The giver of stars


Title: The Forgiver of the Stars

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Simin Tajdini

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: English story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 384 p

Language: Farsi

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The Giver of the Stars Jojo Moyes’ latest and most important work is one of the most compelling narratives written about women, depicting love, friendship and self-awareness in backward societies. A story based on the fact that in 2019 it was nominated for the best novel of the year by Goodreads users.

Alice Wright, author of The Big Little Lies, marries an American man named Bennett Cleve in hopes of escaping a difficult life in England, but soon realizes that the small town of Kentucky is as unpleasant to her as England. That’s why Alice volunteers with enthusiasm after learning of the announcement of forming a team of women to take the book to different locations.

The book is also called The Stranger That Gives Stars. The story takes place in the middle of World War II. This novel is about several women who work as librarians in the village of Kentucky.
Given the difficult circumstances, they decide to make library books available to people who have never read them, and to acquaint them with important facts of life; But in this way, adventures happen for each of them and the men they love. Adventures that follow the mind of the audience until the end of the story.

Marjorie, an intelligent and independent woman who leads the team, soon becomes Alice’s friend and ally. They are joined by three other single women, known as the Kentucky Pack Horse Librarians.

Commitment to delivering books to people who have never had a book and confronting them with life-changing truths and events along the way for Kentucky Pack Horse librarians and men they love is an unforgettable display of loyalty, justice, humanity and Enthusiasm counts.

It can be said that Jojo Moyes was born to create a work like Star Bakhsh. A story that inspires people to unite them, and drains the power of its literature. The story of five women who will undoubtedly be as lovable as Lou Clark, the famous character “I am before you”.
The present book is based on a true story that has its roots in American history. According to Moyes himself, to date, writing none of his works has been as enjoyable for him as stardom. He is an English writer who was a journalist before writing his best-selling novels and has been interested in writing romance novels since 2002.

Moyes has twice won the Romance Novel of the Year Award from the Romance Writers Association. His first work is called “Sheltering Rain”, but everyone knows him with novels like “Before You”, “After You”, “The Last Letter of the Beloved”, and “Foreign Fruit”.

Selected sentences of the book Forgiveness of the Stars:
There is no religion without love. People may talk about their religion as much as they like, but it is fabricated if religion does not teach them kindness to humans and animals.

– The best way to get through life is not to think too much about things.
– Life is complicated. That’s why it’s important to find a little fun and enjoyment wherever you can.
– Life is not always happy. Responsibility and satisfaction from doing the right things are also part of life.

In a part of the book The giver of stars, we read:
“Bilville was an insignificant city among the towns south of Appalachia. It was located between two mountain ranges and consisted of two main streets with an irregular combination of brick and wooden buildings. The two streets intersected at a steep angle, giving rise to several winding roads and paths that led to distant valleys from below.

In other words, small valleys from above led to several mountain houses scattered in the area of ​​wooded slopes. Houses near the upper reaches of the creek usually belonged to wealthier and more famous families, as it was easier to earn a legal income downstream and to hide alcohol in the higher and wilder parts.

But over time, with the influx of miners and supervisors and the subtle changes that took place in the fabric of the people of this small town and its city, it was no longer possible to know what was going on just by knowing where one lived on the street.
The Horsepack Library of the Billyville Office of Business Progress was to be housed in the last wooden hut above the Split River, a turn to the right on Main Street and a street that housed office workers, shopkeepers, and those who made a living selling their agricultural products.

Unlike the lower houses, which were built on wooden pedestals to protect against spring floods, this building was built directly on the ground. A very large oak tree on the left cast a shadow over it, and its area was about fifteen feet by twelve steps. “In front of it, there were small, weak wooden steps, and in the back, there was a wide wooden door through which cows used to pass.”

The story of this book is based on a true story in American history, and the attention of those interested in this book made the novel selected by Goodreads users in 2019 nominated for the best novel of the year.
Moyes has a new and different narrative in his new book. In this book, she tells the story of several women named Alice, Easy, Kathleen, Sophia, Beth and Margery in the context of a patriarchal society during World War II. At first glance, these women have nothing in common and each has a different life and social status; But then the audience sees that they all come together with a common goal and get to work.

In this novel, Jojo Moyes tells the story of women who stand up to a patriarchal society and spare no effort to get their rights. This novel can be considered as a kind of feminist novel in which women strive alongside men to reach their worthy position.

The men in this book are angry with the performance of these women and believe how these few women dare to encourage people to read books to improve the quality of life of the people.
In this book, Moyes has created women who fall in love with all their power, struggle, ambition and intellectual independence. For this reason, the more the novel progresses, the more the reader becomes acquainted with the tangible characters of the book.

Jojo Moyes has done an extraordinary job of creating an incredible world in this book. Her descriptions of the lives and romances of these women in the village of Kentucky are very pleasing. In a certain feminine slope, she has tried to tell an exciting story in this novel, while paying homage to old adventure stories.

It will be more interesting for women to read this book because of its atmosphere and personality. If you, as a woman, have been hurt by a man, you will learn from this book how to become more difficult and powerful.

About Jojo Moyes, author of The giver of stars
Jojo Moyes is a British author best known for his best-selling books I Am Before You and After You. He worked as a journalist with leading magazines and newspapers before he began writing seriously. Moyes began writing romance novels in 2002 and published his first book, Rain Shelter. He then published a romance novel almost annually.

“The Last Letter of the Beloved”, “Honeymoon in Paris”, “Rain Shelter”, “I Before You”, “After You”, “Foreign Fruit”, “Dancing Horse”, “The Girl You Left Behind”, “One by One” “Plus One” and “Night Music”, “Silver Bay”, “Young Russian Ship”, “Still Me”, “Honeymoon in Paris” and “Leave in the Wind” are some of the other translated works by Jojo Moyes in Iran that It has been well received by audiences and lovers of love books.

In a part of the book, we read about the forgiveness of the stars
Most families grew the fruits and vegetables they needed. There were only a few families that did not have pigs or chickens. There was a store with heavy bags of flour and sugar in front of its front door; Its shelves were also full of cans. Also, the only restaurant in town was called Nikand Quick, which had a green door and strict rules, for example, customers had to wear shoes.

It served dishes that Alice had never heard of before: fried green tomatoes, cabbage, and what were called biscuits, but were actually a combination of dumplings and tea cakes.
Alice once tried to make this dish, but it was not as fluffy as instant biscuits, and when she dropped it on the plate, she screamed (she could swear that Annie had cursed them).

She was repeatedly invited by local women for tea. In front of the women, he tried to enter into a conversation but had nothing to say. From quilt embroidery, which seemed to be a local hobby, it did not matter.

He was not familiar with the letters these women referred to in their absences. Every period seemed to begin with the first time Alice offered her “biscuit” tea instead of “sweets.” This was funny for other women.

In the end, he decided it would be better to sit in his room and read some of the magazines he had brought with him from England or write a letter to Gideon and try not to express his dissatisfaction with them.
Alice gradually realized that by her marriage she had exchanged only one home prison for another prisoner. At times, he could no longer bear to read Pete’s father sitting in his rocking chair at night.

He thought to himself, “The word of the Lord should be the only mental stimulus we need. Wasn’t that really what Mom was saying?” Alice smelled of oily cloths that were burned to keep mosquitoes away and sewed on Mr. Van Cleo’s torn clothes.

“God hates extravagance. I have only been using these pants for four years, Alice! “She still has a long way to go.” Alice grumbles to herself that if God were to patch someone else’s pants in a semi-dark place, she would buy a new pair of pants from the Arthur J. Harmon Men’s store.

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