Stay or leave


Title: stay or go? How to make a firm decision and not waste my life

Author: Beverly Stone

Translator: Mitra Naderi

Publisher: Shamadoni

Subject: Decision making

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 176

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Stay or leave? : six steps to resolving your relationship indecision by Beverly Stone

We are all at a crossroads throughout our lives. A difficult and painful situation in which choosing between two or more options was simply not possible. Whether the decision was to continue or leave the job, or to choose a lifestyle, or to choose a spouse and partner. It is usually difficult to make a decisive decision and accept the consequences. In these cases, the help of an outside person can help us. In the book, To Be or to Stay, Beverly Stone tries to answer the important question that arises at this time: How can I make a decisive decision and not waste my life? Answer.

Stay or leave? : six steps to resolving your relationship indecision about the book?
“Many times, we spend our lives in chains, without knowing that the key is in our hands.” In his book, Beverly Stone wants to help us make the right decisions in the dilemmas between staying and going so that we can relax in the rest of our lives. Deciding to stay and go is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life. We may be dissatisfied with our job and want to leave it but not be able to make decisions.

There are many people in the world who are in a relationship that they are unhappy with but can not leave. Human relationships are very complex, and people usually enter or continue a relationship depending on past patterns and traumas. And for this reason, many times they do not know the reason why they can not make the right decision and continue their relationship even when they are dissatisfied.
Many of these cases have obvious psychological reasons, but people may be unaware of them. Thus, Beverly Stone’s book helps people to see things in their relationships and lives that they have ever looked at or found insignificant.

This book is like a flashlight in a dark room shining on things you could not see. Beverly Stone helps men and women focus on the things that matter most in their relationships and helps them make better decisions.
People who are stuck in a relationship that on the one hand they love but on the other hand staying in a relationship brings a lot of suffering for them. For example, someone who is very controlling and selfish in a relationship, and this selfishness is annoying. In this book, Beverly Stone has tried to help people gain the courage to change their personal and organizational lives.

“Beverly Stone shows us how, by taking rational steps, we can break down our destructive patterns of thought and behavior and have healthy relationships with ourselves and others,” says author and psychotherapist Deepak Chopra of the book. “I highly recommend reading his books.”

This book has been published by Shamadoni Publishing and translated by Ms. Mitra Naderi.

About Beverly Stone Should I stay or leave the book?
Beverly Stone is a psychologist with a master’s degree in human relations. In addition to being a contributor to the British Psychological Association, he is a registered psychologist with the British Occupational Health Council.

He has been a Senior Fellow at the Royal Medical Association and the Founder and CEO of the Association of Business Psychologists and Dynamic International since 1989. He is a member of the Society for the Protection of Vulnerable People and, as a well-known psychologist, regularly contributes to magazines, newspapers and radio and television programs.
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of psychology, he has been able to help thousands of people improve their personal, emotional, marital, professional and educational lives. Warrior (2004) In and Stay or Go (2012) are some of his most famous works.

Stay or leave the translation of the book
The original version of this book has been published in English and has been translated into several languages. It has also been translated into Persian by a capable Iranian translator, Ms. Mitra Naderi, and published in 1400 by Shamadoni Publishing.

Who is it suitable for me to stay or leave a book?
Self-help books in the field of psychology have received a lot of attention from writers and readers in recent years, and many of these books appear in the list of best-selling books of the year.

Today, paying attention to mental health and self-knowledge is not hidden from anyone. For this reason, reading this book is recommended for all adults and people who are on the verge of starting an emotional relationship or are in an emotional relationship and need to take a deeper look at their relationship.

Stay or leave? : six steps to resolving your relationship indecision in a part of the book, we read
It is true that if we want something, it affects our behavior. But when it comes to very difficult decisions. Our will often fails and causes us to despair. I have had many clients who have repeatedly promised me that this time they will act according to their wishes to change the conditions of their relationship, but each time they come back to me with millions of reasons and complain about why they have not been able to fulfill their wishes so far.

Every time this happens. I totally sympathize with the famous psychologist Ervin Yalom; He also describes his difficulties in motivating his clients to do what they want: “Sometimes I think of the power of will, this moving element is like a turbine surrounded and hidden in large, heavy layers of iron;
And I know that the main and important part that makes it move is inside the car. “Even though it was confusing, I thought about it and tried to understand it from the outside with passion and curiosity, with search and with every word and magic I knew.”

Probably every time you and your friends are unable to do what you want. You understand Yalom. “What we need is a logical and correct approach to our demands,” he continues.
But the right approach to achieving our desires is how to deal with our own resilient inner force, which is an obstacle to our desires. When we blame others for our own circumstances, we must know that it is our inner civil war that must be blamed. Awareness and mastery of this involuntary and unconscious civil war, as well as mastery of it, liberate the power of our will. As a result, we can make decisions and live by them.

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