Damn math


Title: Damn Math (Alice in Wonderland)

Author: Carlo Frabety

Translator: Leila Minaei

Publisher: Fatemi

Subject: Mathematics, entertainment

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 138 pages / illustrated

Language Farsi



Damn Math (Alice in Wonderland) is by Carlo Frabetia

Alice hates math and thinks math is useless until one day she meets a strange man named Louis Carroll who takes her to the land of numbers. In this amazing journey, incredible things happen to Alice, for example, the labyrinth monster hits the forest of tree-like numbers and …. Mathematics is both very useful and very interesting and fun!

The story of a girl named Alice who hates all numbers and symbols and everything related to math, but one day when she sits in the park and complains about her homework, she is confronted by someone who claims that Alice is wrong. Takes over and wants to save him from this mistake; So Lewis Carroll opens the door to a new world and takes Alice on an amazing journey…

Carlo Forouti (Bologna; 1945) is an Italian-based Italian mathematician, writer, television screenwriter, and comic book critic who usually writes in Spanish. As a mathematician, he regularly cultivates the scientific publications and literature of children and adolescents. His most important works are The Floating World and its collection. Over the years, he has edited an anthology of science fiction anthologies in Brugovora, in which he consistently portrayed his political positions from the far left.

Part of the damn math book
Alice was sitting on a park bench near their house. He had a book and a notebook on his feet and a pen in his hand. The sun shone brightly and the chirping of birds made the day pleasant. But Alice did not have much heart, because she had to write her homework.
He muttered loudly: “Ah! Damn math! Why should I waste my time with these ridiculous numbers instead of going to play or sit and read an exciting book? Math is useless! »

It was as if Alice had uttered a word, for at that moment she emerged from the bushes beside the strange bench: a slender, tall man, with a sad face and old-fashioned clothes. Alice thought to herself that this new man seemed to come from the pictures in one of Charles Dickens’s old books, from the same books she had seen in her grandmother’s house.
The man asked anxiously, “Did I hear you right, daughter John?” Did you say math is useless? »
“Yes, I said that. Who are you? Aren’t you one of those men who annoys girls in the park? »
“What do you mean by harassment?” If, as I understand it, you hate mathematics so much, then having a mathematician by your side is probably a nuisance. »
“Do you really know math?” You are more like poets who walk and fill enamel flowers in their hands. »
“Of course I am also a poet. »

“Really? So let me read one of your poems. »
“I may read it later. When a person sees a stubborn little girl who thinks that math is useless, his first task is to get her out of the mistake. »
“I’m not stubborn,” Alice protested. And I do not like to talk about math! »
“If you knew how much you liked numbers, you wouldn’t say that. »
“Do you like me?” Said Alice. How funny! »Next the index finger and

He gestured as close as he could and said, “I don’t like it that much.” I do not know math and I do not want to learn. »
” You’re wrong. You know more math than you think. For example, how old are you? »
«Eleven. »
“And how old were you last year?” »
“What a stupid question!” It turns out another, ten. »
” do you see? You know how to count, and counting is the basis of mathematics. You just said that math is useless, but have you ever wondered what the world would be like if there were no numbers or if we did not know how to count? »
“I’m sure it would be very interesting! »

“At that time you did not know he was eleven years old. Nobody knew how old he was at all, so instead of walking around the park for yourself, you might have to work like an adult. »
“I’m not spinning, I’m studying math. »
“Oh, how wonderful!” It’s good that 11-year-old girls are taking math lessons! Tell me the truth, do you know how to write the number eleven? »
“Obviously I know,” Alice said. This way … “and wrote in his office 11.
” OK. Now tell me, why do two of them become eleven together? »
“Well, there is no specific reason. It has always been so. »
The man replied, “Not at all. For the ancient Roman people, for example, two to one together represented two, not eleven. Then he took the pen from Alice and wrote in bold in the office II.

“That’s right,” said Alice, who had no choice but to accept. There is a wall clock with Roman numerals in my grandmother’s house; Instead of the number two, it has what you wrote. »
“And when we look at it, it makes more sense. Not? »
” Why? »

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