The artist’s way: a spiritual path to higher creativity


Title: The Way of the Artist

Author: Julia Cameron

Translator: Mina Varasteh

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Creativity / Self-creation

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 318

Language: Farsi



The artist’s way: a spiritual path to higher creativity

Artist Julia Cameron’s book summary A way to recover lost creativity
If you’re interested in creativity, you’ve probably heard of Julia Cameron’s The Way of the Artist. The Way of the Artist is one of the most practical and popular books used by professors in this field, especially in creativity workshops and training courses.

Of course, there are many books in this field, but the difference between this book and them is in the practical exercises and the detailed program that it gives you.

What does the book The Artist’s Way say?
The Practical Practices of the Artist’s Book make it easy to use in creative training, as well as the precise program it provides will confuse you. Surely you have seen people who eat a lot of food every day and know that without a special plan and only by reducing the amount of food (not its variety), for example, eating 3 scoops of rice instead of 4 scoops can control their weight to some extent, but still from They refuse to do so!

However, when the doctor gives them a plan that says three scoops of rice, they easily follow the plan. Having a plan and a clear path makes it easy for a person to move forward and not be confused; And this is an issue that exists in all aspects of our lives.
On the other hand, when we say “creativity”, we do not mean simply inventing, inventing or doing a great work in the world! Rather, doing daily things in a creative way, finding a way to get rid of everyday life or a way to get rid of mental knots that can keep us in one place for a long time; And there are many similar cases that we have experienced over and over in our lives, all of which can be solved creatively (in the way of the artist’s book).

Thus, The Artist’s Way is a program to implement creativity in all aspects of life and get rid of long breaks. This book introduces you to some vital tools that you should take advantage of and also learn new teachings in a 12-week program and you will be introduced to new dimensions of your existence. In the following, we will explain more about the content of this book and the ways it offers.

The basic tools of the artist’s book
Although this book introduces you to different tools, there are three important ones that you will become familiar with at the beginning of the path and should continue to use:

Morning pages: Writing works wonders, put whatever you have in mind on paper. These writings have no audience but yourself, they are not supposed to follow the rules of writing, you are not supposed to make a spelling mistake or even they are continuous and meaningful sentences! Just write;

Even if writing has always been difficult for you, try to do it this time, clear your mind on paper, without worrying about its meaning; You are not going to be ashamed of the contents of your mind or proud of them, it’s just you and your posts that are completely private, so fill your morning pages daily.

Meeting the artist inside: You have to set a specific time of the week and be alone with yourself at that time. It depends on your lifestyle, maybe 2 hours or more a week, maybe it’s usually in the morning or at night, but you have to do it. Something like meditation but a little easier and friendlier;
These meetings will be attended by no one but you and the child inside you, and the purpose of this meeting is to give the child inside the opportunity to express themselves and ultimately cultivate creativity. You do not have to sit back and close your eyes and focus! Maybe you go to a restaurant or a library or any other place where the child inside you wants to be present, do not limit yourself and only consider that the appointments are between you and the artist inside you and no one else should be present.

Daily walking: Of course, walking is a method recommended by doctors and specialists in the field of mental and physical health, and probably everyone is aware of its benefits.
But there is a difference here that you have to go for a walk with the artist inside you! No one else should be present at this time, and the minimum time you devote to it is 20 minutes a day. In addition to thinking, it also moves your body, in other words, it accelerates the whirlwind of your creativity.

Although the purpose of this book is not to create compulsion or annoyance in the audience, but in any case, you should try to do all the exercises continuously and repeatedly, and at the end of each week, review your schedule to see how accurately and correctly you have done; And look at the part that you have avoided doing, find the causes, and it is at this point that you will find one of the mental nodes and over time you will be able to untie it.

Weekly program and exercises of the artist’s book
As we said at the beginning of this article, this book has a 12-week program in which some parts (like the three tools mentioned above) are constantly repeated and others are changed. But what is the purpose of this repetition and change?

Julia Cameron has considered each of these 12 weeks to recover a part of our being and mind, and by doing the artist’s book exercises, we can feel the recovery of the lost parts in our being, and we will gradually realize that our writings and meetings and How much do the conversations we have with the artist within us in these meetings change?

When we say lost parts of our being, we mean forgotten, neglected, or habits that cause those parts to be ignored; For example, a sense of security, a sense of faith, and so on; How many of us always feel insecure? This does not mean a sense of insecurity caused by an accident;
Rather, the purpose of this book is the sense of insecurity that stems from a lack of self-confidence. By doing the exercises in this book, we will gradually notice such cases and by accepting them, we will try to find the causes and solve them. To complete this weekly schedule

The program for these 12 weeks that recovers our minds and psyches is as follows:
First week = regaining a sense of security
Second week = recovery of sense of identity
Week 3 = Restoring a sense of power
Week 4 = Recovery of speech and action
Week 5 = Restoring a sense of possibilities
Week 6 = Restoring a sense of abundance
Week 7 = Recovering the sense of connection
Week 8 = Restoring a sense of strength
Week 9 = Restoring a sense of compassion
Week 10 = Restoring a sense of self-worth
Week 11 = Restoring the sense of independence of the vote
Week 12 = Restoring a sense of faith
Of course, keep in mind that all of these things may not have been lost to you in the same way, and everyone will have a different experience of exercise.

However, it is recommended that you devote only one week to each topic according to the exercises and do not bother yourself any more. Finally, after finishing the book, if you still feel weak, take a few weeks and start again from the beginning. do.
The reason we say do not spend more time on any of the parts is that many senses are interconnected and part of the recovery of one sense may occur with another, and allocating more time will only make you tired and you will get the desired result. نردد. Also try to keep the three walking tools, filling in the morning pages as well as meeting the artist inside all the time.

Changes after reading the artist’s book
The biggest change you will feel after reading this book is having a good feeling about yourself and having faith in solving problems. You no longer call it a problem, but you see every subject as a node that you are involved in creating, so you can untie the knot yourself.

You go through feelings like fear, insecurity, lack, and so on, and you know that with your power, independence, and abilities, you can overcome any seemingly obstacles, and of course you do it in a creative way that is unique to you.

You may say that you have heard similar conversations many times in other books or from successful speakers; You may consider these as slogans;
But note that in this book you are not learning to indoctrinate yourself: “I am strong”! Rather, you look for the reasons for the loss of your sense of power, you encounter the artist within you, and you regain the sense of power you lost, and then you can use that sense to help you overcome problems.

The last word
In this book, as in similar books, you encounter statements such as connection with the universe, recovery of lost energy, and a positive outlook;

But Julia Cameron does not offer these sentences as a solution! He does not say to be positive in order to get a good result. Cameron knows his audience and knows that the problem for the reader of this book is this inability to look positive.

Julia Cameron offers mental and physical exercises with which you will find your own solution;
With this solution, you can regain all the lost senses, and as a result of these recoveries, you will become positive, connect with the universe, and feel that all the universes are behaving as you wish.

In Cameron’s view, “achieving a good feeling” is the result of your practice, not your solution! Rather, the solution in you is unique and belongs to you, which no one but you will be able to recover.

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