Title: Hamlet

Author: Shakespeare

Translator: Abolhassan Tahami

Publisher: Look

Subject: English play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 335

Language: Farsi

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ل Hamlet’s play is perhaps the most important play of William Shakespeare. He wrote this play in 1602 and it is considered to be Shakespeare’s tallest play. Hamlet’s play is one of the most important plays written in the history of world literature.

This play has been staged many times until today and many artistic and literary adaptations have been made of it. Hamlet’s play is taught in the most important universities in the world today and has been criticized by various people to this day.
The validity of Hamlet’s play is evident from the number of translations that have been made into various languages; This book has been translated into more than one hundred languages ​​of the world and is on the list of books that have been translated into the most languages ​​of the world.

Synopsis of Hamlet
Hamlet’s story is about a Danish prince. Hamlet is a Danish prince and a kind, humble, humble, brave and learned man. He cannot be deceived and he hates lies and hypocrisy very much. His only fault is doubt. He knows he has been betrayed and must take revenge, but doubt and hesitation torment his soul.

Hamlet’s character changes throughout the story. He is a perfectionist at the beginning of the story, recognizing his father as a perfect human being and a just king.

His mother, Gertrude, is an example of a noble, devoted, and family-friendly man, but adventures gradually unfold that show Hamlet other aspects of life.
Astonishment and disbelief at the death of the father and the remarriage of the mother cause great pain in Hamlet. Especially when Hamlet realizes that his uncle Claudius has tricked into the throne.

Hamlet is confused by all these events, turns away from everything, even his beloved “Ophelia”, and as a result, he loses his way of life and does not know what is the right thing to do. It is from here that the special characteristics of Hamlet, the prince created by Shakespeare, are revealed and his destiny is immortalized.

ویAbout William Shakespeare, author of Hamlet’s book
William Shakespeare is the most famous English poet and playwright. He is considered the national poet of England, and Shakespeare has been awarded the highest national emblem of England, the “Lecturer of Ivan”.

Many consider him the greatest playwright in history. Shakespeare is one of the most prolific English writers of the seventeenth century, with 39 plays, 154 lyric poems and two poems. Scholars consider Shakespeare to be the only author whose works have been translated into all living languages ​​of the world.

Shakespeare’s plays are divided into two main categories, tragedy and comedy. Shakespeare was proficient in both styles. Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and Richard III are some of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies. Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, and Comedy Mistakes are some of Shakespeare’s comedies.
Since Shakespeare lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, he spoke ancient English. This language is very different from English today.

For this reason, it is very difficult to read Shakespeare in the original language, but Shakespeare’s works are so important that over the years, in addition to being translated into different languages, they have also been facilitated in English. Shakespeare’s role in English literature is so rich and admirable that he is considered equal to Ferdowsi in Persian poetry and Homer in Latin poetry.

Translation of Hamlet’s book into Persian
Hamlet has published the book show translated by Arash Khairabadi and made it available to those who are interested. Arash Khairabadi is an Iranian writer, translator and playwright.

So far, he has held various positions such as editor of prestigious magazines and management of the Khorasan Razavi Performing Arts Association. Among his books are Hamlet and Narnia.

Why read Hamlet’s book?
Hamlet falls into the category of books that all readers should read at least once in their lives. This book is the story of each and every one of us. Hamlet is a great tragedy that brings all readers to life. This book is a world masterpiece and we recommend reading it to all readers.

Hamlet’s book is in the category of play books.
Hamlet’s book is suitable for adults.
The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 208 pages, which by reading it for 20 minutes a day, you can read this book in 10 days.
Hamlet’s book is small in size and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on a scientific subject.
‌ We read in a part of the book
Bernardo: How are you, Horacio? You are shaking and the color has faded from your face! Was this our imagination and nothing else?

What do you believe about this? Do you still insist on your previous words?

Horacio: I witness a god I never believed in, if in my own eyes,

The rigid logic did not guarantee the acceptance of seeing the psychic spirit.

Marcellus: Didn’t he stay with the king?
Horacio: I know, at least from what is being rumored among the people, that the late King, whose demise has now passed us by, was called to fight by Fortin Brass, King of Norway. A king whose selfish desires pluck a few thorns in the body of the great Hamlet. Hamlet that on this side of the world, everyone recognizes his greatness and bravery. And Fortin Brass was killed by Hamlet King.

But there is a sealed and trusted treaty written on the basis of the obligations of the state and the ritual of war. And in it Fortin Brass had sworn that if one day he was killed, he would hand over all his lands to the king who would emerge victorious from the battle with him.

And the late Hamlet also signed the same treaty and agreed that if he also failed, he would cede his equal share of his country’s territory to Fortin Bras, equal to the whole of Norway, and the war would end. Fortin Brass was killed.
So according to the covenant in the lines of the covenant, all the lands came to Hamlet. But now, his son Fortin Brass, with his sharp temperament, has, in places, in every corner, paved the way for women and plunderers only by low wages of food and duties, all insolent and impudent. To encroach on the lands that his father lost and to take them back from us by force of razor and arrow.

I say that the motivation of all our readiness, all these great guards and all the great efforts and excitement, comes from it.

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