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Title: The Art of Successful Sales; What a professional salesperson needs to know

Author: Richard Danny

Translator: Javad Shafei Moghadam

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Subject: Success in sales (skills and practical methods) / salesmanship

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Selling to win: tested techniques for closing the sale by Richard Danny:

The book The Art of Successful Sales by Richard Danny is about creating a wise and efficient approach to selling a superior business. Which provides the reader with the necessary skills and confidence to sell professionally and successfully. This book is about how to achieve sales success and does not only include sales skills training. If you’re going to start an activity, why not try to be the best? Then your reward will be amazing.

The art of successful selling
The purpose of this book is to provide a context in which readers can achieve great success in the field of sales. Our proposed method in this book is the rational, commercial and professional method that many of our customers are looking for. If this method Follow the suggestions and recommendations, you will be able to build a successful long-term relationship and lead your company to the right profitability.

Many of these business executives believe that it is very difficult to find professional salespeople who can be profitable for their workplace; and of course, it is more difficult to find really professional and skilled salespeople.

Today’s world has become a very competitive world and to maintain survival and progress in such a world we all need to know the techniques of selling and persuading people to buy the product. If in the 21st century companies are going to compete with each other and win this competition In this case, you need to have sellers who are very experienced and have a deep knowledge of the products they sell. It is also necessary for such people to have a wide range of views and be able to recognize the new opportunities that have arisen. If such sellers are to win the competition between companies, they need to be really professional. Is written.

Table of Contents Successful Sales Art:
Chapter One: Intellectual Sales
Chapter Two: Successful Sales Planning
Chapter Three: An Important and Vital Element
Chapter Four: Finding Time
Chapter Five: Finding a Job
Chapter 6: Placing with the customer
Chapter 7: The Rules of Professional Sales
Chapter 8: How to supply goods
Chapter 9: Completing the Transaction
Chapter Ten: Principles of Professionalism
Chapter 11: Provide real service to the customer
Chapter Twelve: Dealing with Protests
Chapter Thirteen: Negotiation
Chapter Fourteen: Correspondence
Chapter 15: Body Language
Chapter Sixteen: Avoid Negativity
Chapter Seventeen: Do Not Give Up

Introducing the book The Art of Successful Sales by Richard Danny

If you’re reading successful sales skills book, you can improve your skills. And you can be a successful salesperson. You need to know that you are a customer anyway; So if you are going to be a great salesperson, it means someone that customers are willing to talk to. It is essential that you put yourself in the customer’s shoes right now.

Author of the book The Art of Successful Sales by Richard Danny

Richard Denny is one of the experts and best writers in the field of more business and sales. He has improved the skills of millions of people around the world through training, books and classes with his certification and sales diplomas.

Richard Danny is the most inspiring business speaker in Britain. He is also unique in this regard; His speeches inspire, educate and inspire different audiences to bring different ideas. Which helps a lot to improve its performance.

Part of the book Selling to win: tested techniques for closing the sale by Richard Danny:

Many successful salespeople say that their best and most successful sales come when a customer says no in the first place but later becomes interested in buying. In such cases, spend will and resistance and try to find ways to convince the customer. Do not forget the principle of sales: people are interested in buying. People do not like to just buy a product, they like to buy a good product. Needless to say, the hardest part of the deal is finishing it.

The golden rule of how to finish a deal
When the transaction questions are over, do not ask the customer any more questions.
Many sellers can not stand the customer silence. While it is completely natural. Because the more the customer is silent in buying the goods, the more likely they are to buy. As you can see, the end of the transaction starts right at the very beginning of the transaction with the first words that are exchanged between the parties!

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