Memories and rumors


Title: Memories and rumors

Author: Jim Carrey

Translator: Faezeh Adab

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American Story, Jim Carrey

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 280 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing diary and incorrect information
Memoirs and Rumors is a fascinating combination of Jim Carrey’s life with a fantasy and apocalyptic story written with the help of Dana Wachon. This daring novel, which quickly became the New York Times bestseller, tells the story of Hollywood, acting, love, and the apocalypse.

Jim Carrey, who has proven his acting skills, is entering the world of literature this time, trying to combine cinema and literature to give you a humorous and imaginative account of his experiences. You enter behind the scenes of Hollywood in the book Memoirs and Misinformation, and in this book, famous characters such as Nicholas Cage, Anthony Hopkins, Charlie Kaufman, etc. are also present. With this in mind, prepare yourself for a magical journey into the world of Hollywood actors.

Book Summary and False Information:
Jim Carrey is a famous actor who has a lot of wealth and opportunities, but he is like many celebrities alone. People like Jim are called celebrities these days; Celebrities, like many human beings, experience many ups and downs in life and experience identity crises.

Life does not always go the same way, and the actors may go through their heyday, which is exactly the problem with the main character. He is no longer in good health, and even the wise advice of his friend, actor and dinosaur skull collector Nicholas Cage, is not enough to cure Jim Carrey’s lethargy.
Jim spends his time watching Netflix and YouTube, and his past successes are no longer attractive or valuable to him. In such a situation, Jim meets Georgie and love finds its way into his life. On the other hand, with the help of writer and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, he is trying to do a big project, but Jim does not know that the life of the world is over and there is nothing left for the apocalypse.

Memoirs and rumors from the book:
– A satirical adventure in which Kerry breaks the narcissistic culture of Hollywood. (Dave Itzkoff, The New York Times)
Kerry’s confusing and mesmerizing study, a clear picture of everything in Hollywood. (Thomas Floyd, The Washington Pos)
– A fascinating and entertaining story that plays with the general perception of people towards celebrities. This work forces us to take a closer look. (Alexander Moran, Booklist)
Who is the book of memoirs and rumors recommended for?
If you are a fan of Jim Carrey and you are curious about the lives of Hollywood actors, you can be sure that you will enjoy reading this book.

Learn more about Jim Carrey:
He was born in 1962 as James Eugene Carrey. Jim is known today as one of the best and greatest comedians and has twice won a Golden Globe Award. Among his famous films are Truman, The Eternal Glow of a Pure Mind, How Greenwich Stole Christmas, Masks, and more.

Selected Sentences and False Rumors:
– He was no longer the cheerful and lively boy that Linda had hugged. Had he killed that innocent child and dissolved his body in orgy acid?
– Because a person’s name is a blow to a job that is never a hope for recovery.
– Stupid! Damn idiot! How much love does life owe to anyone? Nothing.

In a part of the book of memoirs and rumors, we read:
The extraterrestrial subplot emerged in the fourth and final chapter of Oksana. When George’s character, Nadia Permanova, encounters a wormhole on a sugar beet farm in Kyiv. The sound of singing from the other side led him to the pit, the sound of unruly creatures giving him clear visions of his past.

At the age of five, he found himself killing his identical twin, wandering in the snow, and finally imagining the treatment he received at his 14th birthday at a Red Army hospital, and a surgeon stabbing himself with a small scalpel. He pulled his navel.

The emotional wound of this memory intensified his vital signs and caused his captors to end this confrontation and bring him back to earth. The scene angered Tiananmen, who were making a series of space films with Ridley Scott’s nephew. They blamed Silver, saying that even if he gave one of Stalin’s daughters a helium balloon, he could have made the scene of a car crash.
At home that night, Silvers realized that a superior was waiting for him, the creator of the intergalactic reality show Ton Cleon. Silvers realized that Cleon’s people could no longer stand their bodies. The universe had given them many things; A safe and comfortable place in the quiet realm of the galaxy, very powerful minds that have been able to reach quantum physics from the wheel in a century. But their physical beauty was withheld.

Instead, they were masters of deformation, wearing special uniforms to enjoy illusions, escape from reality, and prevent harm to their colonized people. Kelvin chose the figure of a 1913 Oxford rowing champion because of the Silvers, a man whose thick, wavy hair and white skin inspired poetry among his peers … before being killed by a croup mortar in the French city of Sam Give.

Who do we recommend the book of memoirs and rumors to?
Those interested in foreign novels and fiction enjoy reading memoirs and misinformation. If you like Jim Carrey, be sure to read the diary and false information.

Jim Carrey, in collaboration with Dana Wachon, has published a book called Memories and False Information. This work is a combination of Jim Carrey’s personal life and career, combined with an imaginary and apocalyptic story. He wrote about Jim Carrey in the book Diary and False Information. Someone who is in an existential crisis and is stuck in his apartment in Los Angeles. He fills his time with Netflix, YouTube and Twitter. His successes in acting seem like distant objects, and now he is thinking about the end of the world.

Part of the diary and rumors
I do not have to be like this …

I can go right now and live happily …

But what is happiness like? At that moment, he could not remember.

He was so sad in bed that he weighed a thousand times his weight. He gathered all his strength to stretch out his fingers and sent a message to Nicholas Cage, a man whose artistic courage had always emboldened him: ? »
But his best friend did not answer.

Again: “Nick?”

Again, no answer.

Seconds fell on him like loads of granite.

He thought he would leave Netflix, take the nicotine tuna out of his fridge and eat it, and then go out, perhaps drowning in the pool. He lifted his head from the pillow, ready to move, but paused; He suddenly became convinced that he owed a complete and uninterrupted look to the dead of Pompeii.

Press the play button.

A collection of remains unearthed from the heart of the soil was digitally reconstructed by archaeologists from Frankfurt. Jim Carrey thought to himself, where will this technology be when he is buried? What image will future people have of him? Can they guess what was going on in his skull? Who was his strict father? What about his sweet-smelling mother? Will it ever be possible to rebuild the ruins of the mind like the remnants of the body?
The skeletons of the two sisters, found in a Pompeii brothel, had deformed teeth that the researchers concluded were due to congenital syphilis.

“They were born with this social disease and always suffered from innocence,” said Ted Berman.

In the show flashback, the girls were photographed close-up, staring at Mount Vesuvius with latex blisters protruding from their eyelids. In 1993, Guru Viswanathan found Kerry’s halo of energy “brilliant and glorious gold” and taught him to feel and understand the halo’s movements in his mortal body. As the syphilis twins creaked in the volcanic rain of fear, he felt his aura curve toward the television. He thought his soul would be taken from him, and worse, he was fleeing.

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