A universe from nothing


Title: A World of Absence (Why There Is Nothing Instead of Nothing)

Author: Lawrence Krauss

Translator: Siamak Attarian

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Philosophy, Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 144 p



 A universe from nothing by Lawrence Krauss.

Big Bang: Where did the world come from? What happened before that? What will the future bring? And finally, why is there something instead of nothing? Lawrence Krauss’s exciting answers to these and other endless questions will delight any reader.

The book is a cosmological story that nails the reader as it progresses, explains Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist who pioneered amazing new scientific advances that could answer many philosophers’ questions. One of the most famous scientists of the present age, who has been able to bridge the gap between science and popular culture, he believes that modern science has the amazing ability to answer the question “why is there something instead of nothing?” Beautiful empirical observations and new complex theories are comprehensibly presented in The World of Absence, saying that not only can nothing come from nothing, but it always happens.

The topics discussed in this book are divided into the following chapters:
Chapter One: The Cosmic Mystery Story: The Beginning ……. (A brief explanation of the progress of physics in the twentieth century, especially in the field of cosmology)
Chapter Two: The Mysterious Story of the Universe: Weighing the World ……. (Scientists face dark matter)
Chapter 3: Light from the beginning of time ……. (Discussion of the curvature of the universe and cosmic background radiation)
Chapter 4: More on Nothing ……. (Explanation of the concept of “nothing” and an excerpt from quantum physics)
Chapter Five: The Elusive World ……. (Scientists face dark energy)
Chapter 6: Free Lunch at the End of the World ……. (Explanation of world curvature, inflation theory and gravitational energy)
Chapter 7: Our Poor World ……. (About the end of the world and also the reasons for accepting the Big Bang theory)
Chapter 8: The Big Crash? ……. (Multi-world, string theory,…)
Chapter 9: “Nothing” is something ……. (More details about nothing)
Chapter 10: “Nothing” is unstable ……. (Causes of something out of nothing)
Chapter 11: The Amazing New Worlds (generalities about the causes of the world and a brief philosophical discussion)
Perhaps you have ever asked yourself or others, like the headache questions about what the world was like from the beginning and how it began, what it was if it was nothing in the beginning, or what will happen in the future after the end of the world, and finally Dissatisfied with continuing to talk about this, leave your discussions unfinished.

Lawrence from Nothing by Lawrence. ام. Krauss is one of those books that travels in these spaces. Spaces that everyone is definitely curious about and full of unanswered questions.

Scientists have historically always focused on challenging universe-related topics, and now, in the solid and enlightening cosmological story, Lawrence Krauss, a leading theoretical physicist and professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University’s Department of Physics, is explaining new scientific advances. These are the most fundamental philosophical questions of mankind.
In this book, Cross shows that modern science is answering the question of why there is “something” instead of “nothing,” with surprising and fascinating results. Experimental observations are astonishingly beautiful, and the new theories that take man to the world of Hebron are simply expressed in the universe of “nothing” and show us that not only can something come out of nothing, but it has always been so.

Krauss takes us to the beginning of the world with his own sense of humor, and shows us the latest evidence of how the universe evolved and the requirements for its completion.

This work motivates, challenges and ultimately pleases readers by looking at the most fundamental foundations of the universe from a whole new perspective. “The knowledge that our world will be completely different in the future than it is today has profound implications and directly affects how we live now,” says Krauss.
This work can be the most important scientific book with consequences for supernaturalism since Darwin, which acts as an antidote to the old philosophical and ritualistic ideas.

“The Universe of Nothing” is a challenging and transformative discourse on ontological discourse with Krauss’s innovative theories such as “stars die so that you can be born”.

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