Title: Mindfulness includes exercises that give a new direction to daily life

Author: Sharon Salzberg

Translator: Mahnaz Pakzad

Publisher: Merv Book

Subject: Mindfulness (Psychology) / Meditation

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 134

Language: Farsi



About mindfulness includes exercises that give a new direction to daily life
Our world today is a world full of stress and anxiety. For this reason, today’s human beings need more and more practical methods to reduce anxiety and worry and be able to cope with stress and suffering. One of the most well-known methods in the world is mindfulness, which is used as an effective approach in reducing anxiety and dealing with diseases, as well as solving the problems and challenges of life. Mindfulness expands the presence of the moment, thereby bringing awareness and awareness and clarity in observations. It paves the way for happiness, peace, security and satisfaction.

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