Someone I Loved


Title: Someone i loved

Author: Anna Gavalda

Translator: Reza Zare

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: French stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 152

Language: Farsi



Someone I Loved that Anagavalda has a romantic theme that is narrated very simply and fluently and is full of beautiful and pure sentences and descriptions. The audience easily finds themselves in the course of the book’s story and easily understands Chloe and Pierre’s speeches.

The frank conversation between Pierre and his bride surprises the audience. Gavalda describes his opinion of the book someone I loved: “I love this book, I feel proud of it.” ‌

Someone I Loved It is the story of a woman whose husband leaves her and her two daughters because of his mistress. Chloe is a young woman who falls in love with her husband, Adrienne.
But after a few years of living, Adrienne tells Chloe that she has a mistress and wants to leave Chloe. Chloe and her two young daughters go to Adrien’s parents’ villa outside the city.

Chloe Pierre’s father-in-law is a dry and calm man. In a long conversation with Chloe, he recounts his love story and recalls his mistakes in the way of this love.

Pierre talks about a lover after marriage and the two ways of staying or leaving and leaving. I liked it is a novel about separation and the belief that no one’s life ends with separation.

The art of living is the essence of the story, and the novel reminds us of our lies, our broken fears, and our worries.
Gavalda recreates life and challenges our perceptions of life.
He describes the book’s sad story as follows: “I think there is a way to talk about the bitter and unpleasant facts calmly. However, this is the best way out of the slump in the daily market.”

“I Loved Him” ​​is based on the story of the book made in 2009 by French director Zabo Brittmann. There are various translations of the book available in the market.

When cohabitation comes to a standstill, is it right to stay and endure, or does he give up everything and go the right way?

Does staying want more courage or leaving? In the following story, we meet a man (Adrienne) who leaves his wife (Chloe) and his children to reach a young love.

By writing her book I Loved Anna Gavalda, she tries to address the issue of separation from the perspective of both parties, and finally answers the question of whether separation is the end of life.
Adrienne stands in front of the elevator to leave her husband and children and experience a new life with her mistress. To understand the situation and calm down, the woman (Chloe) goes to Adrien’s parents’ house with her two children.

Her father-in-law (Pierre) invites them to go to her cottage in the woods and spend a few days together.

Chloe tries to make things look normal and return to the status quo while feeling like a real loser.

Pierre also tries to calm the bride and her grandchildren. She constantly plays with the children and talks to her bride.

There is a long debate between Pierre and Chloe over why Adrienne left and the circumstances that led to her departure. Pierre reveals his past love and the betrayal he has done to her.

Chloe realizes how emotional she is and how wrong she is about him.
The story of the book is shaped by the conversation between the two about Adrienne’s departure, her betrayal and loyalty, and their separation.

The book I Loved is Anna Gavalda’s first novel, which deals with the daily life of human beings with a simple and fluent language and literature, and tells a pleasant story.

This book is known as a phenomenon in French literature and was able to have unprecedented sales worldwide.

About the author of the book I loved: Anna Gavalda, the narrator of love and separation
French writer Anna Gavalda was born in the 1970s around Paris. After the separation of his parents at the age of 14, he was taken care of by his aunt.

Gavalda experienced a variety of jobs before college.

Trying different jobs led to very useful experiences and findings for him, with the help of which he tells his very interesting stories.

When he was a florist, he described the couple’s relationship as follows: “… I learned life. “Small bouquets for wives and large bouquets for mistresses …”.

After separating and living together, Anna devoted all her time to literature.
The effect of separation from his wife is also clearly evident in his works. He published his first collection of stories entitled “I Wish Someone Was Waiting for Me Somewhere”.

The book was translated into 19 languages ​​and was named one of the best-selling books in France. “I Wish Someone Waited for Me Somewhere” was published and sold in 27 countries.

Gavalda published his first novel, I Loved Him, in 2002 in France. He has benefited a lot from his experiences of living together and separating.

As Gavalda has a teaching background, he published a 96-page story called “50 Kilos of Wishes” about amazing students who seemed ignorant in school.
Only Gavalda’s first three books reached a record 3 million copies sold in France in 2007, indicating the author’s high popularity.

Emotional and romantic relationships are the main theme of Gavalda’s works.

He believes that love, happiness and suffering go hand in hand: “I envy the people for whom emotional life is of secondary importance, they are the kings of the world, the kings of the flesh.” The interesting thing about Anna Gavalda’s career is that she has always been loyal to her little publisher, and she says: “I am not seduced by fame and fortune.

The less a person has, the less he loses. Wealth and fame are a trap for idiots. “It should have been written in complete independence and the heart should not have been selling its work.”

Anna Gavalda writes very simply and fluently, and with the help of her fluent language, she has a very high impact on her audience.
The critic of “Marian” magazine writes about Gavalda and her works: “Anna Gavalda’s strength is that she writes as a person speaks, and this feature guarantees the quality of her work …

“The written word does not take precedence over the oral word, it does not lag behind it, it does not double it, but it simply replaces it.” “Pleasant Escape”, “A Better Life” and “Being Together is Everything” are other titles by the popular French author.

I liked part of the text of the book
“I shook my head in approval, but I did not understand. I could not understand a man who was stingy in expressing interest and suppressed his excitement.

That is, we should not express our inner circumstances, lest we look weak? I did not understand that. In my house, kissing and caressing were part of life.

I still remember that stormy night when we were gathered in the same kitchen … My husband’s sister, Christine, was complaining about her children’s teachers.

He said they were unhappy and impatient. Then he talked about education, first education in general and then education exploded, but that did not happen. They swallowed their bitterness and resentment again, and exploded with a few sores on Joe’s tongue.

like always.
Was anything else expected? My father-in-law always avoided conflict.

He left the children’s sarcasm unanswered, and before he could walk away, he said with a smile: “Your criticisms have no effect on me. “I hear from this ear and I hear from that.”

Of course, the debate was more intense that time.
I still remember his crumpled face. He squeezed the water with his hands as if he wanted to crush it in front of our eyes.

I tried to say things he never said. Guess and understand. I wanted to know what his understanding of distant events is. What does he think of when he is alone? What is a person like in solitude?

Christine, who had been stoned, turned to me:

“Chloe, what about you?” “What do you think about these professions?”

I was tired. I wanted this discussion to end. I had heard enough of their family adventures.
“Me?” I said thoughtfully. I think Pierre does not live with us. I mean, he practically does not live with us. “A lost Martian has emerged from the Dipple family …”
The others shrugged and turned around. But he did not.

He let go of the water, his facial muscles relaxed, and he smiled at me. It was the first time I saw him smile like this.

In this book, Anna Gavalda, with her powerful pen, expresses the feelings of others well and offers an interesting analysis of men’s betrayal.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the powerful characterization of his book I like to go back to the fact that Anna Gavalda wrote this novel inspired by her personal experiences.

The novel received worldwide acclaim and sales, making Anna Gaulda a global phenomenon with the very first book.

I liked the selected sentences of the book:
– I’d rather you be a little upset today than spend the rest of your life upset.

– that’s life. This is the life of most people. They fall in love. Make an appointment.

Like pets, they keep in touch with fear. Some have the courage to keep it, and some push it in the middle. Yes, it’s easier to give up.

– In my opinion, those romantic professions, insomnia, outbursts of emotions, were all for the common people, not me, who even grinned when I heard the word love.

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