Title: Journey

Author: Mahmoud Dolatabadi

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 212 p

Language: Farsi

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Journey is the title of a long story written by Mahmoud Dolatabadi. The story was written in the late 1970s and was published in the early 1980s.

“Behavior” is a novel book with romantic content. The main character of the story “Qais” is a sixty-five-year-old, depressed and sad man who travels to another country to visit his friend, “Asif”, but after reaching his door, he realizes that he is not at home.

So he decides to take a walk on the sidewalks of the city and be alone with himself. His memories take him to eleven years ago and the years of acquaintance with his eternal love, “Moonlight”.

Behavior is a kind of Dolatabadi manifesto in relation to women and love. Qais, whose name is reminiscent of Majnoon, speaks of a woman and an Eastern man, and man’s understanding of love and romantic relationships, and all this, is neither in line with today’s thought nor with Majnoon Nezami’s military thought.
Man is a disease of narcissism, both rural and nineteenth-century. He considers woman to be a part of himself and at the same time a creature that God has created for his pleasure: “She was of my own essence, I do not know how she got lost and disappeared in the layers of the two layers?” (P. 27). With this premise and theory, it is obvious that when a woman decides to separate, she instructs the hedgehog master to be inherently pathetic.

(Pp. 103 and 104). And this is where you realize that you are once again the reader of the story of an ethereal woman and a man who is introverted and has nothing to do but philosophize and feel sorry for himself and the glory of the times and people who do not understand him.

But … Dear friends, I humbly say that the literature that seems pleasant and life-giving from the eyes and souls of the reader, in its flow from the soul and hands of the author, is very life-threatening and destructive.
At least in personal experience I can say that what overwhelms me is the impossibility of writing. When I have to start writing, it ‘s as if I’re going to hell, maybe hoping to make heaven. But I often stay in its atria. And because I’m finally going through those vestibules after years of living, I’ll go back in time and look at the results of my work – the truth is, I often feel uncomfortable.

So sometimes I had to throw it away or burn it. But what about the life I have laid down at the foot of it? So I ruthlessly do the surgery and shaving and abrasion of what I had at the time of writing Shoghi. And this adjustment destroys me even more. An example of this is what I have in my hand, which went through more than seven names in the process of turning and abrasions, until it was finally included in the behavior.

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