Rose Letters


Title: Rose Letters

Author: Clarice Sabar

Translator: Aria Nouri

Publisher: Backpack

Subject: Foreign novel

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 350

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Rose Books is the first novel by Clarice Sabar, a young writer, dreamer, nature lover and adventurer, to win the 2016 French Romantic Book Award. Sabar has a fluent and pleasant pen and the characters in the story are so real that you can communicate with any of them very quickly.

Introducing Rose Books by Clarice Sabar
Three women talk in a quiet voice in a semi-dark room protected from the heat of the sun. Their long black dresses remind me of Sicilian women who want to live in mourning for their lost husbands for the rest of their lives.

All three are standing on top of an old wooden cradle, whispering something; They are fully aware that no one hears their words. Even if there are children in the crib, the child is very quiet, because the only sound that can be heard is the ticking sound of a clock that seems invisible, a sound that is perfectly suited to the suffocating atmosphere there.

I do not understand the words that interfere. Maybe I can lip-read seeing their faces. I roll my eyes around the half-lit room to get used to it. It smells like a house that has been unoccupied for a long time.
Odor and humidity are also combined with this condition. Despite three women dressed in the style of a hundred years ago, the atmosphere is strange and somewhat disturbing. I do not see anything in that room except the three women. Through the stretched shutters, a glimmer of sunshine reaches the floor with great effort. Dust particles can also be seen in the air with this light. I see a door at the end of the room that is slightly open and I walk towards it.

Clarisse Sabard, thirty years old, born in Nice, France, loves reading and roses. He believes he lived somewhere in New York between 1920 and 1950! Rose Letters is the first novel by this young writer, dreamer, nature lover and adventurer.

In a part of Les lettres de Rose, you can read:
I take the subway. Inside the train, I get stuck between a teenage girl reading a Tolkien book and a boy with his head on his smartphone. The girl seems to be completely immersed in reading. I want to praise him out loud;

But I restrain myself. Finally, when I get home, I can safely put on the right clothes. I set the two colors that always come to me; Pink T-shirt and gray pants.
My color goes especially well with oak hair. I have heard this from my friends many times. I start work today at ten o’clock; That means I have ten minutes left. I walk here and there. I can not stop myself. I have to look in my phone and see if Peter has sent me a text message as a sign of remorse and apology.

Introducing Rose Books
Clarice Sabar, three, born in Nice, France, loves reading and roses. He believes he lived somewhere in New York between 1920 and 1950! “Rose Letters” is the first novel by this young, dreamy, nature-loving and adventurous author who won the 2016 French Romantic Book Award. The author’s pen is fluent and pleasant, and the characters in the story are so real that you can relate to any of them very quickly. As soon as you establish this relationship, it will be very difficult for you to leave the book.

Part of the story: My career may confuse you, the things I write to you in this letter are never a good guide or explanation for my decision. I just want to hear the heartache of an old woman who has been too much in this world. I am eighty years old and I am waiting to leave this world. An inner voice tells me to write this letter to you for the last job, anyway. Lula, my life has been full of secrets and mistakes;

Secrets that eventually forced me to leave you to another family. My family was one of the richest families in the village for forty years. We had everything. If you ask the villagers, they will tell you. Although I had two houses and could sell one of them, I could hardly live on the money I received from my retirement. Houses that used to be land; But these people do not know anything about what happened.

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