Title: Odyssey

Author: Homer

Translator: Saeed Nafisi

Publisher: Avaye Mandegar

Subject: Greek epic poetry

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 424

Language: Farsi

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The Odyssey, along with the Iliad, is the second epic work of Homer, the blind Greek poet and novelist. Written in the late 8th century BC, the book, like the Iliad, is one of the most influential works of literature, influenced by the historical war between the Greeks and the Trojans, in the form of epic poems, and of course a combination of poetic and emotional literature. It is considered the Maghreb.

“Odyssey” shows the time of peace and the return of the heroes from the “Trojan” war, and the story of one of the warlords, “Odysseus” is a long journey, different and dangerous adventures happened to him and his companions, and finally that everyone thinks When he was killed, he was supposed to return to his homeland and cut off the hands of the aggressors from his land, his wife and children.
In many languages, “Odyssey” means wandering and displacement, but this poem is about sea and land and deals with the realm of myths, even introducing the underworld, cyclops, sirens, cherubim and secula.

In any case, Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are among the most beautiful and great epic works of the nations of the world, among which the Iliad and the Odyssey are both truly the main source of our knowledge of Greek mythology. And beyond the mythical tales of giants such as Ayas and Achilles, there are truths from history.

In the second half of the eighth century BC, Homer, a blind Greek novelist and poet, created these two long epic poems containing 28,000 hexameter poems and made his name as one of the founders of European poetry and literature; However, he was born in the city of Izmir (Semirna) in western Turkey, and according to available documents, he spent most of his life on the island of Chios, and finally the island of Lucy died.

Enough of the textual content of this book, which, like the Iliad, is poetic and contains 24 hymns; Of course, unlike the epic “Iliad”, it is composed entirely poetically and “Ustad Saeed Nafisi”, its precious translator, has required the use of poetic tone and the language of lyric poetry to restore it.
In the introduction to this book, the professor mentions his detailed and complete introduction to the Iliad, which can acquaint the reader with some of the terms and characters of Greek mythology before reading the book, and make reading it much smoother and more eloquent.

Finally, I would like to point out that “Per Publishing”, by republishing works such as “Iliad” and “Odyssey” that have been published many times in this country, has tried to take a small step towards acquainting the youth of this region with literature and Take the writing of masters such as “Nafisi” and show them the history that is very instructive in the heart of that eloquence of the pen.

Table of Contents of the Book of Odyssey
Publisher’s speech
Introduction to the translator
The first hymn
The second hymn
The third hymn
The fourth hymn
The fifth hymn
The sixth hymn
Seventh Hymn
The eighth hymn
Ninth Song
The tenth song
Song 11
The Twelfth Hymn
Song 13
The fourteenth hymn
The fifteenth hymn
The sixteenth hymn
Seventeenth Hymn
Song 18
Song 19
The twentieth hymn
Twenty-first Hymn
Twenty-second Hymn
Twenty-third Hymn
Twenty-fourth Hymn
List of announcements
The Odyssey is an epic myth that was originally written as a poem and song by Homer, a blind singer and musician, in the eighth century BC, and is now being rewritten as prose.

Paris, the young son of King Prime, ruler of Troy in Asia Minor, provoked a war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Many warriors want to fight the Trojans over “Paris” Only Ulysses (prince) of Ithaca does not agree with the war, but inevitably joins the others. The war lasts 10 years, Paris is killed and the city of Troy falls with the wisdom of Ulysses and the Greeks are victorious. Everyone returns to their homeland except Ulysses, who is captured by a mermaid.
The story insists on peace and tranquility in life, inspires hope in the audience, loyalty to the homeland and motherland, loyalty to the spouse and commitment to the family as its foundation. In addition to emotional staging, the superiority of wisdom and its use in warfare, which causes less bloodshed, is a feature of the story.

Excerpts from the Book of Odyssey
If you use your ancient and very conscious consciousness to seduce a young man, if your words make him lighter, it will be more expensive for him first; And those who listen to us will restrain him well from doing anything. But we will impose a penalty on you, old man, which you will be offended by imposing on yourself, and its suffering will be sympathetic to you.

O daughter of Zeus, who is a shield with you and you are rebellious, fulfill my request. If Ulysses, who had thousands of remedies, never roasted a bull or a sheep in his house in the way of you, you should remember it at this time, let me justify our dear son; Prevent the wounds of the suitors who have a shameless crime.

I was surprised, because the medicine you drank did not enchant you; And every child born of it has not endured it, as soon as it has entered its mouth. Inside you is a soul that rebels against spells.
Homer is a Greek poet and storyteller. He probably lived around 800 BC. This is the only thing available about Homer’s life. The only works left by him are two collections of poems called Iliad and Odyssey. Everything we know about the history and myths of ancient Greece is taken from the subjects of these poems. Homer became blind at the end of his life. At this time, he traveled from city to city, reciting his epic poems.

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