Title: The Killers

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Translator: Hassan Namdar

Publisher: Secretary

Subject: Short story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 240

Language: Farsi



The Assassins by Ernest Hemingway narrates famous stories of murderers in a typical restaurant. By choosing small images of society, he tries to depict for us the great tragedies that took place in America in those years.

In the general atmosphere of this story, a crime is supposed to be an organized crime. In fact, throughout the story, he wants to generalize that killing a human being who is on the verge of death is far more severe than massacre.
This book, with its original title (The Killers), is the work of Ernest Hemingway.
The Killers is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway in 1927 and gained growing fame by writing it. This story has been translated into Persian in recent years by Iranian translators, including Najaf Daryabandari and the living memory of Mohammad Abbasi. The present translation is a new translation of this story.

The Assassins is a short and exciting story by Ernest Hemingway, about two assassins named “L” and “Max” who are hired to kill a person named Anderson and …
One of the restaurant workers goes to Anderson to inform him, but in complete disbelief, Anderson treats him indifferently, and an interesting ending comes to you at the end of the story …

What makes a human being not escape from death and accept it with open arms ?!

The story is written in such a way that you, like one of the spectators of the show, sit on a chair for an hour. A person who wants to know what people are doing and what their purpose is ?!

The exciting thing about this is that the assassins want to kill someone they have never met and have never seen. A professional boxer who locks himself in a room and hates going out. He has no place to live and is very isolated and has reached a dead end. He is a great hero who fights with very powerful people and stands in front of them, which is why they decide to eliminate him from life. But he does not want to choose any escape route and continues his isolation.

The style of this story is mysterious, vague and exciting, the main reason for the events is not tangible for you at all, but because of the coherent and fascinating dialogues, it accompanies you until the end of the story.

Part of the text of the book Killers
“Well done,” said Max. “Of course you’re a boy to listen to.”
It was six-fifty when George said, “He did not come.” At the same time, two men came to the inn. George went to the kitchen to make them a pork thigh and egg sandwich. Inside the kitchen, he saw El with his brimmed hat tilted over his head and sitting on a chair by the door.
His pistol could be seen on the ledge next to him. Nick and the cook stood there, each with their mouths closed with a tight towel. George wrapped the sandwich he had prepared in greaseproof paper.
The customer put it in his bag, paid for it and left. “The smart guy does everything well,” Max said. You have to marry a good girl. George replied: Yes, your friend, Anderson will not come? “We’ll give him another ten minutes,” Max said. Max looked in the mirror and at the clock.
“It showed the hands of seven o’clock and then five minutes passed seven o’clock.”
About the author of the book The Assassins of Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway is one of the best contemporary writers in the United States and has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is one of the founders of one of the most influential literary genres, called “literary chronology”. Hemingway’s best-known books are The Old Man and the Sea.

Ernest Hemingway wrote The Killers in 1927 and became famous for writing it.

In another part of the book, we read:
It opened at the “Henry” restaurant, two men entered and sat in front of the counter.
George asked: What do you want?
One of the two men (Max) replied: I do not know. What are you eating?
Al replied: I do not know, I do not know what I want to eat.
It was getting dark outside and the street lights were shining through the window. Two men standing by the counter were watching me.
Nick Adams was watching them across the counter. He intended to talk to George before the two men could enter.
The first man said, “I want pork thighs with apple sauce and mashed potatoes.”
– not ready yet.
– So why did you write the food?
“This food is ready for dinner at six o’clock,” George explained.
George looked at the clock on the wall behind the counter.
– Fresh paw clock.
The second man said: Twenty minutes past five.
– Yes. Twenty minutes have passed.

Ernest Hemingway’s stories are usually made up of a series of events in which the characters of the story are the cause of these events and guide the plot.
This means that they affect events by going through events without accepting change internally or intellectually, and culminating it in direct or indirect communication.
Describing Hemingway’s death from human experience is the use of humorous language and timeless themes such as death, friendship, and the purpose of life. Everything from Hemingway’s pen descriptions to the killer short story to one of Hemingway’s most famous and compelling short stories.
Nick Adams, the protagonist of his short stories, is also present in this wonderful story. Nick Adams wrote in this short essay from adolescence to adulthood.

The plot of the story is about two murderers who enter a restaurant to kill a boxer. The boxer is a young Swedish man named Adele Anderson, who is hiding in Illinois for unknown reasons and possibly winning a match he was supposed to lose.

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