The Beloved


Title: Beloved

Author: Tony Morson

Translator: Shirinkht Daqiqian

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: American story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 405 p

Language: Farsi

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His beloved book was published in 1988. The book won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize the same year. Making films from successful books is one of the most common methods of filmmaking; Tony Morrison’s work is no exception. Beloved by Oprah Winfrey, a successful American presenter and producer, is a cinematic adaptation of Morrison’s work.
Introducing the Beloved Book by Tunis Morrison
When Tony Morrison, the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, presented “Beloved” to “60 Million and More,” she wanted to challenge everyone’s view of black slavery. Literature, and specifically the novel, can address injustice and its effects on society.

Hence, Morrison also wanted to use the novel’s capacity for social documentary. Tony Morrison acknowledged the power of the novel in shaping beliefs, and that acceptance allowed him to freely and artistically do whatever he wanted in his stories.
Morrison was not one of those conservative writers who, out of extreme caution, avoided asking social questions and confined their subjects to personal relationships and superficial aesthetics so as not to get caught up in social or economic consequences! “Tony Morrison” is a brave woman in the world of literature who is not afraid to raise any issues in her works. In the first part of the article, we will analyze one of the most important works of Morrison, namely the novel “Beloved”, and in the second part, we will have a brief overview of some of the most important works of this influential author.

Why should the beloved be read?
The novel “Beloved” is as meaningful as it is emotional. Tony Morrison knows exactly what he wants to do and he knows how to do it. Morrison can not compensate for the exploitation of blacks throughout history, but he can be the voice of his contemporaries and use literature to their advantage. This great writer uses everything he can to form all the aspects he wants in the story.

The characters in Morrison’s stories are complex. Both stories, which take place in the present and the past, have their own charm because the author combines the present and the past with the utmost care. In the meantime, we should not simply ignore Morrison’s unique style. The writing style of this prominent author is unique.

Morrison’s prose is visual and exciting, drawing on the rich black culture and local dialects wherever necessary. This great lady is like a master at the helm who, by making a change in the direction of storytelling, never deviates from the intended framework in the narrative, and guides the ship of storytelling in the best way.
In The Beloved, Morrison denies conventional realism and uses glorious words and poetic narrative, but nevertheless reveals a profound reality in history. As in Persian poetry, Tarjiaband emphasizes the importance of a verse, the repetition of some images and events in the story of “Delband” also helps the descriptions to become more important and more real, and the audience never doubts the sincerity of Morrison’s reports. Slowly

Synopsis of the beloved book
The story of the beloved book is based on the life of a black woman and a slave. The woman and her husband and children flee the enslaved farm and seek refuge in Ohio. When the slave finds them, the woman kills her child and gives birth to a child in her womb for a while so that her child will not be enslaved for several months according to the law. Years later, the soul of the murdered child enters the house in the form of a teenage girl and wants to avenge the murder from the mother, but…

The author’s vivid descriptions and precise staging make this book attractive. In my opinion, the description of maternal feelings and emotions has a great place in the literature, but this book has given an extraordinary truth about the murder and feelings of a mother who has also been enslaved.
It can be said that one of the most beautiful and emotional moments is the moment of the murder of a loved one by his mother. In addition to expressing the sufferings and collective tortures of this history of slavery, this book depicts slaves accurately and beautifully, so that the reader fully shares in the pains and joys of each of the characters in the book and easily feels each one. It touches.

We read in a part of the beloved book
Without even trying, he had become a man who could enter a house and make a woman cry. Because with him, in his presence, this could be done. His state was transcendent. When the women saw him, they wanted to cry, they wanted to tell him that they had pain in their chest, as well as in their knees.

Strong and sensible women, when they saw him, told him things that only told each other: how time passed, how lust suddenly flared up in them, how they became greedy, and how they drove them over the age of fifteen, and how they were ashamed, and How sad they were; Who secretly wished for death, wished to get rid of it, how sleep was more precious to them than waking up every day.

The young girls turned to him to confess, explaining how well-dressed the person they had met seemed to have fulfilled their dreams. As a result, although he did not know why this was so, he was not surprised when Denver shed his tears in the fire.
Fifteen minutes later, his mother, who had cried after the story of her milk abduction, was not surprised. He was behind her, bent over and his body like a bow of kindness. You rub his cheeks against his back and thus understand his sorrow; Its roots; Its thick body and its twisted branches. He raised his fingers to the rags of his clothes, knowing that his tears were flowing quickly, though he could not see or hear them.

Sentences from the beloved book
I was talking about time. It’s very hard for me to believe. Some things die, pass. Some things are monkeys. I used to often think that this was my memory. You know, some things are forgotten and there are things that are never forgotten. But this is not the case with places. There are always places.

If a house burns down, it will disappear, but its place – its image – will remain, not only in my mind, but outside my mind, in the world. What I remember is the image that jumps out of there, out of my mind. That is, even if I do not think about it, even if I die, the image of everything I have done, known or seen is always there. Exactly where it happened. (Favorite Book – Page 59)

-Why? Why do you force yourself to do something like that and apologize to Josh? She is a big girl.
– It does not matter to me how big or small it is. “Big girl” has no meaning for a mother. Child, always child. They grow. They get old, but what does it mean to be big? For my heart is meaningless. (Favorite Book – Page 73)
I can not turn back time, but I can let go of the past. (Favorite Book – Page 111)

I wanted to help, but the clouds had stopped me.
This is not a cloud.
If they tie an iron ring around your neck, I will do it with my teeth. (Beloved Book – Page 320)

Just tell me one thing. How much should a black man kill? Tell me how much? (Favorite Book – Page 348)

An author who talks about the lives of blacks
Morrison’s main focus is on slavery, discrimination, and anything related to black life. The great lady’s valuable works became so famous in the world that “Oprah Winfrey”, one of the most prominent American TV presenters and author of books such as “I know for sure” and “The way is clear” in a movie based on the novel “Beloved” was adapted, he played a role.

But although Tony Morrison is best known as the author of The Beloved, there are other brilliant works in his literary career; In addition to the Nobel Prize in Literature, he has won other important awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the American Book Critics Circle Award.

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