Secrets of the millionaire mind


Title: Secrets of the Rich Mind

Author: T. Harrow Acker

Translators: Venus Marsous; Pourahmad

Publisher: Shirmohammadi

Subject: Money / Millionaires / Wealth / Wealthy / Capitalists – Psychological Aspects / Success in Business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 224

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Secrets of the millionaire mind:

mastering the inner game of wealth Mind by T. Harrow
The Secrets of a Rich Mind by T. Harrow If is one of the New York Times bestselling psychology books, published in 2005 on the subject of wealth and success. The book topped the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more in the first week after its publication. This book has also sold well in Iran and has been published in the market with several translations. The present book has been translated by Mehdi Nekouei and published by Negah Novin Publications in 1397.

Introducing the book Secrets of the millionaire mind:

mastering the inner game of wealth
In The Secrets of the Rich Mind, T. Harrow Acker states that the desire to be successful is different from the touch of success. The author’s main purpose in writing this book was to explain to his audience why some people are rich and many others are still struggling financially despite being constantly struggling.

The book Secrets of the millionaire mind:

mastering the inner game of wealth is divided into two sections, entitled “Your Money Plan” and “Wealth Records”, which help readers to finally understand the main reasons for their success, average stay or financial failure, and using the solutions provided. In the book, change your financial future and lead it to better.
In the introduction, the author gives a brief explanation of the book’s function: “In the first part of this book, we will explain how the thoughts and actions of each of us become conditional when it comes to money, as well as four key strategies for reviewing the mental money program. Arises.

“The second section examines the differences between the thinking of the rich, the middle class and the poor, and lists seventeen attitudes and actions that need to be put in place to make a permanent difference in your financial life.” The author goes on to give a few examples of letters he has received from participants in Wealthy Mind seminars to help readers become more familiar with the people whose lives have been affected by this material.

About T. Harrow Acker, author of The Secrets of the Rich Mind

T. Harrow Ecker is a famous Canadian author and millionaire who became famous all over the world with his book Secrets of the Rich Mind. T. Harrow spent his childhood in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He started working as a teenager when he was only 13 years old. T. Harrow did everything small and big to make a living. Delivering newspapers and selling scoop ice cream and books at the fair were some of the first things he did as a teenager. He even sold bronze oil on the beach. What with all the early years of working with him was the dream of becoming a millionaire.

T. Harrow was not satisfied with the realization of this dream and tried so hard that he was able to set up several companies and shops in which he sold fitness products;

But Acker was not a good manager and lost all his assets due to mismanagement and poor investment. After this defeat, he realized that in order to be successful, he must learn from successful people and use their methods for his success, to the point that he himself is one of the speakers and theorists in the field of success and gaining wealth today. “Unless a comprehensive financial plan is set in your subconscious for success, you will not learn anything, you will know nothing, and you will not do anything that will make a big difference,” Acker said.

Acker is now one of the millionaires in the world who tries his best to teach the secrets and secrets of getting rich to the people of the world in different ways. His books and lectures have transformed the lives of more than a million people and taught them how to be financially independent.

T. Harrow Acker is the director of Peak Performance. Founded in North America, the institute offers programs related to personal growth and success. Acker’s meetings at the center are usually about ways to become a millionaire and change people’s attitudes toward the subject.

In a part of the book Secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the inner game of wealth, we read:
Wealth Principle: Your income grows as much as yours!

Why is your monetary plan important?

Have you heard of those who have grown financially “staggering”? Have you noticed how some people make a lot of money and then lose it or get great opportunities, but their work is awful? Now you know the root cause. In the outside world they say bad luck, recession, cowardly partner or something like that. But in the inner world, it’s something else. This is because when you make a lot of money that you are not internally prepared for, the lifespan of your wealth is short and you lose.

The vast majority of people do not have the inner capacity to generate and maintain large amounts of money and to face the increasing challenges that lie in more money and success. My friends! This is the main reason why they do not have much money.
A perfect example of this is the lottery winners. Research has shown that most lottery winners, regardless of the amount of money they win, end up in the same financial position that they could have managed from the beginning.

On the other hand, the opposite is true for the self-made rich. Note that when the self-made rich lose their money, they usually regain it within a relatively short period of time. Donald Trump is a good example. Trump was a billionaire, he lost everything, and a few years later he regained it all, and even more.

Why does this phenomenon happen?

Because even though some self-made rich people lose their money, they never lose the most important element of their success: the mind of their millionaire. Of course, Donald’s “billionaire” mind. Did you know that Donald Trump can never be just a millionaire? If Donald Trump’s net worth was only $ 1 million, how do you think he felt about his financial success? Most people believe that he probably felt defeated; Just like a bankrupt!

In a part of the book Secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the inner game of wealth, we read:

The rich believe that they make their own life, but the poor believe that life happens to them by chance: believe, believe that we create all success ourselves. We choose between the struggle of success and failure. Poor people usually choose the easiest and easiest way, the result of which is nothing but failure. They always play the role of the victim and their words: I am miserable! I’m not lucky! God has written my destiny in black!

They develop this mentality to arouse people’s sense of self-compassion. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions, they place the blame for their misery on others. Most poor people say that money does not matter to them if I see it in practice! They seek money and do not value it. On the other hand, the rich value the least amount of money and make good use of it.
I need to point out that the term poor does not mean someone who has no money at all! It means a person who earns money but does not value it and calls it so-called pus! Like someone who has money at the end of the month but no longer sighs in the middle of the month. Why? Because according to the law of concentration and the law of attraction: poor people focus on poverty and absorb it, and rich people focus on wealth and money and absorb it.

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