Courtship or choice


Title: courtship or choice

Author: M. Modabpour

Publisher: New Generation

Subject: Persian stories, screenplay

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 280 p

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


Courtship or choice the work of Morteza Modabpour.

Another novel by the famous author Morteza Modabpour, in the novel of courtship or the choice of the author, intends to show a girl who goes to court her favorite boy and…

Part of the courtship or choice novel

Fariba and Shohreh stand and wait for the subway to arrive.
They are also talking to each other.
There are some men and women in the subway, but most of them are women.
Fariba: There is no girl, goods or thing for sale that you leave in a shop so that a customer can come to her and if you like her, take her to her house!
Maryam: I do not have the courage to tell my father that I want to go courting!
Fariba: So what happens to our right to choose ?! That is, we are doomed to always be elected? Do we not have the right to choose ourselves ?!

Maryam: How can it be ?!
That is, if the three of us change this custom, from now on, instead of the boys expressing their proposal to the girls, the girls will apply to the proposal of the boys ?!
At the same time, Fariba notices the words of two women standing next to them and points to Maryam and Shohreh to listen to them as well.
One of the ladies said: To Joon To Mahin, I paid 100 tomans, 100 tomans from the house expenses, to put aside the hairdresser’s money!
How miserable I took my time from the lady and went to her.
I dyed your hair for three hours to dye my hair!
I also hurried home so that the gentleman would not arrive sooner than me! In short, I went to the hairdresser and…

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