
The art of motivating people is about different areas such as business, sports, entertainment, friendships and family environment. In fact, every person can motivate himself and you have to motivate other people as well.

The art of motivation
The Institute for Manpower Studies claims that the word “motivation” is one of the six most important words used in business documents. It goes on to claim that using this word does not mean understanding it. In a survey conducted by the Grass Root Group Limited Liability Company on 500 of the 1000 leading British companies
It was found that 95% of the companies that responded to the survey believed that their employees could have been more motivated.

The most important thing in managing affairs is to motivate others. This task includes the ability to communicate, role modeling, challenge, encourage, obtain feedback, engage in surrender responsibilities, develop and train, inform, provide work, and provide appropriate rewards. is.
Table of Contents :

Introduction  Succeed for yourself
Chapter 1: The Life of Management is Over – The Leadership Era Has Begun
The basis of all motivation is hope
Motivation and resourcefulness
Suitable environment
Motivated or motivated person
Chapter 2: The Rules of Motivation
What kind of manager do you want to manage?
Are you one of these people?
Chapter 3: Recognizing the factors that reduce motivation
External symptoms
lack of confidence
Concern (encouragement)
Negative beliefs
The feeling that “there is no future here”
I feel insignificant
I do not know what is going on
Lack of training
Chapter 4: Courage
Fear of rejection
Cultivation of courage
Chapter 5: Motivate yourself by creating confidence within yourself
1. Get rid of excuses
2. Use the power of the image
3. Do not be afraid of failure
4. The appearance of people also creates trust and confidence
5. Keep track of past successes
Chapter 6: How to Motivate Yourself by Setting Goals
Set your goals
Your personal planning
Start an application
The right place, the right time
Working in a good and convenient company
self management
Do not retire yourself
Chapter 7: Motivating Humans
What do they want?
How can they achieve their goals?
Motivate employees
Chapter 8: Motivating a Group
Stay true to your principles
Creating a team atmosphere
Shut down together
Chapter 9: Motivational Leadership
“Know that your people have a reason to respect you.”
10 Principles of Leadership
10 differences between a winner and a loser
Twelve important factors of leadership failure
Twelve important characteristics in leadership and management
Chapter 10: Motivational Stimulus
The most cost-effective stimuli
Chapter 11: Motivational Competition
Five Golden Rules
Manage motivational programs
Success or failure
Chapter 12: Motivational Communication
Quoted from the American Management Association
Face-to-face meetings
Adjutant addressed to the commander of the platoon
The platoon commander to the platoon sergeant
Sergeant line by line
Chapter 13: Motivational Criticism
Why criticize?
Successful Motivational Criticism
Issues and problems of dismissal of employees
Chapter 14: Succeeding by connecting with people
Issuance of instructions
Motivational communication
I am proud of you
Chapter 15: Motivating the home environment
Health and well-being
People addicted to work
Balancing work and leisure
The last word
Consider situations This means that in order to be able to communicate effectively and boldly, give yourself time to think and examine the situation you are in. This is your confidence and ability. Will increase to convey your message.

Setting goals Set a reasonable goal and move towards it. People become motivated when they work for a purposeful manager.

Goals should be achievable, but according to the management principle, if managers set bigger goals for themselves, they can be very motivating.

But there is always the risk that you may not achieve that goal. But this is not important until it has become a case of continuous failure because it has become a manager and people believe it interferes with future goals.
Keep progressing Always think about progress. Use the thought process (how can I do this better?). Eliminate from your mind and vocabulary the mindset that I do my best, and never let the people you lead think they do their best.

If we want to accept the truth, we must all say that we can do better. A person who thinks of progress naturally has an intellectual process of looking to the future instead of the past.

And when you analyze yourself, ask yourself, am I more valuable today than I was yesterday, last week, and last month, or even last year? For someone who thinks about progress, every day is an opportunity for new experience and new knowledge. Aiming to be a better person at the end of the day.

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