Anger management


Title: Anger Management

Author: Amir Ghanbari

Publisher: Mehrsa

Subject: Control, anger, addiction, social harm

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 80 pages

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Anger Management by Amir Ghanbari
Anger Management is written by Amir Ghanbari (1978) and answers the question of how to manage our anger or rage?

If we look at ourselves and those around us, we find that during a normal day there is no one who does not experience his anger in the context of social life. Relationships with others, whether in friendships, marriages and families, or in work or educational settings, are often accompanied by emotions such as anger and other emotions. Such relationships can help us grow and develop.

But when these same relationships are mixed with emotions like anger, and since most of us are not able to manage our anger in appropriate ways, we start reacting like aggression and destroying our relationships with others.
Therefore, the main reasons for writing this book are not knowing enough about a natural emotion called anger and not having appropriate methods or even knowing the existence of adaptive methods to cope with this emotion. As a result, the reader after reading this book He or she can differentiate between his or her feelings of anger and other feelings, and can use constructive methods to help him or her avoid destructive behaviors during anger.

How to manage our anger and rage? …
This book answers all such questions and ultimately strengthens the reader’s anger management ability:
1. Are you angry too?
2. What is the difference between anger and aggression?
3. What harm has anger done to you, your family, or your life?
4. Does aggression reduce anger?
5. Which method is more useful for solving the problem of anger and aggression?
6. What is anger management?
7. What is the need for anger management for drug users?
8. What effect do our thoughts have on the intensity of our anger? …

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