one hundred years of Solitude


Title: One Hundred Years Alone

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Translator: Mina Karimi

Publisher: Arastagan

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Subject: Colombian stories

Number of pages: 424

Language: Farsi

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One Hundred Years of Solitude is a work that has fascinated millions of people around the world. This novel is the result of 15 months of effort and work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who, according to him, has been locked up at home for all these 15 months!

The fascination of the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude begins with its title. A title that makes the audience think. One hundred years alone!
Gabriel García Márquez is the most popular writer of Spanish-language literature after Cervantes since the seventeenth century and the winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Marquez happily blends his story with the themes of gratitude, fantasy, heroism, and all the other concepts he grew up with as a child in the village of Arkataka in Colombia’s Santa Marta region. With his writings, Marquez has introduced the elements of imagination into the daily and ordinary lives of people.

Before receiving the Nobel Prize, Marquez said of a hundred years of loneliness:
“I dare say that the exaggerated reality of this work is not just its literary expression, it deserves the attention of the Nobel Academy of Literature. The fact that not only on paper; Rather, he lives among us and is responsible for the deaths of countless of us.

And it is a source of nourishment for creativity; Full of sorrow and beauty, for the grief and nostalgia of a Colombian and a cryptocurrency more than a certain wealth. Poets and beggars, musicians and prophets, warriors and thugs, all beings unbridled by that reality; We all have to ask, but a little imagination for our vital problem; It can make life believable in the conventional sense. This; Friends! The riddle of our loneliness! »

These statements show the symbolism of the book One Hundred Years of Solitude.
The main theme of this book is solitude. The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude tells the story of six generations of the Buendیاa family, the first generation of whom live in a village called Makondo.

The story is told in the third person. The style of this novel is magical realism. Writing about the gypsies from the very beginning of the novel, Marquez describes their magical works and explores the wonders of their presence in the village during the storytelling.

The disappearance and death of some of the characters in the story adds to the magic of the narratives.
One Hundred Years of Solitude was the first novel Latin American people identified with, a novel that introduced them, cherished their passion, their abilities, and their spirituality, and honored their heart’s tendency to fail.

The book seems to lead the fate of the whole family to loneliness and isolation. He locked himself inside his house until he sank into the darkness of loneliness and was forgotten and …

The funny thing is that loneliness is a kind of predestination and in fact (the inevitable fate) of all the characters in the story.

Even Ursula, the most believable and logical (non-magical!) Character in the story, and a kind of family manager, becomes blind at the end of the story and sinks into a lonely cave.

Part of the text of the book One Hundred Years Alone
“Now that no one is willing to come with us, we will leave here ourselves,” he replied bitterly. “We will not leave here, we will stay here, because we gave birth to our children here,” Ursula said calmly. “But no one is dead here yet,” replied Jose Arcadio Buendیاa. “When a person has no dead in a place, he does not belong there.”

“If I have to die so that the others can stay here, I will die,” Ursula said in a calm and determined tone.

José Arcadio Buendیاa, who had never seen such determination in his wife, tried to make a few drops of a magic substance on the ground with his imaginary promises of a wonderful world where fruit trees would grow and grow there. They sell painkillers for a small price, deceive him.

But this nonsense had no effect on Ursula. “Instead of constantly thinking about new and strange discoveries, it is better to think a little about your sons,” he said. “Look at them, they’re just like two yaboos around here.”
There is no doubt that One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of the most famous and best-selling works in the field of fiction in the world. The book won Marquez the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature. Describing his work, which won him the Nobel Prize, they write:

Because of his novels and short stories, in which the realistic realist world comes together in a world full of imaginary images that reflect the life and conflicts of a continent.

One Hundred Years of Solitude is the story of six generations of a South American family living in a village called Makondo.
The story of the book begins with the execution of Colonel Aureliano Boendia. He stands in front of the execution squad and reminisces about his past, the time of the beginning of the village of Makondo when the world was so new that many things did not yet have names and to name them you have to point to them.

The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude tells the story of six generations of the Boendia family, the first generation of whom live in a village called Makondo. The story is told in the third person.

The style of this novel is magical realism. Writing about the gypsies from the very beginning of the novel, Marquez describes their magical works and the wonders of their presence in the village during the storytelling to the events that resemble the reality of life in Colombia with the magic that occurs in this story. Let them merge and create a style of magical realism. The disappearance and death of some of the characters in the story adds to the magic of the narratives.
It should also be noted that the novel One Hundred Years Alone is not a simple book and the reader may be mistaken because of the similarity of the names. So if you have just started reading a book and have not read more than a few volumes, this book may not be a good option for reading.

If you read a lot of novels, you should definitely include this book in your list of novels. The fame around this book is very high and it is praised almost everywhere, and it can be said that when Marx’s name comes, the novel’s name comes immediately after it.

And a good novel of a hundred years of solitude is known all over the world and the author has spent more than a year writing it. This will make you think of reading it with any taste.
When you start the book, the translator places a chart-like diagram at the beginning of the novel that outlines relationships. At first you may not care much, but then you realize how useful this chart is and how useful it is.

Because when you get to the middle of the book, you are practically lost in the names of the book. In the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, parents choose the names of their children after their grandparents and the rest of their family members, which complicates the book.

Beautiful sentences of the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude
Ursolo was not worried. “We are not leaving here,” he said. We stay here because we have a child here. “But we are not dead here yet,” said Jose Arcadio Boendia. When someone does not have a dead body under the ground, it does not belong to that soil.

Aureliano now not only understood everything, but also enjoyed his brother’s experiences step by step. Once, when his brother was explaining the details of lovemaking to him, he interrupted him and asked: How does it feel? Jose Arcadio immediately replied: It is like an earthquake.

In fact, life was important to him; Not death. Therefore, do not be afraid at all when he is informed of the death sentence; But he felt homesick.
Jose Arcadio suddenly grabbed the hem of his coat and lifted it off the ground, holding his face in front of his own, saying, “I did this because I prefer to take your living body with me this way and that.” Take away, not your dead body.

As the carpenter measured his height to make the coffin, they noticed through the window that small yellow flowers were falling from the sky. The mud rained all night in a gentle storm over the city.

He covered the roofs of the houses and closed the front doors. Animals that slept in the open air drowned in mud. So many flowers fell from the sky that in the morning all the streets were covered with mud and they had to push back the flowers with a shovel and a rake to hold the funeral in the street.
Aureliano skipped another eleven pages so as not to waste his time with events he was familiar with, and began to decipher the moment he was in, and continued to decipher it until he found himself in it. Decrypt the last page of the text; It is as if he sees himself in a talking mirror.

At this time he continued to be aware of the prediction and certainty of the date and type of his death; But he no longer needed to get to the finish line; Because he knew he would never leave that room again;

Because it was predicted that the city of Macondo, at the very moment when Aureliano Babylonia would finish deciphering the writings, would disappear from the earth with that storm of Noah and the memory of the human race, and everything that was written in it would no longer exist. It will not be repeated from the beginning forever;

Because the generations doomed to a hundred years alone on earth will not have the opportunity to live twice.
One Hundred Years of Solitude is a novel that is not easy for everyone to read. Many have seen this book in various lists of the top 100 novels in the world and forty novels that must be read before death, and decided to read this book.

But when they see Spanish names in a row, when they see several people named Jose Aureliano in the story, when they see that at the climax of the story, an imaginary atmosphere is described, they may close the book forever and restrict its reading.

Even in answer to the question, what is the worst book you have ever read? Undoubtedly, they answer that “a hundred years alone”.
Gabriel Garcاa M مارrquez, the great Colombian writer who won the Nobel Prize in 1982 for his hundred years of solo writing, is considered by many to be the inventor and founder of the “magical realism” style of literature.

This “ism” can be summarized as follows: A style of story in which everyone happens in the real world and the characters actually struggle with them, but there is no cause-and-effect relationship, or rather, the story of relationships. Ali and his disobedience follow.

That is, you may be sitting with your common sense reading a book in the style of magical realism, in which everything is perfectly natural and true, but suddenly, without any preamble, an extraordinary event that has no logical basis at all, and with that common sense. It does not read, it happens in the story.

The author did not even think that your face was like a question mark and continued to tell his own story. You also have to shrug your shoulders and say, “What else can he do like this?” And resume reading.
This is the first thing you need to consider when holding a hundred years alone. You have to be careful that in this novel you are going to encounter extraordinary events.

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